Tactical Revision

As a nation we have to come out organized to enable ourselves to come out as a force to be reckoned with. As Africans Individually or in union we can voluntarily create a union with others with clearly defined objective. Among us there should be no nation or individual that could dictate others on how to live and how to conduct themselves. Individually or in union we shall be guided by rule of law. With that achieved the colonial question and struggle against undue oppression shall end.

People of the world see no distinction between Oromiyaa and Ethiopia because they are numbed by pro Ethiopian propaganda. Therefore, when they say Ethiopia being a country never colonized it is taking Oromiyaa as natural part of Ethiopia. Struggle being waged by Oromo patriots is not considered like those of other African countries as anti-colonial struggle. It has come being passed over as internal struggle. Propaganda designed for that more than distorting world view it put many Oromo in doubt about their own identity. As Ethiopians many Oromo have struggled for equality, justice and freedom. However, it did not change the relation of Oromiyaa and Ethiopia being that of landlords and serfs. They did not draw conclusion they wanted, because they started with. false premise. After such a long experience there are still those the want to go under the same process again. Until they realize difference between Ethiopia and Oromiyaa, colonizer and colony, oppressor and oppressed they cannot get answer for their question. Ethiopians had been clashing since the days of Axum for enforcing submission and refusing to submit. Still, they did not end grudges between them. Now that is overflowing and hiding Oromo issues. It will be proper for the Oromo to side with those hurt and of less danger to advance their cause.

So far, no better solution was presented other than the Kaayyoo forwarded by OLF. Now what freedom fighters have to make effort should not be to same Ethiopian empire from breaking apart but to achieve the causes they struggled for making sure that peace and stability of the region will not be disturbed as far as possible. It was to dismantling Ethiopian empire that struggle that costed great sacrifice was waged for over fifty years. There cannot be independence equality and freedom unless it is dismantled. Above all, that the future of all concerned becomes that of development peace and calm they need to get out of selfishness and to utilize the coming opportunity by trying to form a viable system has benefit for all. There is no better alternative than making sure that nations, nationalities and people that come out dusting from under oppressive system to sit down and negotiate on how to implement their right of national self-determination for their new future. That negotiation so made could not have doubt of lies, cheating, and denials it is better if done in presence of third-party witnesses. Agenda for the meeting will be one unanimously agreed upon by all concerned.

It may be necessary to have internal meeting by the Oromo before going out to include aliens. It is essential to clear those that waver between Ethiopia and Oromiyaa, which could possibly be among them as observed in London Conference, otherwise we may be confused as what we want as a nation. Therefore, one must stand clearly with Ethiopians as Ethiopian or with equal status as an Oromo with Oromummaa for Oromiyaa. So far, the number of Oromoo deployed by the enemy against Oromo struggle is simple. This has to stop. In deliberations conducted one who stands against free will of Oromo people has become the enemy and treated as such. Such ones as long as they fill their belly do not stopping giving their lives for it. For that reason, in wars waged not only against Oromo, but also suppressing other people, more of them are Oromo, from foot soldier to high officers. Those who did not know the real situation will not take them as enemy tools but as being under mission of Oromummaa. In the Northern war though the quislings believed them, it was being reported that they did not trust them and so killed them from the back to get their weapons. Amaara war campaigners armed with machetes was not to fight with them but to kill Oromo soldiers from the back from hate and for taking their weapons. Therefore, it is said that numerous rank and files of Oromo origin lost their lives and denied burials in that way.

Oromiyaa is not Ethiopia but colony of Ethiopia. It is being tried to replace this with baseless theory. Reversing Oromiyaa being a colony they are telling that Oromo colonized them. This emanates from ignorance of Kushitic history from the Mediterranean to the equator and their own history. Therefore, it is not something to respond to. The colonized warries about own freedom not answering to all gibberish talks of the enemy in its drunken mood degrading oneself. Unless negotiations or discussions to bring peace to the region are not seen in that way it cannot end problem of the region. In order the people will not decide on their right of national self-determination, there is no reason Amaaraa nafxanyaa do not manufacture and history they do not distort. Because their elites realize how Amaaraaness and Nafxanyism were created, they want to sabotage revolution of the oppressed. Amaaraa is a system not a people that can claim specific land and culture. If power is take away from, it will be found to be, Tigraaway, Agawu, Qimaant, Oromo, Gaafat, Argobba etc. therefore it has nothing to present to join federalism. Unless it has superiority as Ethiopian forever it cannot survive. That is why it tries to brand federalism as “racist and tribalist politics”. Bye the way, who said a race or a tribe cannot lead independent life? It becomes bad only when human beings start to discriminate each other based on differences they have. Oromo are organized as a nation not as race or gosaa (tribe?). They are formed from several gosaa; Amaaraa cannot understand this because it has no gosaa in Africa.

