Our struggle

Summary: Despite attack from all directions by all means the Oromo are refusing to kneel down for colonialism and its modifications. Their struggle has now reached an irreversible level. Oromo is yearning only for self-reliant independent national leadership that can coordinate and take the national struggle to the finish. Oromo national kaayyoo is independence and freedom. Any interference to jeopardize Oromo move towards independence has to be earnestly combatted. No one can be friend to the Oromo rejecting article 39 of TPLF/EPRDF constitution. The right of self-expression by meetings, marches or symbols is sacred. It is the right and duty of Oromo children in Oromiyaa to learn in their own language. It has to be exclusive power of Oromiyaa state to draw education policy for Oromiyaa. The fight is still between Oromo nationalism and Ethiopian colonialism. The question of absolute control over ones land, language and culture in Oromiyaa are still high on liberation agenda. Ownership over Finfinnee is not negotiable. Weakness of Oromo political movements at present is a temporary glitch. Symptoms show that EPRDF is near collapse. If a transitional administration has to be formed it must be by directly elected representatives of the peoples. Invite UN to form interim administration. To advance Oromo cause in peaceful way is preferable but no other method should be taken off the table.

The Oromo have come a long way since they started organized political movement under Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Today they have many political organizations carrying their name. There are also groups and individuals lying in ambush to jump in if opportunistic time comes. But at present no one of them is showing being a visionary to carry the national kaayyoo to the finish. However Oromo youth are seen surging forward to fill the vacuum. Oromo movements have kept on getting fractured by causes of human weaknesses and infiltrations of alien ideas and enemy agents. The OLF was found independently for the Oromo by the Oromo with the goal of bringing an end to the occupation of Oromiyaa.

It is because of its political program that OLF is branded as terrorist by EPRDF giving a pretext to attack of Oromo nationalists by all internal and external foes that abhor the Oromo and independence of Oromiyaa. Law of terrorism has since extended to all Oromo political and social activities and national symbols. Despite that the Oromo are not intimidates to express oneself and practice their culture, tradition and their protest against injustice. The gallant Oromo believes that it is not the concern of aliens to come to Oromiyaa and tell them how they should behave and how they express their feelings; what they should wear, what symbol they should carry and what they should sing. For the majority fear of colonial bragging has ended. They saw no difference to follow dictates of alien masters and suffering for not following them. This stand became clearer with of Oromo protest that started in 2014 and coming to this day. Throughout the years since it had gained momentum with underground leadership. EPRDF tried to curb it with sheer force and draconian emergency declaration. But inherited fear has phased out and is no more an obstacle for liberation movements.

Leaders, of loyal opposition being in prison, leaders of nationalist organization remaining underground, made over ground field empty. Under such circumstance what can be called the OPDO factor was born. It is said “In a country where horses are not found donkeys canter”. OPDO and ANDM were worried that Oromo youth protest may topple colonial government led by EPRDF. For this reason they agreed and started to speak to their peoples, revolutionary language. It seemed that there was no common understanding within EPRDF on how to solve problems coming externally. Likewise there were misunderstandings within the likes of OPDO and ANDM. There too it seems there were divisions in line with those in EPRDF. For that reason they made change of leadership in both. TPLF took longer time to do that. SEPDM did not show internal dissentions. The quarrel in EPRDF was not against TPLF hegemony but was based on difference in general outlook. OPDO and supporters presented to Oromo people in such a way that it would seem a fight between it and TPLF.

As a result people frolicked with pretenders until the truth was revealed. It was said, “Keessi keessaa adurreen bineensaa” (Inside the cat is a wild animal). EPRDF is EPRDF, it will not leave being Ethiopian because it has Oromo name sticker. As a result they frolicked with it until truth was revealed. All got into desperate mood when people got conscious about it. In frenzy state something tight and liberal are seen going on side by side. Killing and imprisonment of Oromo people is getting harsher. The rehabilitating of their country folks dislocated by Wayyaanee wars is openly going on with strength. Had it been like olden days it is expected to block the road on them. For now, that didn’t happen because the system is disturbed. Because the situation is new it didn’t put in place how to handle it. For whatever, how its behavior changed is a question that needs research?

