When we ask, who is governing empire Ethiopia it is to differentiate Oromiyaa’s enemies. Oromiyaa’s enemies are those that govern the empire, their allies and their lackies. When we say one who governs Ethiopia, we mean the body that directly rules it, subjecting Oromo to miserable, dehumanized life, not ones that exert pressure on its policies from outside. Because starting from its construction it had never standalone without oversea support, we leave that as constant factor and looking at one that claims fake independence. African countries being underdeveloped in technology, cannot exploit their land and resources above and under land to its full extent. As a result, they invite those who can, the developed. Benefit they get as a result did not make them self-reliant so far. Therefore, by design they depend on wealthy of the world even for budget to administer their empire. It is with this consideration that we talk about those governing the empire. Talking about them also help us understand whose puppet they are, to approach those directly for quick solution. PP is an organization that is leading the Ethiopian empire. It has branches in the name of all states; meaning like Oromiyaa PP. Its President is Abiy Ahmad Ali. It has a central policy to be guided by. Because the leadership is centralized, directive flow down to the branches. It was OPDO that was changed to Oromiyaa PP branch. Because the name Oromo in OPDO contradicts with policy PP has on nationalism it was changed. Now it has nothing with the Oromoo but is Ethiopian agent in Oromiyaa. Caffee Oromiyaa is only a pretention for Ethiopia directly governs Oromiyaa. Let alone now when it had Oromo name OPDO was created to serve alien interest.

As children we were brought up hearing that something called, “Mangist” that everything is under it, that even running water stops when its name is mentioned, was found in Shaggar. The way Oromo people were horrified by it is indicative by inference, that to children’s mind the thing called “Mangist” is their enemy. It had made them believe through brainwashing that even if one thinks bad about it in one’s guts, Mangist will hear. To learn and work with alien language, when one has one’s own; to be forbidden practicing one’s culture and forced to adopt other’s; being unable to refuse when one’s religion is condemned as devil worship is clearly evidence of dehumanization. How the Oromo used to administer themselves is never uttered in public. Any knowledge acquired about oneself is when gathering around fire place waiting until food is ready far away from enemy ears and communicate with each other and elderly also impart whatever possible in coded words. Because domestic administration was reflection of past ones, Oromo children might have wondered difference in family relation with nafxanyaa ones. That “Mangistii” is still there, more spreading its tentacles in society. Though the land proclamation of 1974 was taken as uprooting, it did not give back to the Oromo land nationalize by Ethiopia a century ago. Rather it snatched from individual land lords and made it monopolized by colonial government, called “Mangistii”. It will be dehumanizing for Oromo not to have own land under control. Sovereignty of Oromo over Oromiyaa has to be recognized and the central “Mangistii” take its hands off Oromiyaa. That means, the struggle will continue until they have full control over own identity, their freedom, political and human rights, land, education, economy and natural environment. They must be the ones that define themselves no aliens.

Nowadays the empire is partitioned into states and fake autonomous structures are created for them. A constitution making states equal was also promulgated. This is change brought by struggle. However, Oromiyaa is administered through central command, given by “Mangistii” at the center. For this reason, what is called “Autonomous Oromiyaa” is only simulation. Nations, nationalities and peoples that brough the change with their struggle might feel betrayed. But for some that is government they know, giving command from the center and they are minion for it. It is these types that PP gathers send them that they massacre own people and themselves die in the process. Able Oromo whether they are on this side or yonder PP and CO considers them as their nemesis. This Mangist” in Shaggar is not ready to let countries it occupied by force go. That was why it decided to put the federation aside and govern from a unitary source. Empire bureaucracy was founded on Amaaraa culture, tradition

and language of Amaaraa people. Therefore, only Oromo that give priority to their people’s independence and freedom and those who can overcome the greed for power can uproot it and bring about change. It is not someone whose priority is to do something for international community that Oromo should value but one who has priority to do something for Oromiyaa that can help to have its right place in international community.

Though it came to power overthrowing Darg, which was more centralized than that of the monarchic system, EPRDF, despite its progressive promises during the armed struggle because it did not change the bureaucracy, the relatively democratic constitution was not implemented. Because autocracy was in its leadership blood, the existed structure was overlooked intentionally. We have witnessed what befell it because of that. Whoever changes hand in administering the empire as far as the bureaucracy is not uprooted can bring no change different from objective it was founded for. The jarring to the ear of cacophony from PP lead by Abiy Ahmad and Amaaraa elites’ quarters, except destructing liberation fighters, it does not show differences among them. There could be internal power struggle but that does not contradict basic objectives. Their objective is returning to the height Amaaraa was during the time of emperors. Because they understand that their survival and demise are all intertwined their clash is only straightening up each other. It is like the Oromo saying, “Donkeys kick each other but do not destroy each other teeth”. Now central “Mangistii” is led by PP and Amaaraa forces” being pushed by Isaayyaas Afwarqii from behind. Therefore, it means as used to be enemy of Oromo is the central “Mangistii”.