The empire is in turmoil with wars of liberation and war between Ethiopians. Amaaraa government led by Abiy is calling for conference he named national reconciliation composed of his supporters. His aim is to settle differences between them and go out to face TDF and others with strength. It means the present instability is because of hard feelings between PP, ABIN and EZEMA. Therefore, he is not aware of the problem knocking at his gate. It is visible that all decisions he made were based on power mongering and false information. A conference of peace and stability for Africans under the Ethiopian empire let alone being called by such a group that committed crime against humanity, it will not be permitted to sit on such a conference. Since participants on the conference are Ethiopians as well as non-Ethiopians even words used there must be carefully selected. War going on has on one side are PP and Amharic speaking group and their running dogs; on the other side are those fighting against injustice, liberation Fronts and TDF. Nothing more are expected from Liberation fronts than in addition to managing their Kaayyoo to try minimize collateral damages which could be caused by the war. TDF is expected never to rest until it brings to justice all that committed atrocities on Tigray and its people and make sure that such atrocities are not repeated on them again.

Therefore, peace and stability could be achieved for all only when PP and its running dogs are put out of the way. OLA is expected before everything else to take over administration of Oromiyaa and form a provisional government. that will be the first step towards decolonization. For this reason, all alien hands should be kept off Oromiyaan internal affairs. If conference is to be called for deliberations it will be wise if done in presence of third parties. Calling this meeting as being between Africans can reduce doubts between participants. This could show to enemies and general audience the true relations that was between them. The destruction on Tigray, Tigray, Qimaant, Agawu, Oromiyaa and Gumuz and other Southern people requires special rehabilitation. It doesn’t seem possible without charity of world riches. It is good to understand what that means.

To be of value, strong organization, discipline and self-reliance are required. Organization helps not only fending off the enemy but also to maintain one’s home in orderly manner. It will be half victory if only one can prevent Oromo flocking to enemy camp. The right of nations to national self-determination has been recognized by the world after WWII. Oromiyaa was occupied during what was called the “The Scramble for Africa” of the 19th century. Ethiopia was among those that colonized Africa and was involved in conspiracy of colonizers and playing different roles. Because of its geographical position and its color world powers preferred it to remain as their

proxy agent over entertaining the liberation of Ethiopia’s colonies like Oromiyaa. For this they recruited Minilik and made all leaders following him their dependents. For instance, that the Nile problem between Ethiopia and Egypt starts with treaty he signed. No one presented Ethiopia for sale more than him.

Oromo never stopped struggling for freedom and petitioning big Powers since their occupation. This was done, during the Paris meeting of 1991 through American diplomats, during WW II through British diplomats and others all were documented. They know that Ethiopian colonizer, started genocide in front of their eyes with intellectual and technical contribution they made for it. In 1991 some international community members were assigned to help OLF and TPLF work together. That was mere pretention when most of them encouraged TPLF to monopolize power. They did not play their role seriously to stop clashes between the two organizations. It is good to learn lessons from that and be prepared if history repeats itself. They even showed maximum cooperation for preparing visas over weekends to send OLF members leave the country fast. OLF was kicked out of the Transitional government with foreign help. That is thing of the past, will it be corrected in the future? Governments that changed hands in the 20th century have made friends and also got opportunity to acquaint themselves with how foreign bureaucracies operate. Oromo being novice for world diplomacy, every one favored only old friends. Oromiyaa thus lacked access to foreign bureaucracy and hurt being disadvantaged.