That be as it may with the help OPDO got from Ethiopianist Oromo, propaganda that makes it seem nationalist began to be released. All the wanton crimes committed by OPDO only yesterday started to be looked over. OPDO leadership started to get heroes’ adulation. Its Ethiopianist tendency being forgotten by many, it became Oromo nationalist overnight by propaganda. It did not take OPDO long to show its true nature when it crossed Abbayyaa and cried to each other with comrades waiting for them. When nationalists abandoned them because of that, Ethiopianists remained applauding them. In that way the OPDO factor tried to divert Oromo struggle for independence to EPRDF line. But even if it means being wiped out the Oromo people will not stop before they regain the lost rights, independence and freedom.

Fear of death, torture and imprisonment are no more causes to kneel for occupiers. For the few spineless cowards exhibiting Oromo resistance flag is a cause for trembling and disclaiming the flag “Mogge lamaan diimtuu” and OLF, organization that initially designed it. As Oromo national to disagree with OLF program is a right but to beat death drum against it with the enemy is treacherous. OLF has led Oromo struggle as a vanguard fighting force. It is the seed of freedom that it sawed half a century ago that now covered all Oromo in Oromiyaa and wherever they are. That means it is a senior Oromo national organization. Punishing or rewarding it is the sole responsibility of the Oromo not aliens. Therefore to defend anything Oromo is the call of Oromummaa and duty of a genuine Oromo national to answer it.

True OLF is an independent, self-reliant, proud organization. The enemy can break it but not the initial kaayyoo for which it stood. That is taken over by people proud of Oromummaa, in particular by the youth and the struggle never stopped. The spirit of this vanguard organization never parted the field. The enemies are trying to divide the Oromo by minor social and political differences they have. But Oromummaa has shown its impenetrability however it may be hammered from all directions. Today Oromiyaa is united more than ever shaming continued contempt and divisive machination of the enemy. Enemies are using all in their arsenal to massacre the Oromo at this very moment. But they should not be allowed to silence us.

The 1976 and 1998 revised political program clearly stated the political objective of the struggle is realization of the right to national self-determination for the Oromo people through dismantling the Ethiopian colonial empire system to free the people shackled in there by establishing independent republic Oromian. That was the objective for which millions were sacrificed under the banner introduced by OLF which has become resistance flag of Oromo patriots since. It is only a free people with secured rear that can deal with anybody on equal terms. A people under slavery cannot talk of unity, peace and reconciliation with other peoples. Nowadays slavery does not mean legally buying and selling a human being in market places like olden days.

It is the lack of ownership on own property, own land, own movement, own language and to be discriminated for one’s identity are among elements of modern slavery. In short it is when aliens dictate the way one lives and spend ones time and to be denied human rights and to be judged by law that one did not take part in its making. The long occupation has turned Oromo into tenants and slaves in their own country. Their culture, tradition and language were destroyed and their history distorted. A once independent proud people was despised and humiliated in the hands of a colonizer. That colonial system is now represented by TPLF/EPRDF. Therefore it is the main enemy force against which the Oromo are waging liberation struggle.

Main Oromo guiding force in the struggle for liberation is Oromummaa. One who chooses to be dependent is one whose Oromummaa is paralyzed. Every calamity has fallen them because they are Oromo, because they are majority nation in sub-Sahara Africa, because they have rich natural resources, because they have fertile land and because they have the most productive and resourceful people in the region. The Oromo are among the most oppressed peoples south of Ethiopia. Members of the colonizing nation progressive or reactionaries; religious or atheists have never raised their voice against the tyrannical rule and inhuman treatment of the Oromo by their governments. But they came out furiously when the Oromo came forward with question of decolonization and independence. They had until then taken for granted that they could continue exploiting them for eternity. Their dreams of ever dominating the colonies thus came under threat with founding of the OLF and other liberation fronts of their colonies.

The Darg tried to distract them from the demand for liberation by recognizing in principle their right to learn and use their languages and have some sort of self-administration. It also introduced land reform proclamation, which first read “land belongs to the people” though no sooner did it change to “land belonged to the Ethiopian government”. In earlier times, state and individual land lords owned land. With this proclamation individual ownership was abrogated. That is still in use. A people that does not own its land cannot claim to have a country. Land belongs to the state means to foreign state on which people have no control or participate in decisions made about it. Land is an element of Oromummaa or Oromo identity. It is to deny them separate national identity that the enemy denied them ownership over their own land. It is against all those denials and deprivations that the people rose in rebellion.