Isaayyaas have a piece of Ethiopian empire in his hands. It is also being told that he is training and giving It is also obvious that strategy of deployment to Amaaraa Faannoo. It is also being told that Farmaajoo had agreement with Isaayyaas and Abiy to shake the Horn of Africa. But he could not proceed as planned because conditions in his country were not conducive. However, it is rumored that he is infiltrating agents with Ogden extremists s and send to Oromiyaa to terrorize the Oromo. The people calling itself Amaaraa being numbed by Nafxanyaa propaganda is following it, otherwise it has no benefit except hurrying up its end. Big powers of the world do not want the structure they helped in constructing to change. It does not seem people’s liberation movements are of any concern to them. They believe as in the past, once you fix the center periphery will follow suit. Are they missing that “empire” is something outdated? They will not wake up until their interest is affected. They are witnessing that Ethiopian empire is refusing to be governed from the center. Their Ethiopia has become ungovernable without will of the peoples. For peoples imprisoned under it to be free disintegrating the empire is inevitable and necessary. But they have to make positive contribution to avoid chaos. Unless Oromo and Ethiopian cases are seen separately it could be difficult to find common solution.

It is not known if Ethiopia may remain with its present name. A country’s name is not eternal but given by people that lived in it or power that dominated it at certain period in history. Where are countries called Dahomey, Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Gold Cost, Belgian Congo, Upper Volta, USSR, Yugoslavia, Rio Muni, etc.? It is ignorance to think the name Ethiopia will exist for ever even if all peoples now inhabiting it perish. It is shameful for a modern man to continue trying to fool peoples with propaganda item of defunct kingdoms about the 3000 years. Therefore, world powers have to leave the blotted change at the moment to the people. It would be better if they are engaged in what the majority wants for sake of peace of the world. There is not genuine Oromo that is not proud of their ancestor’s heritage, Gadaa Democracy. Since that have nothing that hurts the big powers, it is advantageous for them as well, to encourage it. Otherwise, this great people if scattered with evil machination there can be no place to hold them. It will never stop the effort to attain independence and freedom by all available means. Therefore, to think there could be peace in Horn of Africa without taking this into consideration could cost immense. Oromo have passed through bad and good starting from creation and reached here maintaining their identity indicate strength of their system. Therefore, trying to exterminate them will be in vain for no one has ever be successful; better take care that intending destroyers are not destroyed instead.

People of Walloo, Warra Iluu, Warrahimannoo, Warra Baabboo, Warra Ejjuu, Warra Qaalluu, Raayyaa and Boorana are tamed terrorizing them by cutting limbs and tongues; and made them lose their language, otherwise that they were not Amaaraa is clear from their names without turning leaves from archives. People of Jilee are remnants from Habashaa kings’ invasions. People of Gondar and Goojjam if their descent is investigated, they will become Oromo and Amaaraa after grandfathers. It is because they know this that nafxanyaa descendants are biting everyone like mad dogs. But what is important these days is who the present generation is and what it wants, chewing cud on the past has no value. A generation kan legally demand for past errors to be corrected. It is unnecessary to wound each other. Asking who built and were ruling over Aksum, Lalibela and Gondar is not important for the present situation. What is important is who are custodians today that guard and take care of them? Therefore, to assert own identity it is a right to run referendum. When this is available those that create conflict among people have to stop and give peace a chance.

It is in vain expecting nafxanyaa system spined by Teklehaimanot, weave by Yekunomlak and updated by Minilik which will never come back. It seems it was Minilik that break them out of siege they call “Christian Island in Muslim and heathen see”. But state of siege did not clear out from their minds. That is the cause of their hatred for other religions and aliens. Instead of getting satisfied with own country and develop it, they feel having independent neighbors is being under siege and they can have security if only they break out of the siege and control them. Short of that, they have turned today on minority peoples and religions under their administration and destroyed numerous lives and property. Historical accident had ones fallen them. If that tries to return again it would only be mutual destruction. Oromo will not campaign for something belonging to others; they will defend their own courageously. Resolving existing conflict is their culture. People whose background is not Oromo living in Oromiyaa are Oromiyaans by right. There is no reason when they can be masters of their own that they call cruel one from across Abbayyaa to be their master. They will have no problem as long as they are loyal to the people, respect its laws and safuu and live with principles of brotherhood and freedom. Therefore, it would be better if nafxanyaa colonial system hopefuls do not provoke and bring upon them catastrophe.

