Revolution not Reform for Archaic system.

Being in crisis the Ethiopian empire is rocking. To pull it out of crisis and smoothly cross to a new order a solution must be sought. Otherwise, the result of its end will not be less catastrophic than its beginning though the result will be healing for the majority. Ethiopian Government led by OPDO has no interest or capability to narrow down existing problem but expanding it. Sometimes, though it makes its being Oromo to be told, it is engaged in suppressing Oromo voice demanding to be sovereign over their own country, Oromiyaa. It recruits members of Oromo youth and force them to commit fratricide. And is relentlessly engaged in selling Oromo land and plundering their resources. It is this OPDO leadership (PP) that is putting the empire into crisis at present. Now, from how it handles internal politics and external diplomacy, Ethiopia seems in a condition where there is no government. Therefore, those that are struggling for liberation of their country do not even have a body to negotiate with to bring peace to the region. Groups and individuals gathered under PP are criminals whose hands are awash with human blood. Peace is their nemesis. Under peaceful conditions all cannot escape from accounting for their deeds in the past; that is why they abhor peace and are continuing war. Pretoria and Tanzania are pretentions to buy time.

Continuing the war will be devastating to all parties unless the oppressed wins or conflict is resolved peacefully. Therefore, before more catastrophes happen to the region, those that like peace must devise a way out. If selfishness is abolished and everyone respects the other’s equality and freedom there will be no cause to quarrel for. It is only then that peace and serenity happen for all. If a people do not have internal equality and democracy, it does not respect the peace and stability of its neighbors. Had a group believed in democracy and equality there could not be conflict among neighbors; even if it is there, it could be resolved by dialogue. History is full of victories of those who fight for their rights. To say, there will be no winner and loser in present struggle in Ethiopia is loser’s propaganda. It requires just cause, determination and commitment to win. That one, who has the truth, and is organized, politically conscious and armed can defeat, has several evidence. For example, enough to see history of Tigray, Eritrea, Vietnam, Rwanda, and Cuba. There are no countries of the world that got their freedom without armed struggle.

Since it was created, state of Ethiopia was ruled by dictators. That was why its existence had been dangerous for its neighbors. Therefore, all neighbors must internally develop a system of equality, democracy, unity, and justice. Those that have such a system are easy to understand each other. If they have understanding they can keep dictatorship at bay. Therefore, those that love peace must make efforts to spread democracy. It would be better to find a solution before the crisis absolutely destroys residents of the region as peoples. The rise in political consciousness of the colonies, especially that of the Oromo have started causing bubbles in every colonizer’s corner. It will remain bubbles. Setting people against people and imposing one nation over the other are methods ruling classes in the region sustain themselves. There will be nothing to fight about if selfishness is not there, and if all respect for each other’s equality and freedom. Then only would peace and serenity come down on all. If a nation has no internal system of equality and democracy it cannot respect its neighbor’s peace and stability. Had a group believed in democracy and equality there would be no conflict between neighbors. For those that speak the same scientific and political language, the horizon is the limit for their cooperation. The Ethiopian state since its creation has been governed by dictators. For that reason, it has lived being dangerous for its neighboring countries and its own peoples. Therefore, neighbors must develop internally a system of equality, democracy, unity, and justice to counter it. Their people must be able to question their elite’s intention beyond propaganda. For those that have such a system it will not be difficult to understand each other. With their understanding and unity, they can neutralize the dictator. Oromo can look back to Gadaa democracy to relive it. All those that love peace must make efforts for democracy to spread.