During the last half a century Oromo struggle had registered significant gains but the Oromo are still governed by aliens, their land still belongs to the empire state, they are denied colonial government job unless they can write and speak the colonial language. That contradicts the vernacular policy OLF negotiated with Ethiopian government in 1992. According to it all public schools were to use Afaan Oromoo as medium of education. And all public activities were to be conducted in same. It is heartbreaking to see some Oromoo institutions giving equal status to alien language at Oromo cost. Even worse than that, it is heard that some public schools in Oromiyaa give choice to children, if they want to learn in Amharic. With federal job as bait the children could incline to accept it. It is Oromiyaa public school, run by Oromiyaa resources. Therefore any leniency towards this hard-won right will be considered as sabotage on Oromo right in shaping its learning policy.

For any child to learn in their own language is a right. But this is Oromiyaa where the population was gagged not to learn, speak or write in own language. Every nationality has its own country where they can teach their children their own language with own resources or by asking support. In Oromiyaa all communities can have their private schools; there should be no gagging for retaliation. If they want to use Oromiyaa public school they have to abide by education policy of the state. Oromian schools may teach alien languages as subjects if they have advantage for Oromiyaa. It is also a duty of every Oromo family to make sure their children learn in afaan Oromo. Education in own language was one of the causes that nationalists fought and died for.

To tempt a child to choose other than own language is a joke on the sacrifices made by Oromiyaa patriots and a crime against the Oromo nation. The Oromo language though one of the oldest is free only recently to be used for Oromo business. Therefore Oromo elites have the responsibility that it develops fast as not to relapse into siege. The enemy is keeping us busy with bigger problems on the surface and underneath it scraping to strip us of the rights we have already grasped. To follow up this and fend off should have been the role of our intelligentsia. But the way we observe now some of them are developing alien language over Oromo with Oromo resources. On public forums it seems they are contesting who among them is the best speaker of the Amharic language. Are they thinking that it is not known if “Shigiggir” (Transition) comes back that may be the criteria for enrolment? This is intellectual prostitution with own nations rights, resources and time. Even if it seemed to them they have cast their hypnotizing spell to make Oromo youth slumber they have failed, majority are fully awake. For them a day will come when they answer to the nation or to Waaq about it.

Another issue nationalists should understand and make understood is the question surrounding Finfinnee. Those still having Nafxanyaa mentality want Finfinnee to remain theirs scooping out an island out of Oromiyaa. Like all big cities of the world Finfinnee has residents from all corners of the empire and the globe. It has several international organizations residing in it. After occupation Finfinnee turned a town with labor of Oromo and other colonies’ slaves and peasants. The palaces, roads, churches and other institutions were built by free labor of those slaves and peasants. Their descendants are still found here. Except those that lost the land to colonialism, the Oromo, no nation has claim over Finfinnee. It is the heartland of Tuulamaa one great Oromo tribe and in particular farm land and ranch of Eekkaa, Galan and Gullallee clans etc.

After occupation most urban land was given to Habasha warlords in particular to those of Amaaraa. That came to an end in 1995 with town land proclamation, Land turned to state and property nationalized. Therefore Oromo question about land is with the empire state not different nationality or individuals. Today Finfinnee has different inhabitants, which are residents of the town with full rights; in its decision making process to the extent the constitution allows them. Any entity that claims majority voice has to use it for formulating city policy not challenging Oromiyaa sovereignty over it. It must also be understood that Finfinnee cannot move without the will of country surrounding it. Since it is Oromo’s own, there is no special benefit Oromiyaa requires from Finfinnee different from what is requires from all its urban centers.

What is the state of the struggle now?

The OLF was formed by young educated Oromo nationalists. Unlike those that followed the Ethiopian student movement Marxist Leninist line, these ones made liberation ideology or National Kaayyoo their guiding principle. Nobody could have imagined then OLF leading cadres will be the first to abandon that principle in old age. OLF started getting fractured with schisms more than ever after 1992 be it because of struggle fatigue or other causes known to the runaways alone. It was then that some of its prominent leaders left it and joined the Ethiopianist camp leaving all they agitated to join the struggle to their fate. These leaders were among those that built the OLF from the scratch. They had recruited, trained and lead the Oromo liberation Army (OLA). They formed new organization and vowed to democratize Ethiopia and share power with Ethiopians. Other groups took different names from OLF or maintained the same name and declared to remain loyal to the national liberation kaayyoo.

