Enemy Fabrications Will Not Scare The Oromo

The torch of Oromo revolution that was ignited in Ambo on Friday May 2, 2015 and carried to nooks and corners of Oromiyaa seemed to have burned out in between. That it was rather preserved shown when students and residents reignited it in Giincii on November 12, 2015 again it was relayed the flame reached all corners. How can one think it has gone out before attaining its goal, when denial of Oromo rights are continuing and the blood of Oromoo children is flowing like deluge? Though it seemed the movement had subsided in the meantime, the killing and imprisoning Oromo children did not stop. Now it has reached where it was essential to decide to live or perish together. Such a decisive move quantitatively or qualitatively had never been seen in the empire so far. The Oromo got the chance to show to friends and enemies that there is never a question about their unity.

The movement is now getting a month old. The situation is such that it is getting more painful for Oromo that came a long way, experiencing injury, contempt, imprisonment and murder of comrades in the hands of the oppressor has brought back to memory all the pains they went through. There is nothing more shocking burning, boiling than seeing children’s blood being spilt when they the grandparents are sitting around. They could not escape flowing tears with all and reliving the past with all its pains. We can overcome not only Wayyaanee but also all our problems if we could sturdily stick to our kaayyoo, the national objective principle. The Ayyaanaa (Spirit) of our past heroes will never abandon the struggle. With the present situation there are those that have started to visualize the “1992 Transitional Arrangement”. They have started to complement each other and cry out calling howls from here and yonder like hyenas that found fresh carrion. Under that there is a possibility for colonial question of Oromiyaa to be glossed over. It is a patriotic duty to warn all those that dream to build a ladder to power with blood of Oromo martyrs for all possible consequences.

The Wayyaanee unable to suppress as she wished, with all her cacophony had started issuing decrees to win the favor of the world before she runs out of ammunitions. OPDO is also repeating the chorus after her, following her deceitful orders loyally. Not to perish by responding to the demands she preferred to continue with the genocide until the guns drop from her hand. We have seen from Darg soldiers that when a human being, that carries gun for the oppressor, awakens and realizes being human, the gun he carries becomes no better than firewood. It only requires tough resistance from the oppressed.

The decree we mentioned is the same with what Darg used to issue against them except for change of few words. That did not help the Darg which was embraced by more people than the Wayyaanee. Truth cannot remain hidden even if covered with anything. Despite seeing that the Oromo people are resisting it, it is trying to call for their alliance to rise against themselves. Though we may not know about the Tigray people the Habashaa has rejected them long ago. Wayyaanee do not have shame, she is still blabbering about election, growth, and democracy she achieved. It has not mentioned a word about the not less than twenty million people being threatened to be wiped out by famine. Wayyaanee has brought to peoples of Ethiopian Empire only catastrophic perishing.

Demands that people came out with are, the land of Oromiyaa is ours not that of Wayyaanee government; it will neither be sold nor its inhabitants evicted; Wayyaanee doesn’t have our mandate and will never have to rule over us; it is us that elect who ever we want and aliens will not impose themselves on us by force. What is expected to get answers to these demands and allegations that so and so pressurized them, so and so put words into their mouth does not give it the right to pass over them with contempt. It is the whole Oromo people that went out and demanded not insignificant number of students as it tried to present. With the code word it calls international supporters “terrorist” it has declared war on Oromo people with the above mentioned decree on December 15, 2015. It condemns “Xabbaaboch” and “Timkiitanyooch” (narrow nationalists and chauvinists). The two groups it mentioned are persons or organizations it says speak for the Oromo and Habashaa. Oromo Organization is not as parasite as it is but had a long root and it has won love of its people. The ones it calls “Timkitanya” are not more chauvinist than it. It can be verified from their own history that they were organized as Ethiopian more than TPLF can claim. That is the truth between these anti independent Oromiyaa organizations. If their people were to be asked in presence of observers, who is the “terrorist” then it will realize its true size from the answer.

It should not be expected for people to go back leaving blood enemy on this side, before the cause for which its children’s blood is being spilt is fulfilled. According to Oromo tradition to eat or live with one that spilt your blood before it is avenged is a sin. Resolving conflicts peacefully is a blessing. If peace reigns it is better for life as well as development. People’s tolerance has its own limits. Had it not been to give chance for peace, when the other strangles them, the Oromo could have returned the strangling immediately with stronger hands than the other. If they stretch their hands in unison, the enemy knows that it cannot match their grab.

Therefore it will be to the advantage of the oppressed and the oppressor as well to try to ward off the calamity hovering overhead. Oromo fight for their rights, the right to be free. Wayyaanee fights to retain Oromo wealth and power for its own benefit. Relation Oromo will have with Habshaa does not transcend that of good neighborliness. Other than that no one has a mandate to say we will be this and that until the people decide on it. Since it is not her country Wayyaanee has no alternative other than pack and go. Anyone that has listened to demands and slogans the people waging peaceful resistance struggle should have no other answer to quest of aliens than what they say. The people are demanding for independence; a nationalist should not be shy to assert that.