Whether one likes it or not the people of the region are created to live side by side forever. Therefore, whatever we do should bear that in mind. Creating rifts between the present generation does not help future healthy human development. Though one has tried to destroy or assimilate all others to oneself so far it has become impossible. Oromo started struggle to get back sovereignty they were denied over the fatherland and did not cross borders to others. And for that they started armed struggle because peaceful struggle became impossible. In a condition where people of the region are suffering from decease and manmade hunger to add more trouble is inhuman. Hunger and disease do not discriminate between race, nation, or religion; it destroys all. Therefore, if all work for common survival viable peace and stability that could facilitate the way for escaping from danger may be found. And this could be realized, only if one stops saying one is superior to all; what is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine. As neighbors, if we can assure what we say is ours and go out to build what we have in common, then we can

bring peace and reconciliation. As a people, before we go out and become “us” to priorly be oneself would assure continuity of our identity. Oromo as a nation for over a hundred years did not have what they call ours or mine except what they say “theirs”. The need now is not reforming the decadent colonial empire but revolutionary change, an uprooting one. Reform may temporarily satisfy demands of reactionary addicts to Ethiopianism, not the peoples that lost their identity and all they had to the nafxanyaa colonial empire system. As a people if we could build starting from what we call mine and be able to build what will be ours in common, we may achieve peace and stability that could serve all in common. Before we go out and become “us” to be oneself priorly could give assurance for our identity.

Before getting back identity denied for more than a century to talk about Ethiopianism, is allowing the existing abuse to continue and the majority to submit and take identity of the abuser which amounts to self-despising. Human beings never willingly give up their rights; even if because of mishap this generation cannot defend its rights now, this should not be taken as a deal done. The problem will come back vigorously. What is wanted is not reforming the decadent empire but to wage an uprooting revolution. Reform may satisfy the demand of reactionaries that have addiction to Ethiopianism, not the peoples who had lost their identity and all they have to colonizers. Wrong measures taken today based on cacophony of international interests, goobanaas (quislings) and nafxanyaa system remnants will remain something to rue for, for long. The source of lack of peace and stability in Ethiopia is the way the Ethiopian kingdom and the empire was formed. Amharic speaking elites had a good chance of establishing equality, rule of law and justice in the kingdom from the time they started to lead it as a class. Had they done so they could have united the peoples of the state and formed a strong nation. Instead, they kept the peoples in darkness and ruled by legitimacy they claimed from story plagiarized from Nile civilization and fiction they formed from mythology of Judaism. They made those bases for all they lie even after fall of the mythic emperor. Now the decaying empire is on the verge of fall. To distract peoples’ attention from this they have designed many strategies and tactics. It is like what is said one that is taken by a river tries to cling on foam. Therefore, people must be prepared so that its inevitable fall does not harm them. So far when leadership falls all the group that were with it fall. If Abiy falls PP will be finished; OPDO and ANDEM surviving hiding under the masses is unthinkable this time.

The Amaara group that times trusted the duty of nation building to, failed fulfilling it and were cruel, anti-people, short sighted and self-centered that they were not found where they were expected. The people they forgot earlier have gone back to them when their victims start struggling to set themselves free from their snare, to help them enslave them again. Now, there is no going back to previous position, if need be, war of attrition will be waged. Because justice is on the side people denied of their rights whoever tries to sabotage is going to spill his blood unnecessarily. Those that are asking for help are for the benefit of their own class; there will be no benefit for the masses just like before. The Orthodox church instead of aliening with a group and allowing its monasteries and institutions to be used as Amaaraa rebels’ sanctuary, should have better focused on how to spread the faith to reach all. The church must serve all indiscriminately. To tie the destiny of the Church to that of Amaaraa group is to limit the universal mission of the Church to one precinct. They only cared for the superiority of their class that enabled them to exploit others’ resources and labor freely. For this they had the support and encouragement of the Orthodox church. Their destiny and that of the Orthodox church are made to be intertwined at the expense of the church’s being universal.

Initial Amharic speakers were from all peoples in Abyssinian kingdom that had different languages, culture, and background history. The leaders dissociated themselves from the people they sprouted from and claimed other overseas origins. They imposed themselves and their language on the common people through terror and religious hypnotism. The people had never had a voice in governing themselves. Those whose patience is finished rebel and take power. However, people like Tedros the Qimaant claimed to be heir of the preceding kings after ascending to the throne. It does not matter if they do not have tradition of peaceful transfer of power, whoever grabs will claim legitimacy because of the crown. The masses believe that kings are sent from heaven. Therefore, they murmur their grievances not openly complaining. After the kingdom colonized independent states in the south the system in the north was transplanted to others in the south. And it is conflicts generated then that created the present crisis.

