Grand Genocide is Brewing Against Oromiyaa

Perpetrators of genocide against the Oromo nation are working hard to mislead world public opinion. To counter is fast and vigorously is expected from Oromo nationalists. Distortion of history and ground preparation to accuse Oromiyaa for genocide and covering up ongoing one by Ethiopian government against the Oromo people. That is to justify reverse genocide in the name of preventing one that does not exist. Oromo enemies are all over the media to disseminate Oromo phobia and raise tension between Oromo and other ethnic groups in preparation for grand scale genocide. They do not care as to who dies as long as they cripple Oromiyaa. Some of them are trying to prove similarity of situation in Oromiyaa and Ruanda before genocide. Some one long, long ago said, “Even the devil can cite the Scripture for his own purpose”. These ones are also citing genocide definition given by OSAPG for wrong purpose undermining intelligence of those they address.

At present only Oromo are targeted for genocide by government and Amharic speaking groups calling themselves “Forces of Unity” and their reverse allegations hold no water. This year’s sabotage witnessed by the world on Irreecha Pilgrimage to Hora Finfinnee is a good example of cultural genocide by Ethiopian government. To avoid telling true relations of Ethiopia and Oromiyaa they repeat the stereotype, “Ethiopia is never colonized”. Ethiopia being a partner to the Scramble for Africa, it was a colonizer of its African neighbors and not theoretically colonized. Hutu and Tutsi are the same people with common culture and language under German/Belgium colony with possibly legend created difference similar to the Habashaa Solomonic dynasty. Nafxanyaa colonizers and the Oromo have different historical background and separate identity. Not taking this truth into account will lead any analysis to wrong conclusion.

The colonizers call themselves nafxanyaa (gun wielder) and it is not a term invented by the Oromo. It is a name which some are proud to put on their T-shirts even today. Nafxanyaa are not only Amaraa but eclectic from all conquered lands, like British army with members enrolled from all over its empire. But being baptized into Orthodox church they call themselves Amaaraa to be distinguished from Moslems and traditional religious groups. Because Oromo prophesy all religions there had never been tension between faiths as has never been between ethnic groups in Oromiyaa. Oromiyaa has significant numbers of Moslems, which were suppressed for more than a century by Ethiopian theocracy. They want to scare the western world with this number. In precolonial period they were appealing for help from Christian across the sea as being trapped in Christian island besieged by Muslims and heathens.

Now they are trying to apply the “Terrorist” card against the Oromo as if they don’t have Muslims among them. In reality that is only an excuse, what they are after is Oromummaa, the power that is denying them suzerainty over Oromiyaa. It has been two decades since 9/11; was there one Oromo internationally blamed for terrorism so far? If Amaaraa are not the only nafxanyaa and the only Christians where is the cause to be targeted? Can they show Oromo intent to destroy any group? Why do they beat about the bush rather than saying they hate everything Oromo for denying them overlordship in Oromiyaa? Whatever happened in some corners of Oromiyaa was premeditated by themselves; probably Oromo might have reacted to their setup spontaneously. Many Oromo are Orthodox Christians; it is ridiculous to say Oromo will destroy themselves. All Orthodox churches in Oromiyaa are built by Oromo laity with contribution by all Oromo religious groups, no motive to burn one’s own them. All allegations in Oromiyaa are perpetrated by agent provocateurs and has to be left to independent investigation.

There are some members of Amaraa elites dreaming to reestablish the colonial nafxanyaa system by dismantling the federation. For Oromo it is either the Federation or independence. They will fight nail and tooth against any attempt to subjugate them. Now some biased overseas researchers take words “nafxanyaa” as directed against an ethnic group and “Qeerroo” as organized group for purpose of ethnic cleansing. Such wrong assumptions emanate from ignorance of nature of Oromo society and trying to fit into preconceived models. Let alone committing genocide it is Safuu (legally and ethically prohibited) for the Oromoo to harm any living thing without a cause. Historically proven fact is “Oromo are not extremists” otherwise, for instance they could have brought hell to earth when Oromo students were massacred in several Amaaraa Region universities. They do not take vengeance on all under Amaaraa name for they know the real culprits. All that governed the empire left piles of grievances. Oromo had no power and cannot be accused for pay back. They are only struggling to be free from oppression and occupation by Ethiopian force. Therefore, it is advised not to provoke them to burst into insanity.

Respected researchers should be ashamed when they echo “Oromo extremist/hardliners” taking it raw from mouth of Oromo enemies. From which ideology or position are they judged as extremists? From Ethiopian government or from nafxanyaa system hopeful parties? For both they could be extremists because they are struggling for freedom from them; not for normal freedom loving people. No more privileges for those that took the Ethiopian government as their tool. Is that extremism?

The old Ethiopian empire built under the leadership of Shawaa Amaaraa come to an end in 1991 and was replaced by a transitional government formed by representatives of nations, nationalities and peoples. Group from Tigray (TPLF), a nation which was reduced to junior partner after the death of Emperor Yohaannis IV in formation of the empire had a leading role in the new Order. Nafxanyaa system decline that started in 1974 was considered to be given the final below in 1991. But reactionary forces are seen trying to resurrect it. Those that lost power and privilege are those that are now destabilizing Oromiyaa and are cause for ongoing genocide. In their non-viable crooked thinking, they could regain the lost empire only if they could destroy Oromo and the federal arrangement. That was started by government forces with them pushing from behind by selective killing of bright Oromo youth and mass killings of the peasantry. They live no one alone, cases of Sidaamaa, Wala’ita, Konsoo, Qimaant and Benishangul-Gumus can be cited. In Oromiyaa genocide is only government sponsored.