Oromoo population being half of that of the Ethiopian empire could have been impossible to be ruled by minority without foreign support. No ruler of Ethiopia let alone oppressing Oromiyaa could have enough budget to run the country without foreign aid. For questions new generation asks how did that happen, it is not only the parents but the world that has to respond. Oromo are not those of the past. There are more conscious now. The Pandora Jar to recognize right of decolonization for Ethiopian colonies. They preferred to see the other side when Ethiopia is now opened. No one can turn back all that has come out of it. Therefore, it needs to go back and find out causes that kept it sealed in the past. Among things Oromo enemies use to scare the world one is their population being half Muslims they could supply terrorist markets. They also say because OLA is extremist it does not like peace is another scaring devise. They also accuse Oromo for committing genocide on Nafxanyaa descendants. To prove this they themselves initiate terror and blame the innocent for it. Because they have many friends in Western bureaucracy it is easier for them to make Oromo look bad for that society. The West not wanting to irritate them becomes harsh on the Oromo. Let aliens say whatever they like, terrorist or extremist Oromo will never stop fighting for their birth right. Not to transgress on others right they are not afraid of any power but because their Gadaa culture and tradition prohibits them.

For three years before invading Tigray these crimes were being reported by international human rights organizations but be it the UN or any individual member of the Security Council paid no attention. They all maintained friendly relations with the Nobel laureate PM. But he failed them by not giving any face-saving device. Had they stopped him then the atrocities that befall Tigray might have not happened. The abuses are going on in Oromiyaa still. But no mention is being made anywhere in official world reports. It is saddening to hear a Congress woman referring to OLA as “Shanee” derogative name used by Abiy’s government. Encouraged by that, PP supported Amaara special force and hooligans known as Faannoo are crossing over to Oromiyaa and massacring Oromo nationals with intention of territorial expansion. Despite that, Big Powers are still showing efforts to save the colonizer state from breaking up; but that is too late. Oromiyaa was occupied by Ethiopia with support of the then Big Powers. Knowing that and signing for freedom of colonies to leave Oromiyaa as part of Ethiopia not travesty of justice? With killing how many Oromo would they be satisfied? The policy world power are following on Ethiopia is wrong and has to be corrected. No amount of genocide can stop one who is determined to be free.

What they do not want is forcefully coming pushing and so they need to revise their policy. If inflated patience explodes where to catch it could turn difficult.

The present leaders of the empire have no interest and capability to understand the situation and divert from the usual course for they have no knowledge and skill for it. By taking victory scored by Oromo youth and handing it over to the Amaaraa, they are committing the most horrendous atrocities to the Oromo. All gathered around them are people with no principle and those that have prejudice against Oromo. They got the Oromo at its weakest moment. OLF was unable to stand against enemy machination and failed to uphold its unity. Based on OPDO deceit some elites advocated that Oromo give up armed struggle. With this the initial Kaayyoo was betrayed. That resulted in severing of relations between the Political and Armed wings of OLF. They might have realized that they were cheated before they completed their mission. This mistaken view or intentionally done in process of competition for power could have been a disaster had some among OLA did not refuse to disarm..

Some freedom fighters that took the advice and gave up their arms were mistreated and some even killed. OLF factions that returned from exile were expected to reunite but were divided farther infiltrated by camouflaged enemy agents. Some melted into PP (OPDO) pledging allegiance to flag they had been fighting their whole life. QC that prides itself for keeping the morning Kaayyoo alive was crushed. The remaining were paralyzed. Had “Ilaa fi Ilaamee” (dialogue) as tool of Oromummaa was not overlooked such crisis should not have occurred. Because they learned lying, selfishness and chauvinism from aliens many Oromo political actors have abandoned national ethos. OLF is spirit of the nation; imprisoning, making obstacle to the leaders and lulling them to defect is not going to stop it from advancing national Kaayyoo. Others will pick up its banner and keep it flying to frustration of Oromo enemies. In enemy register all engaged in Oromo struggle are “Wanted Criminals”. Retreating to enemy camp does not earn respect but humiliation. To bring change to their journey those that struggle for liberation of Oromiyaa must be able to preempt enemy pressure and direct it in the way they desire.