The people left behind from war campaign, that call themselves Amaaraa (Orthodox Christians) except for psychological uplifting rarely got a share of the loot from the colonies by the nafxanyaa invaders. Those left at home are now being agitated to come and help the nafxanyaa system hopefuls, when oppressed colonies rose against them. There is no cause for poor Amaaraa to stand against people who are demanding only their own God given rights. The ruling class that deployed the nafxanyaa intentionally impoverished those that were left at home. It was to attract them join the nafxanyaa force. Now they have war at home to worry about. The machine of global north is never satiated. They say we have interests, not friends. We also have to say

the same after coordinating our knowledge, labor, and our ability. Each cannot do it alone. Selfishness is becoming an obstacle for us to agree. This international market can recruit agents from among us without our knowledge. With “investment “as excuse it is grabbing our land and poisoning our streams. Those in power are their agents and our colonizers, the so-called compradors. Any policy drawn by them on investment or other things is to increase their ability to plunder the colonies not to benefit them. Therefore, we must be free to attract people centered balanced and just “investment”.

While Africans are leering at each other the rich of the world are going to grab their land. Nations, nationalities, and peoples of this region have their own resources in their own corners. If it is not enough, they can fill it by selling their labor. What is wanted is accepting equality and respect for each other’s interest. That may help them give up selfishness for the sake of siblinghood and support each other. With that it is possible to get their African right, individual, and collective. we can get our African rights and that of each other. If they accept that none of them is subservient to the other, they can maintain their identity as a people and cooperate as Africans. For a hundred years people in this region experienced the good and the bad together. They have the advantage of coming together over those who have not known each other. Instead of plundering someone’s economy let them think of developing it by giving up their archaic habits. Ethiopia, they know now, is brought together by force not a natural formation. Even the transformation into a nation in the old Abyssinian kingdom was not complete. Forget assimilating the many people they colonized, though they had more than a hundred years for that. Let them break and get out from the snare that they made as enemies. Strengthening their siblinghood; lets them try to develop trust between them. The vanguard of Oromo struggle, the OLF has put on its initial program the possibility of a political union based on principles of equality, freedom, and justice; for those that recognize Oromiyaa as country.

. Therefore, the solution for the crisis could be found only in correcting errors their warriors made and recognizing the right of national self-determination for each people that includes independence. Then only can they talk of forming a union or living side by side as good neighbors. Descendants of the Amaaraa group, commonly known as Nafxanyaa, because of more than a hundred years of colonial administration are scattered throughout the colonial countries. They have no definite territory and no other country they know. Nobody has denied them citizenship of where they were born. Their situation is not unique to Ethiopia colonial empire, all other colonial empires had experienced it. The way others solved it could also be relevant for remnants of nafxanyaa colonial system. They must recognize that their ancestors were imposed on free people by force illegitimately. Otherwise, any effort to save the crumbling empire will do more harm to them than others. Let everybody distinguish nafxanyaa descendants and non-Oromo that voluntarily took residence in Oromiyaa. Those have no issues. The indigenous have nothing to lose that much, but they have hope of freedom and independence to gain; while Amharic speaking invaders have the chance of losing class identity is visible. The conclusion of warrior class started by Yakuno Amlaak and Takle Hayimaanot is getting inevitable. The present Orthodox sit of Takele Hayimaanot starting clashing with their own government is an indication of that. Without each other they could break into pieces. The incumbent government leader who has demonstrated being more Habashaa than the Habashaa and had done more service to the Orthodox Church than any other institution and people.

Now the way out from present debacle is to give a chance to each people reorganize themselves and choose persons that can represent them as equal partners with all concerned. All the willing, dismantling the colonial empire can decide on future relations with free neighbors and their old colonizers. Such decisions based on free will, if respected will bring a bright future for all, be it forming a union or cooperating as good neighbors, this depends on if conflicting parties want peace. Conflict in the empire is between irreconcilable interests. Because it is between oppressor and oppressed unless the oppressor stops its oppression it cannot answer questions of the oppressed. If the oppressor does not raise his hands off for the oppressed to use their resources and what belongs to them freely there cannot be peace between them. Henceforth without their free will no nation can accept another boss over them. Elites who do not reflect people’s will are not acceptable. Therefore, they must be careful that their own interest may not be taken as that of the people. All expect them to sacrifice their own interest.

