OPDO, Oromoo killing Machine

Oromiyaa was occupied by Abyssinian kingdom with the help of European imperialists of 19th century. It is European technology, knowhow, firearms, and military experts that empowered an African force to colonize African states at the same level of development and numerically larger. Imperialist input made the difference. Still, world powers input is making the disparity between Oromiyaa and Ethiopia. When other colonies were freed after WW II, Oromiyaa, and her neighbors were put back under exiled colonizing King by Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime minister. Because of their blackness in color as their colonizer and the services they could give post-colonial retreating imperialists they were ignored. Such ignoring would be costly to everybody. Having stayed under harsh alien rule, brain washed and denied of one’s identity, where organizational model is only that of autocratic enemy to get organized against it under tight security was not easy. Many tried and failed. However, a revolutionary period of the world, the 60s came to their rescue. New ideas on organization and different opportunities flew in. Though still they could not find their way to Gadaa democratic system of their past they were able to organize based on unfamiliar foreign models. But unfortunately, a self-denying syndrome called OPDO came in between. Oromo could only be successful if they are organized independently on Gada democratic principles alone. Non-democratic, democratic centralism of the revolutionary period cannot unify and liberate a people in this era of information. Gadaa principle of rule of law, elected leadership for limited terms and, collective responsibility of the leadership (the Salgee Luba) should not be overlooked. It is hoped that Oromo will find their way suitable to their diverse and common political culture, overcoming temptation of selfish autocratic system of the aristocracy.     

Oromo liberation struggle is neither a fashion nor a fad. It was generated by rights, resources, human dignity, freedom, justice and in sum, the sovereignty they lost to aliens. No one who have interest in Oromiyaa and in collusion with their colonizers likes Oromo struggle for independence. Oromo must be responsible only to own interest and conscience not anyone big or small liking or disliking. First, they should re-exist as a nation before any diplomatic consideration. Of course, they should not infringe on anyone’s right beyond claiming what was theirs. Working hard for the world to understand their cause is no less than the fight against the enemy. For this their organization should be credible. The line of responsibly and span of control should be clear and democratic. Peoples right of electing and being elected, right of expression, respecting supremacy of the law, truthfulness and transparency practiced as an organization must be assurance of the future under independent Oromiyaa. Building democratic organization not individual’s fame should be the target of the struggle.  

Struggling for the last fifty years, the Oromo still did not get enough international attention to realize their human rights, the rights of national self-determination, but are in better position than any time before. The struggle is sure to continue until independence. Such a huge productive people, with tremendous human and natural resources, instead of engaging in development are bogged down to struggle for survival as a nation. Oromo is an ancient civilization that was stagnated by historical accident which made it victim to a backward political system. Their Gadaa politico-social and economic system is worth mentioning. Oromo civilization developed in parallel with other known civilizations. For the last hundred and fifty years they remained underdeveloped because they were occupied by a less developed force though helped by highly advanced technology. That will be the day when they are free to update their unique civilization and continue from where they stopped. For now, their problem is OPDO an alien tool, old historical enemy camouflaging as Oromo and sabotaging Oromo struggle and destroying Oromo heritage. Oromo had democratic system whose basic principles could transcend time if regularly updated.  

The Oromo had been telling for a long time about extrajudicial executions carried out in Oromiyaa by OPDO on behalf of the occupiers. This is now verified by foreign sources. The name changing from EPRDF to PP brought even the worst out of OPDO; it continued killing and evicting the Oromo to expand alien settlement and strengthening the Ethiopian empire. In the last nine decades there were two killing institutions formed to advance alien interest in Oromiyaa. These were the Fascist Italy’s “Banda” and TPLF’s “OPDO”. OPDO survived its creator and continued its mission with more vigor. During the monarchy there were individual killers, but its leadership structure was not clearly known. After the Darg all the regimes seem to follow Darg’s blueprint for their criminal acts. All were led by a committee that branches out from the head of state to the smallest administrative unit. In all the heads of government and their notorious security departments had leading roles. Now we know PP’s (OPDO’s) killer committee, “Koree Nageenyaa” and its members are known by name. They will account for their deeds when time betrays them. Though there were structures of administration of justice in each for name’s sake, like all dictatorial regimes, rule of law is nil. Throughout Oromiyaa’s occupation, thousands of unarmed innocent people have perished through extrajudicial killings. Since the present administration of Oromiyaa came, extra judicial killing, maiming, mutilating, and destroying property were being carried out throughout Oromiyaa unrestricted by PP and under PP’s watch. Historically Oromo are known to fiercely defend their territory, their human right and democratic culture and tradition and not to infringe on others’ rights.   

Oromo nationals and leaders were killed taking out of prison, meetings, homes, the roads etc. Selfishness and the desire to rule the empire of PP group had alienated the Oromo people to the extent of committing genocide as mentioned. It has planned to reduce Oromo population, which it has taken as obstacle to empire’s power. Ideologically and psychologically aliens’ elements weigh over PP’s Oromummaa. Therefore, while wiping out the Oromo, it cannot be considered Oromo by any standard. But Oromo enemies’ propaganda has depicted PP as Oromo party working for Oromo’ supremacy. Despite the genocide it commits against Oromo nation, Oromo nationals that run away from it to neighboring countries like Somalia are suffering because they are Oromo. It must be known PP is not Oromo but Oromo nemesis. Therefore, PP cannot be an excuse to attack Oromo if one does not have other reasons against the Oromo.  

