Wayyaanee’s Akeldama

No day has passed without spilling Oromo blood since Oromiyaa was occupied. Ethiopian administrators that cannot rule without splashing in human blood had been the cause. Oromoo is a big people whose size is double that of those occupying it but fell under them by historical accident. Its over and underground resources are tremendous. The occupying ruling class wants to exclusively control those resources. They have no intention of building a system in which let alone all in the country, even the people out of which they emerged could have equal access. Oromo heads had come rolling for that purpose. For this all opposition irrespective of nationality have to be subdued. The empire must be kept intact to satiate these marauding beasts. That is why they can never build democratic governance. They are afraid “one man one vote” could easily get rid of them. Loosing power is losing the undue exploitation of Oromo resources. More Oromo blood is required for continued control of the empire. That makes the empire and in particular Oromiyaa Akeldama. The alleged culprit  “…fell headlong, his body burst open and his entire intestine spilled out” (Acts 1:18). That is what is awaiting all those who made Ethiopian empire Field of Blood.  These days it is getting difficult to go on suppressing people’s voice as before. That is why they show bizarre character not knowing how to handle the situation. That is what is making them jump upon all like mad dog. The end is coming.

The tactic Wayyaanee found to stay longer in power is to fake at all turns. They proclaimed a constitution for democracy. The world that groomed them lauded “Bravo!”  Wayyaanee then made a call to all that accept the constitution, to register as parties. It asserted that Ethiopia have become a multi-party democracy. Opportunists ganged up to join Wayyaanee with all the doubts in their hearts. When the testing time arrived and they presented themselves for competition he told them it was a joke. Those that tried to protest got their supporters’ massacred and they were themselves in disarray.  After five years another election came.

Wayyaanee denied a single vote for those who wanted to stay the course as legal opposition. When they start to scratch their head he giggled at them saying, can’t you understand a joke, the country is a one party system? Because of them the totalitarian Mallas was praised as a new brand democrat. They were considered as whining buffoons. Their complaints got them “Law of Terror”, Proclamation no. 652/01. Wayyaanee can use any tactics that fits no moral or ethical standards to remain in power. Beware; it may set people against people, religion against religion, region against region, organization against organization creating fake causes for discord.

Wayyaanee listed names of terrorist organization not leaving out even those internationally recognized. But it did not extend it to legal oppositions. However Mallas warned them that the force of his law will not spare them as well if they contacted any terrorist knowingly or unknowingly. It is in this way that he is threatening all peoples of the empire with his new card of terrorism. He did not have problem listing deeds that turn one a terrorist. He listed all crimes he is committing against humanity and warned that no one except him can commit them. Army and police led by his near relatives are ready to implement this command. Because of that his rage is fast and his punishment lesson teaching. People of the empire are not afraid of external terror but live under constant fear of Wayyaanee.

OLF is an independent organization formed to struggle for interest of Oromiyaa. It has officially declared that any one that abuses Oromiyaa is its enemy. The Oromo favors the OLF because it is the only one that reflects its kaayyoo. Wayyaanee knows that Oromo will not substitute any one for OLF. OLF has articulated the demand of Oromo people which will stay on unless responded to positively whether OLF is there or not. Oromiyaans have refused to accept from heart the quislings it collected and organized for them. That is why all Oromo are taken as enemy by Wayyaanee. Though it says OLF is a terrorist for formality it does not consider any Oromo differently. That did not start today but designed from the date of its inception. The genocide that took place at Watar, Hawaas (Awash) and all corners of Oromiyaa and is still occurring and those that happened to OLF cadres shows that pattern.  

Above all slaying people and extracting human remains that it had thrown into abyss and trying to accuse OLF, is a crime that has no absolution. To say OLF is slaying humans in presence of witnesses and ask people to look at a phony video is holding in contempt intelligence of peoples of the world. Many Oromo children are kidnapped and their where about lost. Whether they were those ones or others the Wayyaanee had dared to throw corps into the open for people to watch.  It is frightened because it knows all would be exposed when the moment of truth arrives. With guilt bubbling in its head Wayyaanee is committing atrocities every passing minute. Like all that went before him what Mallas wants is try is to erase Oromo from this earth or make it ineffective. Every body knows that Wayyaanee has been exploding bombs in Finfinnee blaming OLF or other bodies for them. Even Wiki leaks had exposed this open secret. When Wayyaanee watches those grieved by that terror it feels elated for getting excuse to strike his fabricated terrorists. It shows no concern for those affected and what they miss by lose of the loved ones. It is rather sharpening its knife to slay the next victim.

Whenever it wants to raise issues with the Oromo the Wayyaanee pulls from its file cabinet cases of Baddannoo and Arba Guugguu massacres. The OLF want the truth to be brought out.  It has suggested that the case be investigated by neutral body that has no fear for Wayyaanee. Why not give conclusion to the matter in that way rather than undermining the dignity of human remains by exhibiting it time and again whenever Wayyaanee is in trouble? The answer is simple. It is the one that threw and extracted corps from the abyss Hinquufnee of Baddannoo. From the names listed as dead a woman was said to be alive and was living in area that used to be under OLF administration. The rest had also names. It can be known how and when they left their homes. Be it who ever it may be, abuse committed against human beings should not pass unpunished. When OLF overtook Dadar after the fall of Darg, it organized the locals to choose their own administrators. None Oromo that had won respect from residents for their character and ability got the chance to be chosen. It is that OLF that Wayyaanee wanted to label with a character that does not fit it.