Peace and serenity can happen only if oppression ceases. And that is not in the hands of the oppressed but in that of the oppressor. Oppression is a condition in which there is a lack of peace and security. The oppressed should not be expected to stop before such a condition ends; that means there cannot be reconciliation remaining enslaved. The adversary came to Oromo home and devastated them, while Oromo never crossed to others’ boundary. The enemy is not a people but the colonial empire system. To resolve the problem that system must be dismantled. Those that stand with oppressive system even if they are one’s mother’s children they will be considered as enemy not as war between siblings. They have chosen their belly over honor of their people. They will claim no blood money if they die in the hands of their kin. Therefore, those who are standing on the other side if they want an honorable death they must return home in time. War between Oromo and the nafxanyaa empire is between a

colonizer and the colonized, not between the same people. It is a war being waged for independence and freedom not a power struggle for the same seat. War between groups in the North and between the central government may be classified as a power struggle for a throne. Because they have existed changed hands in governance of the empire and have no difference of objective. Their problem is with the group in power; they want to replace it without altering the basics or they want the palace to be recognized as theirs. If that happens, they think that all political, economic, and social problems they have can be solved.

This system of empire should have ended with the last emperor. Though the Darg broke the backbone of feudal class and the nafxanyaa system, the umbilical cord with the colonizer was not cut. Therefore, it did not answer the question of decolonization that brought down the emperor. To respond to that the Wayyaanee proclaimed a constitution that recognized the right of nations for self-determination for nations, nationalities, and peoples. On paper this seemed to sever the ties with the past system. But the structure of the empire was not dismantled. The true political power remained in the hands of the colonizing North. Though it said, to have changed from centralized system to federation, in practice there was nothing changed. Though Oromo speaking Amharic replaced it because the structure of the empire is not dismantled it became crueler than before. For this reason, it means reforming the system does not solve the existing problem. Extra judicial killings, imprisoning, kidnaping and disappearance, hunger and disease, and exiles escalated. That is why it is said the problem of people that were colonized could be resolved only by revolution. If it is not possible to cross to a new order with agreement the system cannot stay further, it will crumble. Independent countries and free peoples with new and progressive ideas shall sprout from its ruins. This collection called Ethiopia is going to disappear without farewell ceremony.

The Oromo through their long struggle have gained political consciousness that cannot be reversed. OLF will as vow at the start, is hoped to struggle until democratic independent republic Oromiyaa is established. It will always respect Oromiyaan peoples’ decision even if it is different from its set goal. Oromo nationalism is an ideology of liberation, equality of human beings and justice for all. That is an ingredient part of Oromummaa. All are legacies of the Gadaa system which is known to be democratic. Oromo historically are known for love of individual freedom, national unity, and siblinghood of the tribes. That used to be their strength when on equal technological development level with neighbors. There was no contradiction in relations of group and individual rights because they accept the supremacy of the law. A neighboring combined political and church force for the first time was able to divide and defeat them with imported firearms and military experts. That will never to be repeated with present Oromo political consciousness, the ability they have shown in building formidable fighting force, and determination and revolutionary commitment their Qeerroo (youth) are demonstrating. Oromo have huge human power and resources and fighting experience; they had little shortage in arms and political consciousness though they seem to overcome even that at present. Henceforth, it will be only a coward Oromo that Koy toy for aliens. Therefore, it would be advantageous for all to come to terms before more damage is done to life and resources for the unrealizable dream of restoring out of date nafxanyaa system. Oromo are native of Africa, with own history, culture, self-reliant economy, and that have own language. Falling under Ethiopia by historical accident does not erase these facts. For conditions created with lies to turn to the truth requires uprooting revolution; with reform no justice could be attained. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

January 2024