In Memory of Iyyaasuu Baayisaa Guutaa

Gubirmans will never forget Iyyaasuu B. Guutaa. For the Guutamaas he was a son and a brother. For grandchildren of Guutamaas he was a favored uncle. Iyyaasuu was a devoted Oromo nationalist who was participating in several Oromo political, social and cultural activities. His role in construction and managing the Gubirmans website was immense. Though we have renewed it today, we can never stop seeing him in it. Iyyaasuu was one of the prominent members of New York Oromo Community (ODA). As Oromo youth Iyyaasuu had participated in founding the soccer team Joobraa and in its name participated in many interstate games. Iyyaasuu was passionate about sports and in particular, soccer that he was the one that ever body refers to know who was who in the field. For the Guutamaas to express their feelings about the sudden loss of Iyyaasuu is difficult to express. The pain still persists. Iyyaasuu was taken to New York Hospital in Queens on Sunday, August 2, 2015 and took his last breath, on Friday August 7, 2015 around 4 am. Let spirit of his remains, Ekera rest in comfort.


September 10, 2019 Md

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