“Korea to Help Ethiopia with Birth Control” Is there implication for the Oromo?

Birth control schemes had been used from ancient times to the present for the purpose of keeping natural balance between land, economy and users. That is supposed to help sharing scarce resources, protect health of mother and child and also to maintain purity of race in cases like fascist policies of eugenics. The Oromo love for children are phenomenal. Oromo are always willing to adopt children. For the region Oromo families of olden days were like convents in western countries where unwanted children were dropped.  They make no difference between children they begot or adopted from any race or caste. Fertility is considered a blessing of Waaq through the Ayyaanaa “Ateetee”.  One who is barren prays Ateetee for fertility while those that are bestowed with children praise Waaq through her. The birth of a child brings special joy to the family and society and sympathy to the childless.  Being barren, miscarriages etc. are birth control methods of Nature among other things.  People used to abstain from sexual activities when they are not ready for a child. A forced curbing of fertility by the powerful and its allies was unknown to them.

At present Oromo nation’s population is under threat of dwindling by epidemic, AIDS, malaria, natural calamity, famine, common deceases, etc.  Majority Oromo believe that the Creator gives and denies off springs and no one should interfere with his work. But modern societies are worried about the possible overpopulation that available land and means of subsistence may not be able to support. For that reason they suggest different methods of birth control like abstinence, rhythm and barrier methods. India was the second populous country in the world.  It will be remembered that the sterilization policy of Indira Gandhi said to have been directed against poor men and political opponents created great uproar and her ensuing downfall.  On the other hand populations of highly developed countries have gone down below zero growth rates with only very few in what is called replacement fertility rate (women producing babies enough to sustain population levels).  So far we cannot say for sure if there are sinister motives to balance race and class behind s world family planning policy of developed countries. But we have serious doubts about those of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Empire has always been controlled by ruthless dictators. They had used different methods to reduce population of their colonies, the greater part of which is Oromiyaa. The present government is no different. It has tried to reduce Oromo population by commission and omission against its own laws.  It has engaged intentionally in illegal killings and dislocations to a level of genocide. It has exposed Oromo recruits to its army to danger by driving them over mine fields during its senseless wars. The Oromo were mobilized without their will or lulled by remuneration to go and die in masse.  Several have died in famine stricken areas of Oromiyaa being denied timely attention. Oromo dislocated from their homestead in urban and rural centers had been thrown to the streets in their own country after being robbed all they had. Their water and soil is poisoned affecting their s and their animal’s wellbeing. It has made it impossible for Oromo youth to get jobs in their own capital making knowledge of Amharic criteria for competing. I t has denied several Oromo youth access to learning in their own language by not making public schools available in capital of Oromiyaa. It has come for three decades considering the Oromo nation as its number one enemy that has to be destroyed or reduced to its level.  

The Oromo are fighting for their survival and freedom from illegal alien occupation. The occupier on its part is fighting to continue its domination. Therefore all policies that it makes are meant to help it towards that end. Population growth policy drawn by it cannot be different. Its crude means of reducing population increase, killing, dislocation, imprisoning, chasing out of the country and castrating by torturing did not satisfy it. Therefore it is inviting foreign governments and companies to enhance its capability in diminishing Oromo number to the smallest possible size.  

It was announced that South Korea is going to assist Ethiopian Empire in controlling population of its colonies. (English chosun.com 07/11/140). According to CIA World Factbook 2013 population growth rate in Ethiopia and S. Korea are 2.89 and 0.16 respectively. As a result of its family planning policy South Korea’s birth rate dropped from 6.1 in 1960 to the present level. South Korea is going to transfer experience it gained from that policy which included sterilization. It is promising to help Ethiopia to reduce “its population” with input of W2.2 billion (US$ 2157386?) and expertise.  From its population size the target could be no other than Oromiyaa.  One of the reasons for Habashaa elites for fearing democracy is the largeness of Oromo in numbers. Family planning may help leveling that.

 Oromiyaa is under occupation. Let alone an occupying power it is difficult for anyone to trust even own elected government on personal and family matter like birth control. When the nation is under threat of being wiped out by abuse of power and intentional policy of passing in silence famine, AIDS, malaria and other deceases, it would be unwise for anyone to talk of birth control in Oromiyaa. Over and above that they are losing big chunk of their population as a result of being forced to take part in wars that do not concern them. The collaboration of South Korea in such unethical colonial project will be more harmful than good. There was a family planning office in Finfinnee since the time of the Emperor. They had been teaching mothers about methods like abstinence and rhythm technics. They had also made them aware of barriers and other contraceptives. There must be another method that required foreign expertise.  Sterilization is a method in which South Korea’s has experiences which Ethiopian family planning might have not used so far. Therefore it is the obligation of all Oromo nationals to be on guard against possible harm this project might entail. Once the regime gets the knowhow there is no guarantee that it would not use it on prisoners which are more than 90% Oromo.

No one should be allowed brainwashing Oromo fertile age grade poor or rich without free will of the target group. What Oromo need is proper education that could give them access to necessary information not birth control. From what is observed throughout the world educated and urbanized family have limited off springs. The traditional desire of having children for family name and sustenance is no more valid for them.  Highly developed technology has made children more of a burden for struggling working men and women. As a result population is going down without needing government involvement. It has gone down to worrisome level of below 0% and even zero minus.  Therefore, concentrating on educating the population and decreasing infant mortality works better than crippling sterilization. Trusting the Ethiopian regime on population policy will not be less dangerous than trusting Hitler for the same purpose. What everyone should understand is that the Ethiopian regime does not represent Oromo interest. Any help it gets will be used to crush the Oromo physically and psychologically.

Overall, population growth rate of the Empire is not that alarming. Taking the given statistic as driven from reliable source, it ranks 14th out of 233 countries. Oromiyaa is vulnerable to so many manmade and natural calamities that reduce its population. To expose it for more of those calamities by raising destructive skill for the regime would amount to encouraging it for more genocide than it is already committing. In a situation where sovereignty is contested to side one against the other will not be fair by any standard. Majority of Oromo are having no access to information to choose between options. In principle one may not be opposed to ethical family planning for it helps not only population balance but also for the development of healthy generation. However those that receive have to be aware of the consequences and willing to adopt it. Even then aliens should not decide for the Oromo.  Therefore it is incumbent up on all Oromo knowledgeable in particular Oromo health experts and Oromo free media to collaborate in disseminating the concept of family planning best fitting them. They have also to be able to rally human right advocates for the purpose. The people should be made aware of the possible existence of malpractice around regimes family planning. This is another danger added to the danger already looming over the occupied nation.  Let us say save us from every thing evil!!  

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama
August 2014

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