Kaayyoo, Political and Corona Deceases

Political decease and Corona are becoming challenges for Oromo Kaayyoo. Political massacre is mostly selective and unless the killer forbids there are people remaining to bury their dead. Korona mostly wipes out without discrimination that there could remain no one to bury the dead. Crime of both is genocide. It is clear to everyone that Corona is a bully that is threatening to wipe out human society. Human beings have passed through similar calamities and are still existing. they will also continue living into the future. Corona is only against human beings, not other deceases. The other deceases and pests are also taking their toll on humanity taking cover under Corona situation and dodging from attention of health workers. Much is being heard in Oromiyaa about missiles, cholera and locust among others. But Corona made all of them insignificant. There are those fatalists that want us not to raise about other concerns as long as COVID 19 is around.

But whatever number of us perishes society will continue to exist with the remaining. For this reason, while taking care of Corona we cannot stop thinking about the future. Any happening, political, economic and social should concern us just like the Corona for they will no less affect life of surviving segment. Those aiming at us are the likes of endemic, epidemic, pandemic, hunger and political deceases. That is why we have to air our opinions preempting them before we may be silenced by which ever reaches us first. They may be valuable one day. We should not despair working towards our cause/Kaayyoo; dreams, freedom, independence and our lofty vision about life in general. Because of their great civilization heritage in their back ground there are more things to give them hope than despair.

National Kaayyoo of a people can be betrayed. But no one is capable to destroy it. It may lay low for the time, only to rebound and be headache for one who tried. It will stay around until realized. Pioneer freedom fighters always took themselves as members of a free and independent nation. Let their soul rest in peace. They reflected that in all their relations. True Oromo never violet safuu and laws under any circumstance. That is a mark of their nation. Safuu is a collection of natural laws that reflect Oromo values on their relations with each other and with their natural environment. It keeps the balance between right and wrong, justice and injustice. The tenet, “Kan deegaatt roorrise hin badhaadhu” (One that abuses the poor doesn’t prosper) is an example. Because of their believe in safuu, strong Oromo will not allow one taking undue advantage over the other. That is why those that are accustomed to depend on others toil do not want to see strong united Oromo. Weak and divided Oromo will be easy prey by themselves and cannot protect their fundamental principle of safuu in their surroundings.

There are those that undermine Oromo’s understanding of this machination. Oromo have the ability and knowhow to fend of thought with thought, force with force. True, there are some crooks born to them that become obstacles. There are those pseudo Oromo that spend their day engaged in dehumanizing tirades and bad mouthing sacred human persons. Such types are not Oromo but Oromo scums. Had the time wasted on ill-intentioned badmouthing been used as input to the struggle Oromo should not have been despised and humiliated by self-conceited crooks observed today. Be that as it may, Oromo had taken the first step towards freedom by laying down the foundation of a federal union with others in 1991/92.

However, they were excluded before that developed into a federal constitution. Oromo have come back to join others to strengthen the federal union with all its defects. But members of the federation are not yet in control of the union. First intoxicated with excessive power, reactionary elements in TPLF betrayed on implementation of the constitution it championed. However, TPLF did not discard the constitution but used it as a mask to hide the autocrat it was. Though it didn’t dislike legacy of Nafxanyaa system, it seems to favor federation more for making it free from Amaaraa domination. Now, elements that dislike federation favoring the old Nafxanyaa imperial system have come to the scene under Amharic speaking “forces of unity” clock. For this reason, struggle by democrats to connect with

what is missing shall continue. To mix up old Ethiopia things with the new union would be to divide the peoples and make them abhor each other.

Only values nations and nationalities’ have in common should have been brought forward if forming genuine union was wanted. Sovereignty of such union will only be that given to it by member states not what is inherited from old Ethiopia. It is such a power that legislates regulations, orders and laws for federation of equals and the free. One has to work towards it rather than listening to cacophony of Nafxanyaa system hopefuls for it is said, “Barking dogs never bite”. The Oromo are struggling for their birth rights snatched from them when Oromiyaa was occupied. Descendants of the occupiers are struggling in defense of wealth they accumulated and the opportunity they got at Oromo expense to exploit Oromiyaa’s resourced. With negotiation they may be allowed to keep wealth legally acquired minus the opportunity to continue plundering Oromiyaa. It is clear from existing conditions that Oromiyaa shall hence be ungovernable by aliens and their agents

With confusion created in the ruling coalition unconditional Ethiopianization of existing Oromo organizations is taking place. However, it cannot be capable of erasing basic Oromo national rights. That in the region Oromo are rivals with Ethiopia should not be overlooked. The Oromo question for national self-determination shall be realized peacefully when the nation demands. To arrive at that decision depends on attitudes of partners. If not staggering, no conspiracy can derail achievements registered so far by immense sacrifices. The new generation, the Qubee generation educated and working with own language, is more knowledgeable, more revolutionary and is more freedom favoring than its elders. It can be reckoned that nobody can dictate it on how to live, bring up own children and manage own land and resources. Therefore, if everybody is not wanted to go own way, all interested to continue living together as equals and free ought to sit down and negotiate. There is no other viable solution. Trying continuation of imperial system will only be futile soon.

Oromiyaa is vulnerable to any attack for it is already damaged by manmade calamity. Now, that the plague (COVID 19) with unknown character has come to Ethiopian empire the vulnerability becomes greater. There is no country in the world that it spared. It demands from Oromiyaa and her neighbors to coordinate campaign against it with transparency and unprecedented cooperation with the world. Even the rich are coming to each other’s rescue because they cannot go it alone. The nature of the decease is such that one will not be safe if the other gets ill. Otherwise there could have been some that say “Hurrah!” when those they dislike suffer. But because it thrashes all together that makes coming for each other imperative. Corona has forced everybody into own corner; let all strengthen this corner when it is all over than envying others corner and free labor. If so, they can build strong union of equals and the willing at the center, to face another similar attack in the future. Corona is unexpected reprimand, which forbids visiting each other when sick and forbids burying each other when dead destroying tradition. It will have no mitigation for political, economic and social establishments of countries as well. It may as well leave behind unexpected relations when it is all over. Both political and the decease are equally threatening Kaayyoo of the Oromo people. With the decease people may be forced to run away from dead body of the loved ones not knowing what to do. Politics is causing Oromo nationalists to perish by imprisonment and death in a manner that seems competition with Corona. All have to be prepared and dare to receive whatever comes around with courage. It may also teach discipline to human beings filled with greed, selfishness and arrogance. Under this condition, anyone that tries to get advantage over the other will only be the cursed one. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

April 2020

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