A people occupied by aliens that lost one’s culture and language, in general its freedom lived oppressed, humiliated and feeling great pain. It has no solution except rebelling. Those that ignite the struggle as a solution are those who were at the right place at the right time. The people sanctioned only to ignite not to extinguish. If they fall or slipped from the struggle its fire will not be extinguished but others will replace them and poke it. Anyone who is on active service, better not to throw bad words to those that defected after long service; for they have not bitten their score and have long years in front of them to pass the test. Whether it was foul or good, contribution of those pioneers is part of history of Oromo struggle. They will be judged by their peers or history when the time comes for moral and psychological damage they caused on the nation and their comrades. Attacking them is attacking the heroic deeds they performed in the nation’s history and will not make anyone better patriot. Heroes/heroines of the nation that have to be praised without limitation are only those that paid the ultimate sacrifice before abandoning the Kaayyoo. We have many gallant people in the field that are fulfilling their national obligation. We love them, we encourage them and give recognition for their bravery. If they pass or take us to freedom, they will be our everlasting heroes/heroines. Capitaine of a sinking ship have great respect to go down with her if he couldn’t save her. Runaways should have thought in this way before they burned their heroic deeds, for life is only short.

Organized Oromiyaa struggle to be free from occupation started to be formed during the last emperor. Then the empire had a solid system to advance Amaaraa interest. The Darg that came next tried to present laminating emperor’s bureaucracy with concept of socialism without affecting the interest and its nafxanyaaness. The only recognized Oromo in its executive committee, Nigusee Nagaasaa was assassinated in a dubious way. OLF Objective which made it a national icon was to establish “Independent Democratic People’s Republic of

Oromiyaa” and assure its safety. However, it has envisioned in its foreign affairs section, “… to bring about where possible political union with other nations on the basis of equality, respect for mutual interest, and the principle of voluntary association”. Otherwise as to the effect of Oromiyaa’s independence on others under the empire, it left like what the snake said when told she has to be cut to shorten her, “It is up to her to coil herself”. At the end it is the Oromo people that decides on its fate. OLF stands for independence and will campaign for it till it is fulfilled and beyond. But others that have different opinion have equal right to present their views and campaign for it. However, it is democratic obligation for all to abide by people’s verdict made without fear or threat from any corner.

The Ethiopian/Amaaraa colonizer did not come crossing the sea. It is same in color, in technology, (if not less it was not better than the colonized). Wood works, building, metal works, horn and ivory works, pottery and weaving, agriculture and animal husbandry etc. were practiced in Oromiyaa before occupation. Minilik brought nothing to Oromiyaa but took stool and other artifacts from Abbaa Jifaar. What makes the invader different was the fire spitting weapons and military experts and different accessories it got from invaders like it. The Amaaraa abandoned its capital cities like Gondar, Maqalee, Dabra Tabor and built a new capital in a colonized country. It seemed it still had in mind the traditional roving capital of banditry monarchs had an Australian not saved them by introducing eucalyptus. Wealth and power amassed as result of colonization benefitted only those who were part of the colonial campaign, the nafxanyaa, not those left back home. However, those who from among them immigrated to the colonies had better opportunity to acquire property and power. Psychologically they also felt superiority.

After it was born from among Agawu, Tigray and Northern Cushite, Amharic developed specially after the coming of Yekunomlak and started to suppress other languages. Now, all those have started liberation movements to regain their lost identity and languages. So far, they have inflated Amaaraa population to make it the second largest ethnic group in the empire. Thus Amaara sprouted from the ruling class of those peoples developed the Amharic language and called itself Amaaraa. For this reason, there is no specific country designated for Amaaraa. Because it was powerful it claimed all it occupied as hits own. Now because its era is over it has been biting this and that like mad dog. That is why it is attacking Gumuz, Oromiyaa, Tigray etc. As a result, many people have started being killed and dislocated. Chaos is taking place everywhere. What is burning one from inside is that it is driving children of the poor who have never heard sound of guns and ill trained to war against experienced fighter intentionally to get them killed. Freedom that would be achieved from underneath that will be the las drop of nafxanyaa system. Land will return to its owner.

Ethiopia/Amaaraa are founded on false narrative. They started lying, ruled with lies, and are dying lying. Collect all that was said on Tigray war and analyze, then only you can understand what we are talking about. Tigray was part of the new Ethiopian empire and the old Abyssinian/Ethiopia kingdom as well. Theoretically that country is equal for both. But for this war it is considered as invading alien and people are agitated to defend their country. People are called to get armed and rise, one coming to destroy the country is at the gates. With such false propaganda the one attacked was subjected to crime against humanity. The truth is the people of Tigray blocked the way for nafxanyaa system expansion. The people of Tigray support the constitution that guarantees the right of nations to national self-determination for all; it had also a major role in drafting it. The constitution saved an empire that was almost to be scattered. On this except the Amaaraa elites all nations, nationalities and peoples which were under the empire stand together.