The empire is able to survive since its creation, being patched up by “Mangist “at the center having monopoly on arms and information. Therefore, it was able to exist so far by suppressing the peoples. That condition does not exist today. The public are refusing to be ruled without declared consent. As we mentioned above central “Mangistii” is guide by Amaaraa outlooks. Losing confidence on Abiy the Amaaraa is building force even that of outlaws. For this it has support of Isaayyaas of Eritrea. Still, despite that Bilxiginnaa and Amaaraa forces are all under Abiy. Counter to these is TDF of Tigray and OLA of Oromiyaa. War between these forces and those of PP are costing too much lives and resources. So that people of Tigray are out of siege to get necessities of life, TDF said it has agreed to a cease fire. TDF has big army and war equipment that bear much expense. Soldiers trained for war cannot sit idly if not utilized in one way or other. It has to be in move every time. Tigray people for itself is dying from decease and hunger created by siege of Abiy and Isaayyaas. It cannot maintain its fighting force. Abiy and Isaayyaas seem counting on that to make their final assault. Therefore, the solution is only going out breaking the siege when morale is high and one has the capability.

PP doesn’t seem capable of maintaining forces under it. Even if it agrees to cease fire its ability to implement is only a guess. A pathological liar has no credibility to be trusted. Therefore, TDF has breaks out of the siege to assure survival of people of Tigray and its ability to continue the fight. It is feared that Tigaaruu may face another round of genocide while waiting intervention from outside. To perish defending oneself as far as possible is an honor. PP has vowed to destroy OLA and is mobilizing all it could against the Oromo and having provocateur Faannoo from behind. Unless OLA can drive them back and achieve independence and freedom, Oromo is going to get wiped out as a nation. Hence, the empire is entering into chaos by peoples’ war for survival. There can be no solution unless PP and empire’s bureaucracy are destroyed. If PP is uprooted the cacophony of Amaaraa elites will subside. It will

also open the way for nations, nationalities and peoples towards national self-determination. Completely dismantle empires’ bureaucracy and rebuild it anew with cooperation of the willing.

World powers are trying to save Abiy from sudden crumbling. To show leniency for Abiy is being lenient for Isaayyaas. This shows how much they care for their interest rather than relieving majority of people suffering under it. A lesson to be learned from this is that in foreign relations truth and lies have no wight than interests of the powerful. If lies have more advantage than truth they go for it. Justice has different meaning with them. Therefore, the oppressed should look for their own solution rather than waiting for them.

The empire is now being ruled by inheritors of past nafxanyaa colonial kings. Oromo enemy is the central “Mangist” led from Shaggar. And that is under control of PP with training and remote control of Isaayyaas. Therefore, invasion carried out on Oromiyaa by Faannoo and other Amaaraa forces is one planned by Isaayyaas and guided by PP as being told. Eritrea is small country. Bigness of his neighbors is what keeps Isaayyaas intimidated. For this reason, he wants to reduce them to own size. There is no country he did not meddle with in the past three decades. Ethiopia led by TPLF once sent him of teaching a lesson. Itophiyaan Having that grudge, he is doing all in his ability to reduce Tigray and Ethiopia to below his size and control them. Abiy’s interest to diminish all that oppose him and control and Isaayyaas’s objective seem agreeable for the time. Isaayyaas’s bargaining with his Red Sea cost with big powers may be the last disaster he is going to bring over Eritrea. Abiy has told that he could send Amaaraa force to wherever he wishes to. Amaaraa by themselves want to be present everywhere. In places where Faannoo invaded, Bilxiginnaa forces like Oromiyaa special force pave the way for them in advance. For instance, let us remember the land grab and killing of Oromo after massacre of Karrayyuu Abbaa Gadaas. Likewise, they disarmed Oromo living in border area with Amaaraa in Eastern Wallaggaa before they released Faannoo on them, to massacre the Oromo. Oromo have not only enemies but also friends. Nations, nationalities and peoples they lived under one federal constitution for some times and were abused by Amaaraa are their friends. If there are some among them that were contaminated by PP like OPDO it should not affect relation between peoples. PP’s mobilizing Special Forces of Afar, Somali, Sidaamu, etc. to destroy Oromo organization OLF/OLA will not affect brotherhood and solidarity in struggle for realization of the right of nations for national determination and their living as neighbors forever. It is advised if those forces withdraw from PP alliance before further fratricide. Once we know who our enemies are, there should be no leniency. Coordinate with friends and march against. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

April 2022