Politicians from loser class are trying to agitate inter-ethnic clashes but they will not be successful with the Oromo. Oromo do not have problem with Amaaraa or any other people. Social relation with all had been warm and smooth. It is only greed for more power and wealth by some Amharic speaking politicians that is tearing peoples apart for the moment. There is no stone unturned by those politicians to discredit Oromo demand for national self-determination and freedom. Therefore, in their effort to find crime where there is no motive, is leading them to creating one. That is why peoples’ genuine plight is getting twisted to appear the opposite. Destiny of non-Oromo living in Oromiyaa for generations is more attached to the Oromo than politicians trying to claim them. Oromo protect them not for political advantage but because they have become their brother and sister Oromiyaans. Even for them it is expedient to share what Oromiyaa gives with the Oromo than bring an outsider to boss them. Enemy of Amaaraa and the Tawaahido Church are not the Oromo but political and clergy leaders behind them. Oromo demand nothing outside Oromiyaa and welcome all who would like to live among them in peace and siblinghood respecting their laws and interest, not bosses.

Qeerroo means youth in afaan Oromo. They are not organized body but come out only when duty calls for defense of the fatherland. To take Qeerroo as danger to the region is to take Oromo nation as dangerous for world peace. Do not mistake it for Amaaraa Faannoo; Qeerroo are simply young unmarried segment of society which Oromo endear them as leopards of the nation; not aggrieved individuals. Dr. Abiy is an Oromo with personal ambitions and missions. It is unfortunate that enemies of the Oromo are taking cover under him using his good office to commit genocide against the Oromo. Him not them are ultimately accountable. In this some Orthodox clerics are seen playing the crucial role in creating conflict between communities. Let us list crimes committed in Oromiyaa and Amaaraa region in the last two years and compare those committed by Church fans, government forces and the Oromo; then only can we know whom to prevent from whom.

If Oromiyaa cannot mobilize all her capabilities to counter conspiracy her enemies will preempt and feed the world false information. Without immediate attention, her plight could remain hidden from international community. They could even get twisted and used against her. It is incumbent on her hayyuus, the learned and wise to bring forth the genocide being committed against her with evidence and seek justice internationally before the worst could happen. However, third party sympathy cannot replace own determination and commitment in fend off abusers. Oromo struggle for freedom and national-self-determination are distorted by enemies as something out of the ordinary. Because of her land locked position Oromiyaa is not much known to the overseas world. On the other hand, Ethiopia have taken the opportunity of having long time contact with the outside world and had successfully hidden Oromiyaa being an entity and presented her as Ethiopia’s own backyard. It has taken long for the world to discover the truth though continued favoring their long acquaintance. Thus, still more diplomatic work is necessary to save Oromo an ancient civilization from perishing. This must be taken by hayyuus as part of a fight against genocide by Ethiopian government.

It was after long struggle for independence that a Charter was drawn in 1991 between Ethiopia and her colonies that include Oromiyaa. It was on principles laid down by this Charter that the Federal Constitution was made. Reneging of the incumbent power (TPLF/EPRDF) on implementation of the constitution led to lot of blood shade on part of the Oromo to bring change within leadership of EPRDF. EPRDF was allowed to finish two years remaining from its term as a transitional administration. No sooner than coming to power did the new PM started as if it was going to stay longer. It misinterpreted the constitution and indefinitely extended its term of office without getting consent from stakeholders.

That means it has intent of ruling by sheer force like his imperial models. But this time there are states and parties that took the constitution seriously. There will be an obvious constitutional crisis. With clear intent to bring back system of the ancient regimes It started suppressing the opposition and peoples that demanded enjoyment of their constitutional right. To enforce its will military Command Posts were established in many Southern nations and nationalities territories. In particular all the zones of Oromiyaa fell under military rule. By those Posts numerous youths were butchered summarily and their body left to be devoured by wild animals. Homes and schools started to be used as prison for standard prisons were overcapacity. All these facts if not already documented, have to urgently acted upon by hayyuus to take the criminals to International court of justice.

The truth being as mentioned above loud sounds are heard about few collateral damages to coverup the bigger ugly picture. Any human right abuse should not be passed in silence unpunished. Most of the cacophony are being made by Diaspora Amaaraa elites, that are conspiring to bring down the federal formation in favor of unitary Nafxanyaa colonial system. Living in Oromiyaa during this chaotic period when guns are superior to the law it cannot be said there are no non-Oromo causalities but they are taken out of proportion to conceal Oromo plight and discredit the Federal system. To advocate for human rights protection in federated states and to attack nations, nationalities and peoples’ rights of self-determination are two different things. Peoples are asking for formal decolonization and reestablishing new relations by getting rid of the empire system. Otherwise there will be no force that can keep these peoples together. For people who do not know their own history and who take Oromo claim to have link with Cushitic civilization as antisemitic this cannot be swallowed. It is wise to advise foreign researchers like Mr. Gregory N. Cervetto not to start their research from wrong hypothesis driven from wrong premise. If they have to be credible, they ought to make independent field research away from Habashaa influence. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

October 2020

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