Life of people under the empire were interwoven. All communications were designed to be through the colonizer. Even all roads from regions take only to Finfinnee to strengthen dependency on the colonizer. Therefore, it was

difficult for regions to come to each other’s help horizontally. Under such situation sudden independence of each could give shock to all. Hence, the oppressed of South and North need to hold hands and device means to smoothly transit to where they want, avoiding chaos. Had it not been cut in the bud, OLF and other progressives founding Oppressed Peoples’ Revolutionary Struggle (Icaat) during the Darg was for such purpose. Icaat was supposed to serve as a camouflage for national movements, unfortunately majority did not go beyond study groups before its demise. Now to overcome this problem that came to them in common all concerned have to face it together by creating some sort of a coalition. A union created in this way is not to democratize empire Ethiopia but one that is capable of safe guarding universal human rights and rule of law and dismantle the empire for the common good. There can be no democracy unless the empire is dismantled. To assure this, sovereignty of nations, nationalities and peoples, big or small on their own territory has to be recognized by all.

If they, in the process of working together believe it is advantageous to continue as it is, this union can develop into federation or confederation. Otherwise by design this one, serves only as a provisional arrangement. Name they give to their federation has to be based on consensus. It was the colonizer that brought with it the name Ethiopia. Therefore, things which in common refer to Colonizer and those that were colonies, must be clearly shown. On the past constitution, it says, We the people…. Of Ethiopia. Minority name was given them without consulting the majority. Contradicting this when Amaaraa elites said they alone are Ethiopia in so many terms, the others could not say you are lying. For this reason, this name as well needs to be agreed upon. Those that make too much sound about this name are Amharic speaking Nafxanyaa system hopefuls alone.

Oromo need to revise their tactics that take them to the planned goal without affecting their basic strategy. Those that advocate for independence and those that stood for democratizing empire Ethiopia had been throwing rocks at each other for five decades but both were not successful to unseat each other, rather they lengthened life of the enemy. The reason was both went out against an organized enemy before becoming forces as Oromo; an enemy which had forces led by goobanaas. Over and above failure to defeat each other and convincing the enemy about their identity, they exposed their weak joints. Both have to revise seriously the way they could reach where they desired. Now seems convenient time they could show that. The tendency shown by organizations led by Professor Marara and Obbo Daawud is a healthy sign to be encouraged. What is it called when one goes to renovate another’s house, before sealing own leakage? Oromo struggle is protracted, it has ebb and flow. One can use detours to reach the planned destination. So far, they have wasted their time condemning detours forgetting Oromo old saying “Whether you mount from the left or right, destination is the saddle”. They did not trust each other that both were using the same saddle. Decisive leadership may be lacking. Detour should not be taken as an end in itself but as a means to reach a goal.

All are siblings, moving with Oromo name; where did the rift come from? They have to investigate it together. Oromo culture and tradition advocates for generosity and compassion; how come Oromo endorse summary killings of Oromo compatriots? Is there a way of making an end to goobanism? Why are some Oromo hating their nation’s self-reliance and prefer dependence? PP belittles Oromo nationalism and want the Oromo to be Amaaraa appendages and help in reviving “great” Ethiopia. Whatever name they give themselves Oromo are referred to as Shanee Onag by PP and Amaaraa. If it is shown independence Oromiyaa can bring stability, security and dependable growth for oneself, for neighbors and for the world, it can minimize doubts. In politics there is nothing permanently abstained from. As long as one’s Kaayyoo is not overlooked, tactics and strategy are not mixed up, as far as they understand their struggle is protracted, they can try all tricks, if they have advantage for survival. This presumes existence of solid, committed and determined organization and leadership. Unless they

are able to use this coming bright future they are destined to perish as a nation. The opportunity to be free is only coming forcefully now since the Italian period.

