The Goobana Factor

“Let others say whatever but let the belly get farther from me”

Among great Oromo that betrayed the national cause the greatest is Goobana Daaccee. That is why he is picked as example of treachery. Goobana Daaccee Waadee was a renown Oromo national from Abbichuu. It is said their relation with Shawaa Amaaraa rulers goes back to his grandfather. His descendants also remained favorites of Amaaraa palace though it is said his great grandson, Daniel Ababa Aragaayi’s awareness of Oromummaa has cost his life. Goobana is becoming controversial among the Oromo that take him as a hero and those that condemn him as a quisling. Quisling is Norwegian high-ranking official that helped the Nazi occupy Norway during WWII. His name later became an English word to mean traitor. It is taking Minilik as a colonizer and as nation builder that made their difference. Following we shall see some of Goobanaa’s deeds that brand him as a quisling. It is around five decades since the Oromo started laying down anti-colonial resistance under the leadership of their vanguard organization, the OLF. The first encountered were goobanaas.

The invasion of Kush-Nilotic-Omotic speaking people of mid-19th century was started by king Minilik of Shawaa who was vasal to emperor Yohannis the Tigraaway helped by Goobana Daaccee. Since then, the fight to decolonize Oromiyaa is going on with tremendous gains. Just like the invasion had Oromo collaborators at the start, today also there are Oromo collaborating with the enemy, creating obstacles for liberation of the Oromo nation. Such collaborators confuse the difference between freedom and servitude. Oromo demand for liberation is based on their having own separate territory, history, language, culture and tradition and enough resource and independent self-rule from time immemorial. The first Goobana and his political offspring question if those points entitle to right of national self-determination?

Oromo liberation struggle is still going on because the Amaaraa/Ethiopia refused to recognize legitimacy of their question, saying your country is not yours but mine. There are Oromo that fail to understand implication of this and fan about Ethiopianism. Amaaraa that joined nafxanyaa campaign had forgotten their country of origin after getting free lunch and free service wherever they go. When that free lunch and service taken away and are forced to live by own sweat the rage comes. Being colonized by aliens has left many Oromo without self-confidence. Goobanism originate from such people. They do not think they can survive without alien guidance. They feel nothing probably accepting it as true, when insulted, despise and are told their country is Madagascar. Even if that was true but not, Madagascar is in Africa but passing in silence when those that came from Yemen say it is mind boggling.

In this era when the source of knowledge has become only social media and fake information and truth is mixed up, to raise one’s political consciousness will be difficult. It creates only shallow understanding and confusion. Many turned robots repeating only what they are told, no critical thinking, no creativity. Bishops and Imams are condemning Shanee and Junta though there are no devils by that name in their holly books. What an era, when lies are lectured to take to heaven and truth to hell? When selfishness is appreciated than generosity? When those that talk are greater in number than those that produce? However, those that want independence are the silent majority. Those that represent their thought in public seem equal in number to goobanaas. Therefore, the people seem to split into two parts. All Oromo almost live similar life style differing in relations they have with the enemy and definition of enemy. There is danger targeting them for being Oromo.

They cannot be spared because they hate Oromummaa. They need to listen to each other for survival. Therefore, they have to ponder over it before they are lost as a nation. “Ilaa fi Ilaamee” (dialogue) hurts no body, practice it. Oromoon have better facility than people around there for self-reliance. What is wanted is only daring to be independent of aliens.

It was on accepting separateness that the basic principle on which federation of nations, nationalities and peoples was formed. There were Oromo that have given their sweat, blood and bones to build the Ethiopian empire as individual assimilado, slaves, serfs and mercenaries not as a nation with free will. They are intermarried and have interbred but that phenomenon had never made injustice to be tolerated. For that matter Oromo have intermarried with all people of the world and nothing special with them. Intermarriage had never created obstacle for choosing one’s domicile. One can even live with people without blood connection with full right. Coming to Oromiyaa, let alone one with both or one parent Oromo alien are welcome by tradition to be naturalized as Oromo. There are Oromo that want to be taken as Ethiopians despite all negative experience. There is nothing wrong to choose being Ethiopian as long as they do not drag all to appreciate and follow their lead to submit to Ethiopia without precondition. Oromiyaa is a free and sovereign state that has determination to freely choose its own path and accepts no dictates of any group, alien or its agents’. Oromo should not be even forced to attach the name Ethiopia to their dealings. That name made even those that adopted it liars.

King of Shawaa, Saahilee Sillaasee was unable to defeat Tuulama clans though he had superiority in arms. But at one point he set one against the other and was able to subdue them. Daaccee was said to play major role in the defeat of Galaan. Allying with Minilik his son Goobana played major role in bringing the whole Tuulamaa under Shawaa Amaaraa rule. That being the case some of those collaborators are heard raising some ridiculous issues like, Goobana is attacked by nationalist camps because he is a Tuulamaa. But who do they think said, “…? people of one stock do not sell each other that of the son of Daaccee is strange”. Neo-Goobanaas’ intention is to isolate a certain group and cause division between it and Tuulama. They may be successful with few individuals but the Oromo bond is stronger than gossips of little minds to have effect on Oromo unity.

