Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) Master Plan

Finfinnee, an Oromo land that the enemy at beginning of 20th century built its nest and laid its eggs that produced voracious larvae, still remains the center of controversy. Planned or unplanned there is no physical or moral force that could stop dictators from imposing their will other than organized will of the dispossessed. Oromo started to demand sovereignty over Oromiyaa since it was occupied. Since then it had never stopped demanding for the lost sovereignty through peaceful means as well as armed struggle. After a long struggle that cost lots of sacrifices pretentious responses started to appear after 1991. By coalition that Oromo elites tried to forge certain objectives were achieved. That was to form a Transitional Government, recognition of people’s right to national self-determination for independence, conducting local elections, and agreement to draft together a constitution that would be solution for chronic regional political problems and recognizing special interest Oromiyaa has over Finfinnee.  It was believed that after the end of the transitional administration people will have the opportunity to transit to positions they like best. Not as expected but it was able to transform to supremacy of one political party. Thus it means that the Oromo question of having sovereignty over the fatherland was thwarted by betrayal of the colonial power.

Therefore it is essential that the matter of expansion of Finfinnee to divide Oromiyaa into two has to be considered in light of the general question so that the whole is not overlooked  focusing on small segment. That does not means to neglect enemy tactics of coming out with small issues to divert the focus on Oromoo interest.  It is meant to remind that seeing things against the big picture should not be forgotten. Oromoo shall liberate their country and structure it in the way convenient to them and have no obligation to accept any structure made by aliens as legitimate. The towns in colonies of the empire were built at top of escarpments for fear of the colonized people around them. The lands on the escarpments are dived among the gun wielders. Churches and palaces were also hanging from there. For this reason most residents of those towns are Nafxanyaa and Christians. Their coming down from the escarpment after so many years shows how confident they became of their  brainwashing and hypnotizing work that they believed has created Stockholm Syndrome among the colonized and turned them into meek followers.  Modern instruments of control have also their share in that. That strengthened their arrogance that they started daring to further shred a sovereign country.

Design for Mater Plan of Finfinnee is going on since the period of king of kings. A master plan is designed for a city is to solve orderly manner problems of housing for living and working, industrial development, transportation and communications, sewerage, public health, water and energy service etc. Finfinnee has permanent problem of water and light. The solution is to make the services available as it is now. Lands around Finfinnee are settled by people that have come being dislocated by successive regimes.  They are remnants of those who were left behind when others went far off moving down from Eekkaa and Galan.  Many that were chased away from their holding are still alive hoping to one day go back to where their umbilical cords were buried.  The life of ever being dislocated has to stop. To cooperate and defend against all evils together is law of nature. 

The past regimes used to start from personal interest when they prepare master plan. Even road constructers used to avoid property of the powerful while demolishing those of the weak. Objective existing then were not to give essential services to town dwellers but to facilitate ways of build personal wealth for public officials. For this reason if any catastrophe befalls access was difficult to help. This time land belongs to the state and the state is not different from the party in power they feel no responsibility to sell any small opening between buildings.  That is why it is widely talked that they are desecrating burial grounds and selling the land exhuming and throwing away the remains. Accrediting to faith and culture to disturb graveyard is a crime. What they aim at is turning all they cease into cash.  This Master Plan will give them good opportunity for that purpose.

Thus these people have no intention to improve the life of town dwellers except their own. The tactics of this plan shows not intention to improving life of Finfinnee residents but that it is imbedded with other tricky machination.  Before answering for the first eviction of Oromo people, in particular that of Tuulamaa and Maccaa to try to grab more land and add to the old at a time when owners of the land have started to demand for their rights will only aggravate the conflict and will not be a solution for bringing peaceful settlement to the issue at hand. It will not be enough to recognize the right of natives in one’s constitution. It will be a civilized behavior to at least respect the terms entered into own constitution. Rather than creating not healing injury it would be better if colonizers take back their capital city to Maqalee, Aksum, Gondar or build new ones and expand them as they like

The past regimes cannot accept that the country had other owners. Therefore their planning was based on who should benefit how much? The present ones in addition have gone beyond and are designing a plan with tactic and strategy integrated into them.  They are in a hurry to implement the

plan and see how much benefit they could snatch for their nation and themselves. This plan is also designed to break Oromo unity so that it will not create any obstacle to colonizers for a long time to come. Something more harmful that “Xaqlay Gizat” (Governorate General) of king of kings is coming up. From the way they look at it Finfinnee belongs to the occupying force. Be it to contract, expand, develop or beautify is considered from the benefit they could squeeze out of it. To add more land to Finfinnee means to expand enemy camp further and settle aliens by evicting natives. After that Oromiyaa, country built by blood of her heroes and heroines will perish if their wishes hold.

The provision that Oromiyaa has special interest in Finfinnee is going to be history. Without consulting with legitimate Oromo they are tiptoeing to curve an independent territory with excuse of creating a Federal citadel. Now what should be done is to go out and oppose in any way available the expansion of enemy camp and the destruction of Oromiyaa. Oromoo do not have responsibility and accountability for those that participate in the plundering of Oromiyaa supporting oppressors despite all forewarnings. There will be no crime greater than uprooting and scattering Oromo family through cajoling or intimidation. If new wounds remind an old one, it is only one that is poking ones finger into it that will be held responsible. Neighbors can live in peace together if they respect each other equally under bad and good situation. Those that are spraying poison among new generation for own present benefit should know that humiliation and umber are waiting for them just like those before them.

Though world situation is changing Oromoo rights are still joked upon. For this those that take the first responsibility are those that call themselves Oromo but engaged in washing enemy feet. The second are those Oromo that lie down and wait until they are slain though they have enough knowledge and capability are passing in silence when their siblings are inappropriately being imprisoned, killed and tortured. The third one is one that commit genocide and other human rights abuses for benefit of one’s nation and oneself. All the three by omission or commission are erasing Oromo and demolishing Oromiyaa for this reason it is the duty of nationalists to find ways and means of getting enemy hands off Oromiyaa. To change the present structure of Finfinnee means to uproot Tuulama and replace them by aliens that have strange language, culture and ethos. The center of Oromo identity, Odaa Nabee is found here. To displace Tuulama means to aim at displacing the Oromo. There will be no destruction greater than that. To cross Oromiyaa from west to east, north and south is going to require pass from aliens. For this reason it is a must for all nationals to cooperate and raise appeals and protests from all direction.  It is encouraging and challenging for the young and the capable to hear the old Oromo man, Dotii Turaa, who was paralyzed and blinded from injuries of struggle for justice, crying loud from his bed over radio “Oromo Voice “raising hue and cry.

Habashaa force that first broke Oromiyaa started on Tuulama. Even today the campaign to break Oromiyaa is commencing from there. In the past the other tribes did not take as concerning them and observed when Tuulamaa was being smashed into pieces. A horse that starts from Tuulama is sure to land on the others unless checked on the spot. It is portending destruction on oneself unless all march in cooperation to register victory. As long as there are Oromo off springs that are proud of who they are, Oromiyaa shall never be shredded again. The struggle towards the realization of self-determination for independence has to be hurried from all angles. Long live Oromiyaa!!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

April 2014

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