The struggle for independence and freedom is now highly intensifying. Unity of the Oromo has become stronger than ever. Understanding with others that feel oppressed by the Ethiopian regime is growing stronger by day. This century seem to belong to the Oromo and the other colonies. Even the Amaaraa back home have started to feel the same pain of oppression as the colonial people. But those remnants of the Nafxanyaa system calling themselves Amaaraa want to distort for their own sinister motive the genuine alliance that could be formed between the Oromo and homeland Amhara. Those have befriended Oromo runaways and together speak high of Oromo being first rate Ethiopian and partner to building the empire state. Therefore caution is called for as to with whom one is dealing. Oppressed people have no problem of even taking their relations to higher just level. Oromo and Habashaa countries are neighbors of long time even before their rulers colonized Oromo and the other Africans south of them. Oromo freedom is freedom for all oppressed and even tor the oppressor.

EPRDF, a coalition now at the head of empire state of Ethiopia is getting weaker by day. To overcome its weakness it has launched a project it calls deep renewal. There are opportunists from all nations that want to exploit this weakness. Some that were denied the opportunity to be accepted as loyal opposition to EPRDF government are now going around foreign embassies to pause as alternative to the decaying incumbent regime. Other Amaaraa and Oromo opportunists are trying to drive wedges between TPLF and its PDOs. Those are like the bird cuukkoo that lay eggs in others nest and get them incubated by them. Cuukkoo chicks then eat the other chicks and take over the nest. They are such PDOs that say they are forging alliance in the name of the peoples without needing their approval. The Oromo have many wounds to heal and many questions to get answers to before they enter into relations with all that have taken part in occupation of Oromiyaa. They were Habashaa ruling class lead by their kings that has caused misery to Oromo life for over a century. Those kings were not kind to their own working peoples. But in the minds of the abused to separate the abusive rulers from the people they originated from is difficult.

The kings even confused their own people more by creating myth and unfounded history that fed them with empty pride about Ethiopia. The present Ethiopia became official name of Habashaa land with Haile Sillaasee. Ethiopia, which was a nick name for black people in lower Nile, was coined by Greeks. There were no people in Africa that called oneself Ethiopia. But popularized by Greek travelers the people of Kush, centered in Meroe and Napata in Nubia started to be referred to by that name. Root of Habashaa is Semitic. It was thus a non-existing history of 3000 years for Habasha that created blind adherence to myth. What matters is the factually existing present, not the mythic past that never existed or is dead. These days many Habashaa opinion makers and opportunist scholars are coming out to distort history of the region as if there were no colonizers and colonized; oppressors and oppressed. They claim of equal free role Oromo played in building the Ethiopian empire. It amounts to telling slaves they were responsible in enslaving themselves not the slave owner alone. Yes, if being defeated in battle is considered as sharing in the benefits and glory of the victory they may be right.

The truth is that Oromo as a people never voluntarily helped in the colonization of Oromiyaa. They had also never participated in decision making process of building the Ethiopian Empire. Members of defeated army have been recruited by the victor. There are such individuals that had risen to highest ranks in Habashaa administration but not in the name of Oromo nation or as their assigned delegates. It is clear that without them present Ethiopian history could have been different. But that did not change their status of being aliens to Ethiopians. Oromummaa is not having biological Oromo DNA alone. It is rather having their political and social commitment for rule of law, freedom and independence. Under conditions those qualities are absent to mention Oromo name is sinful.

Emperors and Habashaa heroes having Oromo ancestry are starting to be propagated by shameless scholars. What change could exposing Haayila Sillasee’s background bring when he kept them confidential to the end? What were Fitawuraarii Habta Giyorgis’s birth name and his father’s name? What was Dajjaach Baalchaa’s father’s name? Why were all concealed from the public? Even Ethiopian school system had never imparted those things to students of the time. Then it was shame to be related to Oromo, not for great men but even for Habashaa pauper. Aim of such propaganda is to make Oromo struggle for liberation irrelevant for the Oromo. Even at the height of the irreversible liberation struggle they do not want to be truthful about history of the region. The present time should not have been the time of denial but time for accepting past wrongs and suggesting ways of correcting them. Otherwise the unthinkable is going to fall on their laps.

Even truthful statements require trust building before being accepted as true. That subdued individual Oromo had served the colonizer as soldiers and home slaves cannot be denied. But to present those as Oromo consensus is despicable and harmful to future relations. Using POs and willingly recruited ashkar is victor’s tradition. Members of OPDO are not the first POs to be mobilized to fight their own people; persons like Qusee Diingaddee and Baalchaa Saafoo had preceded them. The role of Oromo assimilado generals in subduing Raayyaa and Baalee revolts cannot also be forgotten. Therefore distorting history will not help to solve problems at hand.