What was said happened at Arba Guugguu was shocking. A true Oromo is not allowed by culture and the laws of Abbaa Gadaa to commit such an act. It is Safuu. One can be brutal in the battle field but not with captured or unarmed persons. Arba Guugguu was then under Wayyaanee administration. What ever might have been committed cannot be committed by an Oromo but Wayyaanee itself or a quisling moving with Wayyaanee’s motor. To massacre unarmed persons, women and children is the tradition of all Habashaa ruling class. For that the genocide of late 19th century at such places as Maqadallaa, Aannolee, Asuulee, Bacho, and Calanqoo and in different zones of Oromiyaa is registered evidences. From living Oromo, they have cut tongues; made persons walk with cut limbs hanging from the necks; they have left female breasts and male genitals hanging from tree branches, they have thrown down thousands from top of cliffs. It was such ugly practice that was extended to Arba Guugguu and Baddannoo. That shows pattern of inherited political genetic.

Whether Wayyaanee legislates laws or not blood had flown like deluge to keep it in power so far.  These days it is pushing its own deeds to those it branded as terrorists. It is accusing them for trying to make the country Akeldama (see Mathew 27: 3-8). As told, Akeldama  was the field of a potter bought with the money used for betraying Jesus. In their language Akeldama means Field of Blood. That was so called because it was bought with dirty money. Wayyaanee is accusing others as terrorists to detract people from the blood it has come spilling unjustifiably from Shiree to Gambeela and is still pouring.  Even if the “crimes” it mentions had been committed by those Wayyaanee accuses, that would not be one millionth of what it has undertaken so far. The wise used to say why you point to the speck of sawdust in others eyes before removing the log in your own. What Wayyaanee is doing to the Oromo is not only spilling blood. It is wiping out Oromo by killings, imprisonment, torture, kidnapping, exiling and terrorizing daily. By conspiring with bodies outside the empire it is denying the people life, liberty and happiness. It has no moral high ground to accuse any one for terrorism.

By selling Oromo land to the rich of the world it is developing Tigray and building forts  for future retreat. It is told that Oromo land is being worked on in such a way that it becomes useless for future users. Poisonous chemicals used on them are polluting underground water and are said to affect humans and animals that use them. Those working in flower and similar farms are also showing problem of fertility and other body functions.  At first Wayyaanee blabbered much that it was working for all peoples. But after sitting itself comfortably in power it turned its back on most peoples and sold them for profit to rich foreign investors. There is no more treachery than benefitting from suffering of the people. The empire had already become the empire of blood. The terrorists are not OLF, Ginbot 7 and ONLF or any other party; it is Wayyaanee that is terrorizing the peoples.  It is the one that is creating Akeldama out of the empire.   

In the long run the so far deeds of Wayyaanee are not beneficial for itself, the people of Tigray as well as for Africans. Peoples of the empire are peoples of Africa. Its abundance and meagerness are interconnected. It is proper to advise one who got out of way to stay in line. What ever is done depending on conditions of actors at one time can be detrimental to the future of oneself and neighbors at another time. Therefore it is not too late for the Wayyaanee to think before taking the next dangerous leap. The world has seen its Akeldama TV program of tortured individuals presented by a UFO like face. No other witness is required other than that show to say those individuals were in mental and physical pain when they were interviewed.  What was the purpose of the show? If it was to get condemnation for its fabricated terrorists it has failed. It has rather shown the meanness of Wayyaanee leader against the legal opposition. He was defying freedom of speech, expression and association. If he wanted to show the ugly part of him to the world, he was successful. If it was inviting Eritrea for another showdown we cannot say. Be as it may, if trying to take advantage over ones neighbor does not cause destruction to oneself, at least its benefit cannot be deep rooted. Mutual respect is more beneficial to live in peace as good neighbors than pursuing selfish ends that will result in unending suffering to the region.

Wayyaanee that has mounted on the heads of others in the name of the people of Tigray has to get down and live in equality, freedom and peace with all its neighbors. The innocent people of Tigray have no reason to be isolated because of it. Therefore it is essential to advise it stop its journey in genocide. It would have been enough to look back at history of those before it.  If it had taken for granted those that are flocking after it clapping their hands, it is only fear and opportunism that is driving them. It will end with a stumble and nothing survives after it but eternal condemnation. The Oromo was a big courageous and wise people that time had betrayed. But now it has reached a level where it will never go back until its country is liberated and its people start living in freedom. Wayyaanee predecessors did not require law to terrorize the Oromo for they had none in their political culture.  Wayyaanee also did not need it so far. But why need it now? Probably to cover up the past and use “rule of law” to squeeze what ever blood is left in the enemy. What it calls Akeldama is only this last trickle. When would the end come for the show of such African puppets?

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama
December 2011
Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first Political program of the OLF.

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