“Qeerroon Mataa Tuutaa hin jarjartu Suutaa, Bar!” (Beware! Youth, Heading Swarm moves steady No Hurry)

The above heading is from a show in 1974 by which Oromoo artists from different regions of Oromiyaa expressed their feelings on a stage coordinated by underground OLF with the chance that Oromoo revolution brought about. It has great message based on Oromo cultural setting. After a century under occupation spontaneous uprising peasants, majority of which were Oromoo shook the empire system from its foundation. The imperial army that served the empire thorough out its existence took responsibility to stabilize the situation. On the start it acted as if it was not what it was made for but pro-people. However the artists were not convinced that it could remain what it was promising. So they have cautioned their nation to be careful in their move. That advice still remains relevant. The class that was overthrown had been swearing that it will come but lacked organization. Now it is starting shootings here and there, around Habashaa borders. Situation at the center is so stifling and oppressive that the youth is running away from it to wherever their legs take them to. Some of these may swell the ranks of reviving fallen class. The phenomenon has already started to excite some Oromo elites that are not sure of where they stand vis-a-vis conflicts in their surroundings. Their ears are sealed for the home grown making effort before their eyes. The situation in Oromiyaa is ripening but not yet fully ripe for general mobilization. When it is ripe it will rise and no one can stop it. That is why the title “… NO Hurry” becomes relevant.

For the Oromo the cause to fight for is such that there is no alternative left but fight for it. The nation is being abused as a nation and individual members are despised and considered as never left with any stamina to claim anything as human beings. They are already taken by the enemy as soulless zombies roaming the earth without any purpose. They are provoking the gallant to come forward and start fighting without preparation. Many have responded to such provocative call. But as is said “Misingaa dheeraan simbira yk furrisaaf” (Tall sorghum is for birds or sling). One will get it, either the grit from sling thrown against the pest or the pest itself. Had they grown simultaneously they could share the effect. Therefore the Oromo will rise at their own pace when they are not only to win the war but also make sure that the nation will never face an oppressive system again from internal or external force. But friends, foes and the galtuu, Waaqaa willing, should rest assured there is no going back on the gains of Oromo revolution but more gains are in sight.

In short let as not exaggerate about gains and lose of the enemy but understand the situation of the oppressed and follow how things are going to work out. The oppressed have more advantage than the oppressor in numbers, resources and strategic position which are natural. What are lacking is manmade such as formidable organization, commitment and determination in unison. The natural ones are constant factors. It is the manmade that the enemy tries to make off balance through repressions and infiltrations. Oromo vanguard organization, the pride and asset of the nation is being attacked from within and without. Activists should not be discouraged by its present condition but encouraged by promises its program offers for national struggle. It needs only few, determined and committed patriots to pull it out of the cog mire it finds itself in. Oromo person that intends harm to OLF for any reason is in cahoots with the enemy. Numerous were sacrificed and are sacrificing for the kaayyoo it upholds and for nothing else. What matters is not whining and wavering, but the determined and committed gallantry simmering from below. At boiling point, only victory can cool it down. Several Oromo organizations can be formed and will be evaluated according to their merits. But if their objective is to gang up on OLF on same side with the enemy it is demeaning to Oromummaa. Hate the leaders, hate the members but to hate OLF is declaration of war on Oromummaa.

History is for history class. Whatever passes by inheritance is in our makeup. With it we shall proceed to live the present and shape the future but not go back to live in the past. Trying to bring the past to the front only helps to open healing scars. Therefore let us concentrate on our present predicaments. Why are some Oromoo elites dragging their feet in answering the national call? Why are they not angry together concerning the daily abuse and humiliation committed on their people and their land and their person? Oromummaa should not be only for bragging but also for fighting obstacle to freedom. Any person that calls his or herself Oromo should not be proud of ones position under oppression and enslavement but fight for free Oromiyaa that worth his or her pride in Oromummaa. Any one serving the enemy is under servitude. The Oromo can neither be proud of nor rely upon Oromo that are voluntarily under servitude. Servitude means to be ruled by non-Oromo and denied, the right to what is one’s own, equality in using ones language and being denied also right to self-expression and equal opportunity for work. In short, servitude is no other than being denied universally recognized human rights that include the right of nations to national self-determination. Many are rising against servitude and all forms of injustice to demand their birth rights unlike those volunteering to live in servitude. 

Some bolts and nuts are missing in Oromo leadership machinery though the nation has no shortage of technicians. Probably the machinery is aging and requires overhauling which should not have a big deal for children of Gadaa democratic culture. The struggle requires a listening and understanding leadership that coordinates and enriches idea it gets from general membership and cadres not that thinks its opinion has to be accepted without question. That is dictatorship. Oromo cause and method is different from that of imperial elites. They struggle to maintain or snatch power in order to dominate other peoples. The oppressed peoples want power to assert equality, liberty and freedom democratically. Enemy gun and own unpreparedness is keeping them away from their rightful claim.

What is most astounding is why some members of the oppressed nation prefer servitude over freedom? Why are they willing to subjugate themselves to subhuman treatment? Is it from cowardice or mental disorder called capture-bonding where by victims identifying themselves with their captors to the extent of sympathizing and defending them? How many among liberation activists are fully free from such phenomenon? Is that by any way affecting their patriotism, zeal and speed of the struggle? Should we expect flashbacks at every stage? Can we fix a pattern to their behavior from experience? People who had been free and those who were under the spell of colonialism cannot be compared on the same scale. So those who among the colonized liberated their minds should try to pull out their remaining part from mental bondage with patience or resolve to keep them out of way till liberation.

The Amaaraa and their PDO have started to beat a bigger Nagaariit (war drum) than before. It brings to memory the bragging of one of leading Habashaa organizations, EDU leaders from Amaaraa borders like Humaraa and Matammaa in the 70s. They swore to capture “the son of Walattee” and make him do what his mother was doing referring to crime against humanity they used to commit on the occupied people. But we saw what happened, when all hopes of old Nafxanyaa crushed. The Oromo says, “Dura Kurupheen foon haa taatuu” (Let the springbok first become meat). It means let her be killed before talking about the aftermath. The duty of Oromoo revolutionary is to get prepared and advance the struggle to the finish not because others are advancing but because of the national cause that generated it. Unity of purpose and thought is indispensable among activists if at all they are revolutionaries. One should not jump into a fit because of adversarial drum beat. Though not commensurate to nation’s size Oromo youth are putting more pressure than the rebel group talked about even under this dire situation. When all will, the Oromo shall rise and march towards independence. The struggle continues till victory. Viva Oromiyaa!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
July 2015

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