During Italian period, though they had support of British officers, freedom slipped from their hands because of Oromo lack of organization and diplomatic work. Oromo say, “What diplomacy puts down the army cuts throat”. This shows that if an organization does not run both armed and diplomatic struggles simultaneously there is some shortcoming. Then Oromo were not prepared for both. But if opportunity for independence passes now, when there is no reason not to get organized, defect we have as a nation has to blame. If a person calling oneself Oromo brags of being a servant of aliens, more that one’s Oromummaa there should be a defect to worry about. It requires overcoming that to rise in unison with Oromummaa. Struggle carried out in the last fifty year seem to have minimized that and make majority move together. Though there seems some problem with general political leadership, WBO/OLA seems to have reached a level where it could challenge any enemy force. Knowledge and skill are things which go on developing every day. Therefore, be them members of armed or diplomatic struggle or any other branch engaged in struggle need to update their information. Even if we feel happy about betterment, we see today we have not to take it as the final achievement. Oromo patriots are now in good condition to welcome the obvious opportunity. From this opportunity no alien can hinder the Oromo except if helped by quislings (goobanaas). That is the major defect. When we say goobanaas we mean Oromo that hate themselves and fear living without depending on aliens. By being strong and committed to national Kaayyoo we can overcome. Neo-goobanaas should not forget that even the greatest warrior of his time, Goobana died poisoned by Minilik. They cannot have better fate than him unless they find way out the soonest. Abiy has unequivocally stated that he follows Minilik. That was why he did not condemn abuses against Oromo in public.

The Oromo have to learn something from clashes among peoples in the empire at present. Their being numerous, with huge resources and their oppression and suffering being more than anyone, did not attract world attention like Tigray. This has reason of history, distorted image of the nation goobanaas have given them, fear of instability Oromo independence may create on the region etc. To change this situation much diplomatic work is necessary. It requires to explain to the world vigorously without wavering that they have legitimate cause to be independent and concern about others should not be a priority. At the same time, it must be demonstrated to the world that they have the capacity and the willingness to prevent situations from going out of hand because of their liberation. Because the situation in the region did not affect only them but also majority its outcome will even be dangerous to interest third parties eagerly protecting. Therefore, they should not intentionally twist more than fifty million Oromo’s national and sovereignty question. It ought to be the colonizer that should apologize for past abuses and beg to live with them not the Oromo who are thirsty for equality and freedom.

Oromo as a nation were denied their identity and lived being plundered, despised and humiliated. They have made immense sacrifices in the last fifty years to get rid of that. Trying to demean those will not bring sustainable peace and stability. Now among those under the colonial empire the majority are for right of nations for national self-determination. Whether they want to separate or to live together their will has to be respected. If there be the greedy that does not want to respect majority will there should be no reason for the world to be concerned. Breakup of the colonial empire is inevitable and no one can be more capable than the Oromo to prevent harmful effect. Tigray people got attention not because of its number, but because it is organized, it has strengthened its unity, and have spite and is listening to each other. This is not withstanding the long diplomatic history Tigray had with the West. Oromo culturally had more factors that make them march in unison. Safuu was part of it. But those who imitate aliens thinking of being civilized threw them away. The solution is to reinstitute Gadaa principles and control goobanism.

We have seen in the past how harmful is leaving direction of struggle one put oneself on and taking another which alien pressure puts one on. That is what we call wavering. That this doesn’t happen again, it is better to take well thought measures and protect interest of future generation. Oromo struggle is anticolonial struggle. Oromiyaa is not an ethnic group in Ethiopia but a nation with its exclusive history, culture, language and territory. Because of this an anti-colonial liberation struggle was waged half a century ago against Ethiopian state. Ethiopia had been changing form, structure and tactics under pressure of liberation struggles. The present change is no different from those except this one exists only in name. The army has diminished, the economy is in shambles and it is standing naked with only Amaaraa image. Those that are upholding the principle of the right of nations to national self-determination are standing together heating up revolutionary fire to consume it. Therefore, naming ministers at this last hour of its demise should not be a topic of discussion for others. For it, it is part of multifaceted preparation for its war against freedom fighters. It should remind us the famous saying of Yilmaa Dheeressaa, “Inkuwan Maammoo, Maammitee bitmaxaa….” (Let alone Maammoo even if Mammitee comes Ethiopian economy is dangerously damaged). Bilxiginnaa is now scarecrow frightening only the uninformed pests.