What is expected to be done?

The Oromo are struggling to survive as a nation. The Ethiopians are struggling to maintain their dominant position over their colonies. For all that uphold justice as an ideal, to fight for Oromo struggle is an example of that ideal. So it is futile to expect it to stop before achieving the desired goal. That is by now clear to all friends and foes of the Oromo. Flood of injured human beings is released and cannot be blocked until those injuries are healed. Only freedom and independence could heal it. The solution for all is to recognize the Oromo question and respond to it in peaceful and amicable manner. To waste time in vain on what cannot be reversed leads only to doom. History is on the side of the oppressed not the oppressor. The oppressed have risen in fury; no kind words or empty promises can stop them from their revolutionary journey. Therefore it is necessary to calm down, come to one’s sense and make peace with neighbors.

Oromo demands are simple; the realization of their right to national self-determination up to and including independence. Though flawed on implementation Tigreans have realized that without recognizing it they could not lull Oromo nationalists to join them in transitional arrangement after the Darg. That is why they wrote it into their constitution article 39. This we are now told, they did against Isaayyaas Afawarqii’s advice. Isaayyaas did not realize that TPLF had its own way to implement his advice. He shouldn’t have blamed a not implemented article for causing the turmoil in the fief he lost, Ethiopia. To register alliance with his cousins, other Habashaa peoples against his nemesis, the TPLF, he is making a big mistake of sacrificing the good will he had with the Oromo. Mugabe should have been a lesson for him before causing further damage to hin country, Africa and the Middle East.

Afwarqii had in mind from the very beginning the possibility of building Ethiopia as his satellite, which he can exploit ad infinitum. He believes with Ethiopia as his circle of influence, he could dominate surrounding African neighbors and influence the AU. Ethiopia without its colonies is not enough to satisfy this hegemonic totalitarian desire. Thanks to Mallas Zeenaawii that was cut short. He can go on dreaming but history will not be reversed with his dreams. Long standing friendship of Oromo and Eritrean people and the good memories Oromo revolutionaries had for Eritrean martyrs should not be affected by arrogance of that dictator. Oromo with their relentless struggle had forced the colonizer to recognize that right contrary to his wishes. Let us hope he will live to see Oromo liberation before his soon coming natural demise.

The other Habashaa groups are also as adamant as Isaayyaas in accepting Oromo right to national self-determination, even theoretically. They had tried for more than hundred years to suppress Oromo voice but failed. Let alone Oromiyaa, an alien territory, they were not able to maintain Tigray Tigriny a natural part of Ethiopia as inherited to them by Yohannis and Haile Sillaasee. Now they are talking about Amaaraa Oromoo alliance. How can they talk of alliance and how are some Oromo groups accepting it, when they are rejecting this fundamental peoples’ right? Even the worst enemy can have more favorable points for relations. The Oromo have to negotiate only with those that clearly recognize that right. Any Oromo group or individual that compromises Oromo right to national self-determination up to and including independence must think twice about its implication to human and people’s rights. In particular Oromo factions surrounded by snares of Isaayyaas have much to answer. Any force that wants Oromo favor must have better offer than Wayyaanee of Tigray. Contempt by dictators like Isaayyaas are preposterous and show only their empty ambitions and dreams that can never be fulfilled.

The Oromo have the potential and determination to hold out the present protest as long as it is required. To collude with Oromo enemies could only harm the colluders. Therefore at this crucial period all nationals are expected to stand with their people right or wrong. The people must first be free to express their desire and have strong rear to maintain own balance against the opposite side. Tactics and political maneuvers can come only from empowered people. Individuals cannot enter into any relations on behalf of the people taking tactics of struggle as excuse before common national understanding is achieved. Ethiopian empire now seems in deeper crisis than ever. Many groups are lying in wait hoping the 1991 type transition may be called for. Now the political atmosphere is different from that era. Nations and nationalities have their bases from where they can rally directly for their interest. Therefore if it happens, not self-declared political groups a transitional arrangement can be formed by peoples’ representatives. The UN could help in facilitating ad hoc administration in the interim period.