Goobana dismantled the political, economic and cultural fabrics of the Tuulama more than he did to all other Oromo clans. It was then that they Tuulamaa lost Hora Finfinnee, therapeutic to domestic animals and human beings; the Great Shrine of Abbaa Muudaa; the sacred sight of Irreecha Finfinnee and the rich farmland of Abbichuu, Galaan, Eekkaa and Gullallee among others. He, an Abbichuu warlord subdued all these compatriots on behalf of alien invaders. Tuulama was an invincible dam that protected Oromo countries to its south from flood of Northern aliens for hundreds of years. Goobana, as Laurette Tsagaayee Gabree Madihin said had become Amaaraa. That is the hero for neo-goobanaas.

It was Goobana that helped breaking the dam so that Amaaraa invaders flow like great deluge over all Oromiyaa. Was there any Oromo clan that claims to have fought the kingdom of Shawaa for more duration and more sacrifices and who have suffered more in the hands Amharic speaking hordes of Shawaa and their mercenaries as much as Tuulamaa? Is it not the coming of Goobana that deceived the Tuulama clans to easily submit believing he was one of them working for the common good? Was he not the instrument to destroy Maccaa after he was done with the Tuulamaa? By absolving Goobana from sins he committed against Tuulamaa and Oromo nation as a whole, they cannot justify their Ethiopianist sin for they will be judged by own accounts when the time comes. Their aim of adulating Goobanaa is to cover up their shame. By Judging from goobanist

behavior, Amharic speaking activists have started saying Tuulama is afaan Oromo speaking Amaaraa. What a shame to be a cause for this proud Boranaa son to be insulted by riffraff?

Leaders of OPDO are collections of deviants unprincipled opportunity hunters from all over Oromiyaa. Road of nationalists being tortuous, opportunists that hate being Oromo in the first place, to get fast money, power and fame they were craving for, gathered and came home from abroad to try their chance sticking with one in power. Chance of big Goobanaa awaits them, some have already befallen it. Most might have got money to keep them alive but were not trustworthy for power and fame. Despite that they are remaining loyal to their siblings’ killer for that is Goobanaa’s curse. Because of the few of Tuulamaa origin among them the Great Tuulama good name should not be smeared to cover up their wickedness.

Oromo patriots from Tuulama were the leading engines of Maccaa and Tuulama, the first pan-Oromo social organization. There were thousands of Tuulamaa Qeerroo that gave their lives for the national cause. Is there any Oromo liberation battle field in which children of Tuulama did not play great role? Goobana, all compatriots trusted was dishonorably discharged after he hogtied his nation and put it under Shawaa Amaaraa command. But before his exit he had implanted goobanism in all comers of Oromiyaa. Goobanism is self-hate manifested by extreme contempt for Oromummaa by one born Oromo and wanting to be others and developing the propensity to break safuu and side with enemy of one’s nation, even if it means committing heinous crimes against the people; presumably for quick return in terms of fame, wealth or even for crumbs trickling from loots of their own home.

Reactionary clannish individuals want to reduce the Great Tuulama to the level of treacherous Goobana and creating mistrust between it and other Oromo compatriots. We condemn Goobanaa not for his family origin but for turning his back on his own people and embracing the enemy. He was strong person Oromo had in the vicinity of enemy quarters and had the capability and opportunity to challenge it. It is difficult to understand why such courageous, capable and wealthy man coming from a nation with the largest population, richer resources bow down for one inferior to him in every aspect? Modern neo-goobanaas though not as strong and courageous as he was, have inherited his opportunist gene of submitting to aliens. The present, Amharic speaking, Oromo summarily killing government cannot be called Oromo government by any definition. It is not strange that some of its leading members have Oromo blood; for being so have never made past nafxanyaa colonial governments Oromo. These quislings are out to cheat the uninformed by distorting the true picture. They are goobanee and goobano by make and need not cry out claiming it. As Frankenstein Monsters as they are, they are not destroying Oromiyaa alone but their own maker as well. The few nationalists among them are unfortunately “being pounded together like sesame found in flax seed”.

These neo-Goobanas like one before them favor Amharic over Afaan Oromo; hate Oromummaa or Oromo nationalism; betrayed Oromo that forgave, accepted and supported them to power; give priority to being Ethiopian over Oromummaa; they are serving not the state of Oromiyaa

as they pretend, but are facilitators of indirect alien rule like Gobana. They still are committing genocide and all unimaginable crimes and are relentlessly trying to block Oromo path to freedom. WBO/OLA is the only armed group in Oromo name that is serving as rear for Oromo youth that is running away from the enemy. And for the moment the only hope for liberation of Oromiyaa. It could have defects and so many doubts hanging around it. But to condemn or hate it without providing alternative could seem collaboration with PP. Lovers of Oromummaa have obligation to at list give it critical support until they come with alternative other than PP. A nationalist will not like what the enemy liked without investigating and accepts what the enemy dislikes and investigates later.

