Present Situation and its Conclusion

Getting out of over a century and half chaos, we shall become the sovereign, law abiding free people we were, with defense force exclusively ours, international relations and living with close cooperation, , peace and tranquility and mutual respect for each other’s’ interest with our neighbors and the world.

For nafxanyaa army of occupation the green, yellow and red flag is symbol of victory and pride, while for Oromo it is symbol of defeat and humiliation. There is nothing more painful than observing individuals calling themselves Oromo willingly rallying under it, in crime appreciating, anti-Oromo, anti-people’s public assembly. Disintegration of Ethiopia is the worrying point for those nostalgic for colonial nafxanyaa system. But there was never integration of the empire based on will. Something that is never integrated cannot be disintegrated. Forced assimilation was tried but failed. Deceits and lies have being trade mark of Ethiopian kingdom. Claim of being sole Ethiopians by Amharic speaking nafxanyaa system hopefuls, excluding Tigaruu, Agawu and Qimaant is part of the lie. Inflating their number by adding Oromo and other colonies is also another cheating. Hiding the true relation of Oromiyaa with the empire and suppressing where such a big chunk of the empire fits into the system is another deceit and lie to the world. Presentation of how the present war started, what happened and what is going on are all blended with lies. By intentional crime against humanity, they have opened the way for foreign interference in Ethiopian affairs; there is nothing to cite Africanism for their own folly. Any member of UN has the duty to stop genocide, that is what those countries they are blaming for interference did. Whether they got excuse to inject their national interest is secondary, they are duty bound to save lives. They are even soft on Ethiopia for she is their making.

Let there be no mistake, this war is between colonialist unitary system led by Amaarinyaa speaking nafxanyaa group and forces of democracy and freedom. If question of Pan-Africanism arises the later are the most Pan Africanists and proud Africans. The unitarist dream of maintaining the status they have during the Scramble for Africa, which benefited them in sharing colonialist venture of occupying free kingdoms and republics of African nations is now dead. Probably it will be only this time when Amaarinyaa speaking nafxanyaa colonial empire is being disintegrated that people of the Horn may have the chance to think about integration. However, the Oromo for the near future may not give up their armed wing, international relations and sovereignty over own territory. Confederation seems convenient to connect with neighbors and support each other in areas of need.

This time the change must be fundamental that there will be no more human suffering for Africans of the Horn from chauvinism and ignorance of nafxanyaa colonial system. All nations, nationalities and peoples so far neglected have to be recognized to count by themselves. Now, forces from North and South are in hot pursuit of enemy that committed genocide and many other dirty crimes against humanity. Reclaiming all looted properties by Isaayyaas’s invaders and bringing all criminals to justice is also part of their mission.

The victorious forces are arriving at the center after heavy sacrifices. The nafxanyaa may put up the last attempt to stop them by urban guerrilla warfare, if so, that could be the bloodiest. Isaayyaas-Abiy terrorists may be those that the West is foreseeing. The allies are stronger, determined more than them and strategically well placed to choke the city. So, their being defeated is certain but the innocent are going to be unnecessarily sacrificed. For Isaayyaas it may be what is said, “To get what is up on the raft, she dropped what is in her arm pit”. He should not expect the retaliation could be easy. Who knows that may lead to change in setup of this part of Africa? For now, to settle the present conflict with the center rehabilitation of war victims is expected. That will be the time those states, individuals and businesses that supported the fascistic genocidal war are called to pay for reparation. That is when all fascist parties participating or helping the genocidal war could be band forever. In short, the losers paying all the cost of war is only logical. The rest have to be discussed among beneficiaries of the victory.

For the victorious and allies to form a provisional government at state (except Tigray which has already elected government) and central levels to avoid power vacuum and maintenance of law and order at both levels is proper. Duration of Provisional Government depends how fast genociders are brought under control. Rebuilding the region anew after hundred- and fifty-years of human suffering and environmental destructions need participation of all concerned. Therefore, all have to exercise their right to national self-determination to enable them be willing partners for the first time. For this reason, conducting referendums with fixed time of effectiveness is essential. That means if state X votes for independence it will not be effective immediately but after lapse of time agreed upon beforehand to give chance for rethinking and clearance. In this process except parties, not any nation, nationality or people should be excluded. In particular interest of the minorities need to be given especial attention.

In the process of forming viable system input of experts and intellectuals is appreciated. But if those are not ready for concerted action the journey to freedom will not stop. From what is being observed the problem is with them not with the people who are eagerly waiting for their victorious offspring. The struggle has come so far registering victories with commitment and determination of daughters and sons of the oppressed. With that determination and experience of solving problems they encountered so far, they shall overcome all difficulties and deliver freedom, democracy, peace and happiness they vowed to their peoples. Effort of the learned will only reinforce this.

For the Oromo WBO is the reliable vanguard. It is the political and military leader and the diplomat that is maintaining pride of the nation. WBO is now officially not a part of a political organization for it was given up to the Oromo people and Abbaa Gadaas. Therefore, all parties that are part of the Oromo people have to view it as their common arm. All political parties have to be ready to participate in building Oromiyaa administration from the scratch with WBO. This time it is only positive contribution that could restore our lost rights and pride. Since we destroyed the monarchic system there is lack of understanding between our intellectuals as if they were put under spell. They need to cast it off.

After the Provisional government is satisfied with requirement of peace and stability, it is hoped representatives of nations nationalities and peoples are called to form Constituent Assembly, to deliberate on transitional arrangement and new constitution. We in this part of Horn of Africa had experience only with militaristic nafxanyaa system. However progressives one may be, there is possibility of being influenced by it. We have seen how in 1991 supposedly revolutionary group succumbed to selfishness and power mongering. Monopoly of the gun was the culprit. Would WBO and TDF fall to the same trap? Let us hope they will overcome the force of crooked tradition and be loyal to their declared cause to the end. Otherwise, the Oromo will not tolerate enslavement anymore, it shall turn the Horn ungovernable. In conclusion we suggested, provisional government, referendum, Constituent Assembly and transitional arrangement. These if handled properly could pave the way for future amicable relations of the Horn of Africa. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

November 2021