The solution now is first removing these groups that committed crime against humanity from political scene of the Horn, and replace them with provisional administration of freedom fighters. Then convene representative all nations nationalities and peoples in presence of international observers to use their right of nations for national self-determination without fear or threat from any quarter. Their decision will be guiding principle for future political relations in this part of Horn of Africa. This is assuming the present war will be concluded with victory of freedom fighters. If not, Ethiopian empire will be made ungovernable. More organization and more arming the peoples will be inevitable. In particular all systems so far had been disarming the Oromo while arming their own people. As an old adage goes only armed, conscious and organized people can be victorious. With empty hand we cannot stand our ground and defend our rights against armed ones permanently. That is why we are dying or always fleeing unable to fend off our persecutors. Had we been organized, committed and determined gun of our persecutors could be ours.

In general, since we are considered in, we have to join with full heart and try to enforce change from inside to what is good for oneself and others. To negotiate one’s way out with enemies or friends, it will be advantageous to approach the table with position of strength. For that organizing oneself priorly is necessary. Oromo can be an asset for their neighbors and allies because they have no tradition of oppressing others and can be trusted allies. With Oromo controlling own destiny there will be more opportunity open for all neighbors and beyond by dealing directly with owners of resources rather than with looters. There is no reason to doubt being denied access to Oromiyaa labor market neighbors used to get under colonizer. No claim by states or nations on people or resources in Oromiyaa is acceptable. All alien persons natural or corporate that work or live in Oromiyaa have to abide by its laws. Free Oromiyaa is going to release so far suppressed productive forces requiring more workers and investors. More diplomatic work is wanted to erase misconception created by Oromo enemy propaganda. Rather than a situation where Oromo are pushed in by force, one that they push themselves in, could earn them more respect. For all purposes it is better to believe in oneself, element many of us seem lacking because of more than a century of colonial domination.

Organization that is principled and believe in oneself is not afraid of going in and taking risk for fear of being outwitted. If we go in, upholding equality, justice and rule of law we can put decadent laws of dictators out of the way. After that independence and freedom of all peoples shall flourish. It will be difficult to understand this for those for whom wavering is part of their lives for they never push a project to the end. Our goal is liberating Oromiyaa and regain all we lost to the colonizer. Therefor

Oromiyaa and enabling it to stand on its own feet. Let us create a formidable trustworthy leadership and entrust our Kaayyoo to it and march behind it without reservation. It is better to poke and see at everything rather than abstaining from all.

It seems terrorism started by PP and nafxanyaa system hopefuls is coming to an end and a new chapter is going to commence. The time is nearing when all those that committed crimes against humanity and genocide are going to be held accountable. The situation in which peoples’ struggle have similarity with that concluded in 1991. OLF and TPLF are still struggling with the force occupying Finfinnee. The situation has some qualitative differences. OLF is still a junior armed force. It is still guerrilla fighter. But the organization which was then not known to majority Oromo is now transited to one known and favored in all dimension. Therefore, it means it is backed T by millions of Qeerroo and Qeerrantii. The present Qubee Generation is not like its predecessors brough up being brainwashed by alien propaganda. However, there are still OPDO that campaign against own people siding the enemy changing their name to PP. But however much they gathered weaklings and selfish persons they could not win hearts of the people. OLF is able to rally the youth and be present in all corners of Oromiyaa more than any time before. In the past it was limited to Gobellee and Begii. The Amaaraa do not have independent organization like before 1991. At present there are those that depend on central government and trying to put pressure on it to work for them. However, Amaaraa being organized separately and campaigning in alliance with the government is a new phenomenon. Its objective is to control the government and bring back nafxanyaa and monarchic centralized system. Federation is its nemesis.

The present generation have better opportunity because world technology has developed and they have better access than the previous. TPLF is now not a guerrilla organization but a government. When OLF returned to underground struggle and when it was in exile it had been enforcing itself. Its fighters became Tigray Defense force and its struggle not that of an organization but people’s war. It was trained by government and armed with heavy weapons. OLF is still supported by members and supporters and is armed with light arms carried by individuals. Constitution that was to transform the empire to a federation is supported by both in principle. Both do not accept for any nation or individual to impose itself on them. Both believe in the right of nations to national self-determination. Experience both passed through is one that many lessons could be learned from for life ahead. It is hoped that will save them rather than making shun each other.

