OLF is awaking its Enemies

From experience there are external counter movements whenever OLF internally shows a tendency towards salvation. All possible contra movements are released to sabotage any positive outcome from Oromo actions. Recently much was talked about groups in the OLF coming together to heal past organizational wounds and strengthen it in unison. No sooner was it heard that there is a mutiny in OLA of Southern zone. They demanded for unity of OLF and declared that they will not obey any individual group. When it seemed things are not going as planned a segment from the mutineers defected to the Tigrian army. The core individuals involved were persons who exited the scene before their entrance made any impression on the struggle. On the other hand, they became propaganda chips for the enemy. The TPLF suspects that all Oromo including some conscientious in the Ethiopianist Oromo camps are OLF deep inside. That is why thousand innocent Oromo are in prison. Thousands were killed and thousands are in forced exile.  Unknown numbers are dislocated internally. Even Oromo members of the OPDO are subjected to constant reevaluation and are discarded if their loyalty is found not to be absolute. From statements the defectors gave to enemy media one can notice that those people neither know this truth nor understand the essence of Oromo liberation struggle. Oromo liberation movement is not concerned with individual success or failures, be them leaders or followers, but with the sprit and aspirations of the people, with its kaayyoo. Individuals come and go but the task of liberating the nation requires the determination of the brave descendents of the Abbaa Gadaas. Cowards with shallow intellect fail to understand this. They don’t think with their brains but their bellies that is why they have no honor to protect but the urge to fill their bellies. Those that are neck deep into alien values and those that do not take what it means to lose independence as a people into consideration in their methods of system analysis also cannot understand. For all problems they come out with their globalization yardsticks to intimidate liberation fighters.

There is always a flow and retreat in a liberation movement. When conditions are ripe it moves foreword. When things are not convenient it lies low or pulls back. The OLF is experiencing some difficulties for past few years. It was a period that put many to test. Confusion reigned. Some even wanted to make peace with the colonizer unconditionally to save the movement which they assumed was in a perilous situation. Others saw nothing to worry about; they believed that it is all in the nature of the struggle and clang to their fundamental position. That kept the movement in a balance and when the time came all started to show interest to mend relations and strengthen the movement together. It was the manifestation of such interest that accelerated the defection and anti independence propaganda. With one OLF enemy mole is going to have no more fertile ground to spread its wings. Therefore the agents had to try to further split the organization. For the time being they got only those dastardly souls.

With this in mind it is hoped all Oromo activists will close up ranks and cleanse the movement from infiltrators and reactionaries.  It is only revolutionaries determined to advance the cause and committed to the Kaayyoo for which thousands were sacrificed that can save the situation. It is in the nature of all public or private entities to have bad blood as a result of infestation by foreign body. The present incidents in OLA should not be seen as unprecedented and as isolated as they seem. They could be a part of larger conspiratorial machination that had been lingering for a long period. It should wary all involved. There will be no area left unaffected when a system fails. One remedy is reevaluating the whole system to discard unwanted elements. It will also be a time when saboteurs will be unleashed. They will come out giving themselves different brands but vowing with the national kaayyoo. These could include hate mongers, clannish politicians, reactionaries and enemy moles. They must be identified and exposed for what they are.

Many organizations reevaluate their members periodically to cleanse it from impurities if any. Rewards and punishments depend on them. In business and public administration they call this performance evaluation. No one needs this more than organizations whose system reform is overdue. Such cleansing rituals are indispensible if the struggle has to continue. This is a political organization with specific mission not a “daboo”, traditional self help venture. Roles, rights and duties of members, supporters and sympathizers must be clearly redefined. The genuine and implants must be distinguished. Traitors (apostates) are a curse in all histories and all faiths. And they have never survived to see a happy ending of their deeds.  Their nature must be understood to identify them early and preempt their move. By trying to come together OLF is awakening the enemy. Therefore it is expected to strengthen its defense line before it is overwhelmed. 

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the nation and the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
January 2010   
Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first Political program of the OLF.

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