The initial ingredients of OPDO were known as collection of Oromoo captives and those that speak afaan Oromo organized by TPLF, Abiy and others are adopted and nurtured by them. To occupy Oromo land, TPLF brought these with those it adopted later to help it penetrate Oromiyaa. Killings, imprisonment, torture, and looting that happened during TPLF/EPRDF was majorly committed on the Oromo by this OPDO representing aliens. Since TPLF retreated they decided to stop pretending as Oromo, erasing the name Oromo, and calling themselves Prosperity Party (PP). This was done to cleanse the empire even from Oromo name. Prior to that they propagated that nationalism of Oromo is reducing this big nation to lower level. However, Oromummaa’s objective is accepting Gadaa demokraasii, believing in freedom, equality, and justice not only having Oromo gene alone. It has been tried to amaaranize Oromo for more than a hundred years, but it was not possible with few exceptions in the North. The political structure and polices that PP is guided with is that of more than a hundred-year-old colonialism. Therefore, the government and PP as well have no Oromummaa but whitewash. One that believes PP is Oromo or attempts to reconcile it with genuine Oromoo is either naïve or opportunist. It requires understanding The Oromo question is democratic and cannot be reconciled with PPs autocratic system unless PP gives up its ambition to restore Habashaa’s nafxanyaa colonial system. Currently Oromo representative is OLA OLF. It is the only one that can speak on their behalf about independence in peace or with guns. Now, the empire is being led by Dr. Colonel Abiy. There are opposition parties aspiring to replace him from different nations and nationalities; but in vain. Empire leaders before him and even himself had never been legitimately elected. Their power emanates not from law but from guns. The war they are waging now shows that. Today they are tearing down each other to control their Palace in Oromiyaa which was Nafxanyaa Head Quarters.  

Though Ethiopia is legally a federal state, in practice it is the same unitary system from the start. Abiy is God sent ruler for Amaaraa and heir to imperial authority that is fulfilling their desire. But he seems misunderstood, which is a blessing for others. Abiy like his predecessors is not willing responding to Oromo question. What he wants them to do is give up their guns, get some pay offs in power and wealth and let the people remain serfs. For the nafxanyaa system Oromiyaa is private holding of Ethiopia not one that is to be left independently. They cannot visualize post decolonization condition for descendants of nafxanyaa to live obeying Oromo laws. They want a zone in Oromo land to be designated for them where they can continue to live as superiors’ race. They have different history from the Oromo, for Oromiyaa and Oromo. Abiy’ concept of Oromo freedom is not different from theirs. With government declaration or with tactics they want to establish autonomous Amaaraa state in the heart of Oromiyaa. His call for peace talks is to derail Oromo struggle time wise and diplomatically, not answering Oromo question. Oromo question cannot be answered by self-conceited leaders like Abiy but those who have the heart to solve problems of nations, nationalities, and people of the region. Abiy has a set goal, restoring Minilik’s empire for which he accepts no diversion. His type of neocolonialism is directly reconquering, run genocide and assimilation. The empire he is leading is still underdeveloped as it was 150 years ago. The people he wants to reconquer are now advanced and have several options to tackle him. They will never give up until they realize their human right of national self-determination.  The choice for the Oromoo is accepting PP as Oromo and remain enslaved or take the fight to the finish.  

Oromo elders, Siiqqee Mothers, and Gadaa’s Fathers must first make clear their stand about relations of Oromiyaa and Ethiopia. If they believe Oromiyaa deserves independence, and the Oromo freedom, stand with WBO OLF. WBO OLF has made it clear that peace talks with Ethiopia must take place in presence of third party, in neutral venue and without precondition. For this reason, they have no role as go-between for peace of Ethiopia and Oromiyaa. They must get out of their minds that WBO OLF and PP are siblings. They are arc enemies. Have courage and go to PP to ask it to stop extrajudicial killings of innocent Oromo and to withdraw its forces from Oromiyaa. Any error on the part of OLA must be boldly pointed out and criticized. They are only the opportunist and the quisling that fail to voice this. One cannot be neutral in one’s country’s interest. You are either on PP side or on Oromo’s side.  

President of PP is a sworn Ethiopianist. He assured the people this, in his inaugural speech, where he did not mention a word about Oromo’s question. He has publicly taken an oath to bring Ethiopia to her ancient glory. She had never been glorious than during her occupation of Oromiyaa. Oromiyaa was occupied by nafxanyaa forces lead by Shawa’s king. That king is his hero whom he wants to emulate. Now there is war going on between activists from the kingdom and PP. The victor as usual will declare “go in peace we are the dead and the living”. The arms also go to their own forces’ arsenal. If Oromo are defeated, they go back to serfdom and their arms go to the enemy. Therefore, for Oromo disarming cannot be accepted as a condition for making peace with the enemy. There is something that necessitated their being armed; until they get that thing, and can carry their guns, they will never put them down. OPDO the killing machine of the enemy and its operator “Koree Nageenyaa” cannot stop them from freedom. The willing can get together to create a new order and decide how to manage their guns. The New Order would be an order of equals and the free. In what is called “Amaaraa’s Killil”, there were nations suppressed and oppressed for centuries by Amaaraa ruling classes. Those, such as Agawu, Qimaant and Oromo are now struggling for their own freedom. Weakness in Organization is visible in Oromoo. Inadequacy in Oromoo organization is visible. Those that fill that gap would be Oromo heroes. Without strong tight democratic organization, the slogan “Victory to Oromo people” becomes fake. To stand against the killing machine could be a dream. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!   

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents! 

Ibsaa Guutama 

March 2024