Oromo freedom is interwoven with all those that fell to colonialism during the Scramble for Africa. As they have fallen together they are destined to rise together. With mutual understanding and respect for each other’s interest to shape their future together is a necessity. Elites poisoned with Nafxanyaa system are still heard biting war drums in the name of Ethiopia. Majority of present day remnants of ancient Nafxanyaa may not be Habashaa though they might have lived claiming so. They have no country to claim on which they will exercise their superiority. They have contempt for people of their country of birth and upbringing to hold hands with them in overcoming difficulties.

Those affected by Nafxanyaa system poison are denying themselves a country and wish the empire to revive and satisfy their ego. But for their selfishness and arrogance, they should have fought on the side of the people with whose blood and sweat they lived. On the other hand peoples of Ethiopia proper are in dire need of liberation, unity and recognition of their identity as a people. In principle, all peoples of Africa if united have advantage of advancing the interest of the black race and all adopted Africans. It should not be difficult for peoples of the Horn with good intentions, to forge close relations among themselves. But it needs a process for those that developed grudges from past relations to apologize, forgive and forget with clean heart.

Now there is political upheaval in the Horn of Africa. Arab spring did not take the trend which political analysts expected. It did not get rid of dictators in the Middle East and hinterlands of the Red Sea. It rather ushered destruction, human rights abuse and genocide. No promising prospect for development and stability is in view. All states including the Ethiopia Empire and those surrounding it are in hot water. They are all marred with human right abuse, under development and lack of peace and stability. In many of them genocide is rampant. It reflects the situation in the world as a whole. No one can tell when it might explode but the feeling in the air is that it will not be far off.

For Oromo revolutionary the immediate concern is about suffering of the people. Millions are being driven to prison every day. Thousands are fleeing death and torture to unknown destination to end as slaves in Arab countries and becoming shark meals in seas and oceans. Promises were made to release prisoners but it was only for time buying. Persons that matter, seasoned politicians and the able bodied youth still linger in “Wahinii”, Ethiopian prison. They may release one by one to test the ground not to respond to human right calls. There are it is told, that there are persons imprisoned since the fall of the Darg; in particular alleged members of OLF. The world should not pretend not knowing that EPRDF is not a democratic organization. We know and they also know that they are supporting is purely from their narrow national interest not because it abides by rule of law. Without their support it cannot stay for a single day. Therefore let us call on peace loving taxpayers of all countries to put pressure on their governments to be humans.

In general the Ethiopian empire is one of the poor countries of the world. When the World Bank and IMF talk of two digit growth of GDP they are talking something intangible and not reflected on the ground. Persons hungry, without clothing and shelter can be observed even by passersby. When the truth is that for who was the development? Something common persons cannot understand and even take it as a joke on their suffering. It has become a tool for autocrats to demoralize opposition with. The Ethiopia we know is poverty stricken and disease ridden lacking in everything that are essential for healthy living. There is no clean running water in reach of house wives who have to travel long distances to fetch ever the dirty one. Chemicals from commercial farms and industries are killing domestic animals and human beings and are deforming births. Inflation is rising at fast rate making Birr useless denying purchasing power to the majority. Which class or which group or which corporate entity, is benefiting by this tasteless, odorless and colorless growth? Oromo, because of their number and deprivation of their natural resources bear most of the burden. This adds fuel to the protest that will certainly expose the emptiness of the economic growth declaration. Unless this situation gives birth to freedom no maneuvering of GDP thi

To conclude Oromiyaa is one of the big countries in sub-Sahara Africa regarding population, land size and resources. But the Oromo are the most abused, poverty and disease ridden and marginalized human beings; despite having rich resources and most productive population in the region. This may seem paradox for strangers but that is it. It lost its freedom to colonialism by minority supported by the then powers during the 19th century Scramble for Africa. It started organized resistance in the 60s and still going on. Now its struggle is reaching the highest point and shaking the Ethiopian Empire. The time the Horn has to get reorganized is coming. For the transformation to take place peacefully requires good will of the colonizing nation, its overseas supporters and the colonies. They have to understand each other’s legitimate interest and be willing to solve existing problems around negotiation table. This failing it will take all the hard way to search for peaceful coexistence. Oromiyaa’s liberation is not a matter of luxury but that of survival as a people with honor and dignity. To try demeaning Oromo cause by distorting history does not serve in this era of highly developed information technology. Honesty and sincerity is demanded from all concerned. The Oromo can speak for themselves directly or through legally designated representatives and do not tolerate alien agent to speak for them. Truth and justice shall prevail.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama

January 2018

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