Goobanaas like the Amaaraa are refusing to recognize Oromiyaa as separate entity from Ethiopia. Some of them want to present themselves as more Ethiopian than Minilik himself who recognized that entity as separate from Ethiopia; just like the saying, “More Catholic than the Pope”. Oromo nationalists being revolutionaries need to update themselves constantly. Words, phrases, adjectives names and concepts they used in yester years, could have changed usage making them people from stone age unless they update their information; nationalists have to be free from narrow regionalism or any sort of reactionary behavior and self-centeredness. They have to always stand for the good of their nation and human rights true to the vow they took with fallen comrades, to uphold national Kaayyoo until it is fulfilled. Of course, there are fallouts. There are also that keep on braying but produce null.

For all who believe in Oromummaa the minimum they require is to be free from alien rule. Choice of system of governance only come next. Recognizing right of nations to national self-determination is the right way towards it. People must be free to freely express their will. The role of Oromo freedom fighter is to help the people reach that level of self-determination. Independents, federalists or unionists must all work towards this to empower the Oromo nations determine which way to go. Relation of the incumbent rulers with Oromo people is no different from that of all past governments; it is colonial, Amharic speaking, green, yellow red banner flying, nafxanyaa and oppressive. Whether it claims being Oromo, Amaaraa or Ethiopian it does not change the system being alien and abusive to the Oromo. Trying to impose ones will by force leads only to chaos. One can order his servant, his tenant and his robot. Oromo is nothing of these for Amaaraa/Ethiopia. Therefore, it has no legitimate right to continue occupation of Oromiyaa.

Goobanaas are becoming instruments for staying occupied and for delayed freedom. They are not seen showing concern for Oromo people but for Ethiopians. Leaving Oromo land for Amaaraa invaders they are driving Oromo youth to war to die in mass for restoring Amaaraa land allegedly taken by Tigaaruu. Aliens want to diminish Oromo number and in this they got excuse. Now, Oromo are dying fighting for their freedom and against it; they are also dying trying to suppress others freedom as tool to the occupier. In these ways we witness Oromo youth dying like flies everywhere. This can be recognized by people of conscience that can see beyond their selfish needs. It has to stop but how? As Oromo all have to come to their sense and stop dying for others cause except for their own.

That Oromo historic enemy is using them as guinea pigs in military science laboratory for improving its war skills and use of war machines was told by its leader in public. That means all children of nations, nationalities and peoples are not being driven to war for maintenance of law and order or restoring lost land but as guinea pigs to improve war industry. As for misunderstandings they have concerning their national question, let all take roadmaps they have to the final judge, the Oromo people to choose from. Predetermining Oromo being part of Ethiopia is an out-of-date

outlook and could take us farther apart. First let us strengthen Oromummaa and build self-confidence. After that we can be whatever we want to be. To form union with aliens without having base for ourselves it is like building a castle in the air. Goobanaa’s way leads only to enslavement. Let us see Goobanaa as Oromo individual and stop taking him as synonymous with the Great Tuulamaa.

Though Oromo are wise and brave and have capability, because they have safuu they do not transgress on others right. It is safuu that make one respect and love human beings and own nation. For that reason, breaking safuu is bad omen. One that turns ones back on own people and ready is ready to serve aliens is one ignorant of safuu. Even if one is in enemy camp bravery and intelligence a genetic thing and does not vanish. But it is the enemy that claim one’s deeds not kins. However, it is evidence shown to the enemy about quality of Oromummaa. We take it that way and do not praise alien heroes as ours. We will not praise Jaagamaa Keelloo with the same mouth that praised Taddasa Birruu. We will not praise Morodaa Bakaree with the same mouth that praised Abishee Garba. We will not praise Abbaa Jifaar with the same mouth we praised Fatansaa Iluu.

Being wise and Brave and Oromo alone do not make one Oromo’s hero. When asked to list Oromo wise and brave we may mention all; but if asked to list heroes we mention only those that paid sacrifices for their nation’s rights. Therefore, Goobana Daaccee can be only Ethiopian hero not Oromo’s. Goobanism is Oromo’s curse. What can a person who gives away what belongs to him only to show pleading eyes for a morsel? His kins’ can raise bigger army than all, strength, war tactics, guts, resources and fertile land than the neighborhood. If this is not a curse, what can we call it? How can one be get cleansed from curse? This curse had been with Oromo not for less than a century and half. Unless they absolve themselves from it there cannot be getting rid of slavery and poverty. Goobanism has no permanence. One goobanized today can be nationalist tomorrow. Some say that even Old Goobana was in a repenting mood had he lived longer. Nafxanyaa, he built preempted him. Goobanism is not monopoly of a group, a clan or a region. It is the way one looks at relations of own nation and Amaaraa. Down with goobanism! Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!