The Oromo people have courageously faced the enemy demanding its freedom empty handed, with peace as its objective. If it does not register result this time, it will tomorrow be back armed. Unless it gets back its birth right Oromo people will not be possible to claim being a human being. People now have seen that peaceful struggle with Fascist government like EPRDF is like committing suicide. Powers of the world that fan peaceful struggle to us are passing with silence when our people are being injured. Their media did not consider us even as when a fly dies. It is because the gun was their regimes’. They are happy that TPLF got where to practice new weaponry and skills of new commando force they trained for her.

The new generation has said let living as sub human end with fathers. For those that shoot their kin standing with the enemy a lesson that will keep them in nightmares for life is given. They will not have peaceful sleep; the ghost of children they wasted their lives will always haunt them from around their beds. They will either turn lunatic or get absolved and go back to their people, turn the barrel of the gun against the enemy that armed them. Since their death is inevitable, it is better for them to be sacrificed and die for justice. From olden days students were known for peaceful struggle at the most they threw rocks to their attackers. They did not know fire arms. Now when they are chased by the armed there must be someone that could shelter them. The line that enemy gun should not transcend must be marked. Wayyaanee has heritage of reneging starting earlier than emperor Yohannis, and so should never be trusted on its word.

Whatever dealings it has, has to be in own chosen venue and in presence of neutral party. Never alone, never in their arena; what they did to Gammachiis Dhaabaa, an OLF leader should never be forgotten. Their major political objective is to deny Oromo leadership at all levels. There is no reason for People’s movement that is now in motion not to be presented to Oromo elderly to negotiate terms of reconciliation on the right of Oromo ownership on their land and compensation for damages done, first if were assured that the proclamation that was the cause is annulled by another proclamation and those criminals directly and indirectly responsible for the massacre of Oromo children are brought to the court of justice.

Oromo nationalists and residents of Oromiyaa have to join the masses physically and if they cannot they may be expected to help with ability, knowledge and resources. Participation of media in foreign lands is highly appreciable. At this time when alien media swear they have never heard it, thanks to Oromo media that Oromo are able to get information from each other. All Oromo have to guard these media like the pupil of an eye so that they keep on getting strong. It is the hope of all that Oromo communities in the diaspora strengthen their unity and participate in people’s movement in all possible ways. The time is not one that they entangle themselves in bureaucratic web. Outside that they have to create ad hoc structures that will allow them to efficiently move to overcome the present emergency situation.

To have ownership right over their country and reclaim their human dignity the Oromoo are heating up a great movement that is costing lives of their children. It is clear that that have enormous physical and psychological pain. Unless one bleeds, get wounded, feel pain and dies for it human dignity and freedom can never be achieved. Therefore they chose to perish resisting rather than being seen down, impoverished and humiliated, by aliens in own country. The Wayyaanee and its running dogs is a criminal that cannot escape trial for genocide if out of power. For this reason it will kill anyone to maintain the status quo. In the same way if the Oromo stop resisting all that participated are going to be dragged out of their homes to get a bullet in the forehead or face maiming torture and imprisonment. With death on their feet they get eternal glory and have nothing to lose. With their sacrifices future generation will get a chance to live with honor, happiness and peace. It is with vision that one day the struggle of their people will attain this level, that the elders that passed gave their lives in millions when people didn’t have political consciousness. Even today that is what is expected of Oromo politicians. It is hoped that they help this determined people to get answers for its demands without distorting the basic principles of Oromo struggle, which it was clearly articulating in its demonstration.

The life of the people of Finfinnee is based on the surrounding areas. It should not be a silent observer at such a time. What happened in Egypt Tahirih Square could also happen in Hulluuqoo Korma Square (Masqal Square). When it is said Finfinnee belongs to the Oromo it means her needs and abundance depends on Oromo interest. She is a great city where peoples of the empire, the neighborhood, and world reside in her. As long as they live in her they are obliged to respect her interest. There may be those who scare residents by saying Oromo will create hardship for them; those are the ones that want to control all resources for their own benefit. There are no people that have laws even for animals and natural environs better than the Oromo. For this reason to help Oromo movement is helping peace and own fortune.

We shall burry our dead marching, singing and ululating not crying over it. What we tear and cry inside is enough. Mothers of martyrs have to tie their waist with cummerbund and encourage the remaining to carry on the struggle, for their children have passed away with bravery never to return. To conclude this dangerous situation with victory the solution is only to stand firm with what we have grasped.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama
December 2015

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