Power can derail one from the correct path and make one greedy. They are expected to take careful steps. All have seen the good and the bad results from what they performed as politicians. They have also seen how much people suffered from the bad. From what they have seen that the bad doesn’t befall people again, they are expected to lay down foundation for rule of law and democracy. That requires demonstrating unwavering determination and revolutionary commitment. Therefore, it is not essential to be scared saying history repeats itself; it will be as said, “Salt, be palatable for your own sake, otherwise they will throw you out saying you are a rock”. Except with cooperation of nations, nationalities and peoples in good faith there could be no one that could bring sustainable stability to this region of Horn of Africa alone. Now, Tigaruu have learned their lesson from dangers repeatedly befallen them from neighbors. They want to assure that their people live in freedom and happiness with out any threat or fear from outside. The Oromo, to be sovereign over their country and live-in freedom and happiness have to make sure that colonialism shall never come back to them. That is also the wish of all under oppression of the Amaaraa. Therefore, solution for all problems is the realization of the right of nations to national self-determination and for all oppressed of North and South to hold hands and get rid of problems loaded on them from time immemorial for good.

Though relation Oromo and Tigaruu had is different, they both has suffered by oppression from the same source. For that reason, they have similar cause. What those that fan Ethiopia meant they both have experienced it in practice. National character of both could be different. Nothing could hinder them from recognizing that for each other and march together. To make their region peaceful and stable has benefit for all. It will be ludicrous for Oromo to fear any arising situation when they have not yet exploited their huge potential. It requires only awakening and organizing. Oromo and Tigaruu are fighting against PP for trying to reimpose on us the Amaaraa nafxanyaa system we got rid of after immense sacrifices. So far we have common causes, we want peace, freedom, equality and justice. Africans that were under oppression from the same source and have similar stand are the majority. Therefore, if we go out together in good faith there would be no reason that we cannot bring peace to our region and spread a system that could help us live together as good neighbors respecting each other’s identity and interest and supporting each other. Community under the Ethiopian empire had become collection applauding for everyone. Much is expected from those that stood for peoples’ causes that such situations are changed and the people start believing in themselves by realize that they are the source of power. They should not be taking turns to make them applaud for them. They have rather to help them cleans themselves from fear past systems inculcated in them.

It is told that Oromo intellectuals have different associations. In such a situation when situations are in a hurry to change, they need to consult each other on requirement of peaceful situations and put down ideas that could help freedom fighters’ stand. Negotiations and many diplomatic works are going to take place. They have to get prepared ether to help freedom fighters in their endeavor or to put pressure that democratic practice is not neglected. This is not for those who are out to take advantage of the situation and get appointments but for those that make patriotic contribution. It is also now that they should contact patriots of other peoples’ that believe in right of nations to national self-determination to form a consultation forum. By making scientific analysis of existing situation, it would be possible to prevent unitarist from raising their heads. Ideas based on knowledge presented in good faith is beneficial for all. We have to unequivocally put down what we want and how we want to get them. When friends and adversaries ask, do they know what they want? we could win trust only if we could respond with one voice, yes we want this and that. Oromiyaa haa jiraattu!

History is going to give big responsibility and accountability to OLA. It is going to be one of those that defeat PP and come out as victorious. It is going to be the first free part of Oromo that is going to construct Oromiyaa as new with its capital Finfinnee as a center. Finfinnee once Minilik’s garrison town is now residence for several nations, nationalities and peoples under the empire as well as international community. It is also seat of many international organizations. There are many similar cities across the world. We can take as example New York and others that give service for international organizations. Relation it is going to have with the mother state has clearly to be shown. Such towns have Charters. There power will be that given it by the state to which it belongs. If Oromiyaa continues to be part of a federation or confederation what will their relations be? Rights it will have with the federal government shall be according to contract it enters with Oromiyaa state. Oromiyaa will have for the first-time administration free from colonialism. It is expected that Oromo land belongs to the people will be confirmed by law. How it will be held, how it will be owned and disposed shall be determined directly by the people. Therefore it is hoped whatever is going to get established will reflect Gadaa principles, and guarantee rights of the people and justice.

Oromiyaa haa jiraattu. .