Know thy Self

If you want Oromo to survive as a nation, if you believe Oromummaa is your identity and your pride, no personal wants, emotions and spites interfere in your drive towards your goal of freedom and independence for Oromiyaa. Oromiyaa is a colony that needs to be totally decolonized; It is not appendage of Ethiopia as nafxanyaa system hopefuls and their god fathers want the world to believe. For all eventualities, first be yourself.

Freedom is not something to be begged from others, but a birth right. As self-conscious human beings lacking freedom is equivalent to death for nobody pays attention to you as existent. Only those that are comfortable with slavery are ones that are not tired of stooping for others, because they are like donkeys unable to refuse to be loaded. Some are confused by changing situation did not realize that they are working against ideals they cherished their life so far. Petty spites and struggle fatigue has taken them astray. It is difficult to be free for a nation with so many such dependent and deranged minds. Most are disabled from using their sense faculties through over a century of brainwashing and handouts when needy. For the Oromo nation’s fast recovery these people have to be freed from Ethiopian spell, addiction and dependence. Over and above these deficiencies so far inconsistency and wavering have affected the speed of Oromo struggle against forces of reaction. Only if we believe strongly in self-reliance and committed to advance it, can we attract dependable allies for then only can we be trusted and have trusted partners.

To be free and independent there is no alternative for a nation than to be self-reliant. Robert Frosts advice is relevant for the purpose, “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” As told, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. What is good for individual is good for the nation. Then all will realize that there is no enemy greater than the one that occupied them and reduced their population to half, turned them to Gabbaar (Serfs) from independent users of their land and denied them using their culture, language and resources, and its present heirs that are vowing to turn the wheel of history to Minilik’s period. It is a miracle that Oromo number is still greater than theirs when they expected them to be totally assimilated or extinct. PP and Amaaraa elites for whom Minilik II is a hero are Oromo enemies, the bullies. Their boss Abiy Ahmad is a worshiper of Minilik and the spirit of his Amaaraa ancestors.

Minilik created the nafxanyaa system by arming his followers with modern weapons from which they got their name Nafxanyaa. With that Minilik colonized Oromiyaa and her neighbors and took Ethiopia to her peak making him and his country rich from Oromo labor, enslaved Oromo sells and Oromo resources he acquired. It is to the abyss that peak rose from that Oromiyaa was pushed down to. Abiy Ahmad now wants to restore empire Ethiopia to that peak. No institution should know this better than Oromoo Abbaa Gadaa what he meant. But for one reason or other they rallied behind him.Can such a person, leaving alone his PP component added, be called son of Abbaa Gadaa? He continued killing Oromo leaders and those with potential to lead in the future, started by his hero Minilik with more vigor. Is that what makes him deserve the brand “Son of Abbaa Gadaa?” At a time when they should have mourned and avenged their compatriots Karrayyuu Abbaa Gadaas killed, imprisoned and tortured by Abiy’s anti-Oromo policy, they gave him adoring title “Abbichuu, Abbaa biyyaa, Abbaa Malaa”. From among those kidnaped Abbaa Gadaas some were found in Abiy’s prison. This is evidence that the others were killed

by him. Oromo killer fascists like him should not have been compared to Oromo adventurous teenage patriot of the 20th century anti-fascist struggle. They have shamed the nation and polluted the Gadaa institution for which they need quick absolution. What they did later is not enough.

The Abbaa Gadaas have tried to correct past mistakes. It means they are on the right road; but it is not enough to absolve them. They could have noticed who Abiy was had they scanned their surroundings. Abiy may not be Oromo in the first place or Amaaraa might have assimilated him. On a forum on which he is or he is not they could have observed that it concerns only Amharic speakers not Oromo. Abiy says Oromummaa should not be viewed on equal level with “Ethiopiyaawiinnat”. The war positively or negatively being viewed is one between Ethiopians and “anti-Ethiopia” Ethiopians and no mention if they have fighting with the Oromo. Until they bring it overground agreements made underground will also remain between them. We have experienced in Qellem where one expected to have come to help solve a problem turns back hunting for big games and had songs for it. “Did you go back killing giraffe of Bonga, leaving Busee’s issue hanging” Conditions created now are similar. The people then, as told sat down and solved their own problems.

Ethiopians want Oromo questions to remain suppressed in a corner. But Oromo army is bleeding them daily. Could there be more insult, contempt and humiliation for Oromo following them? When Oromo house are burned over them, their leaders are imprisoned and tortured, when leaders of sacred institutions like Gadaa and Qaalluu are kidnaped and killed, when they engage them in fighting and kill them from behind, when they kill nationalists summarily taking out of home and prisons, when they feed Oromo corpse to wild animals, what could it be named when they continuously praise the government that did those?

Now PP is waging on Oromo and others a colonial and genocidal war on behalf of the expansionist Amaaraa nafxanyaa elites. Therefore, it and anyone supporting it, is Oromo enemy and should be declared so unequivocally. To that effect all should rally behind OLA for defense of the father land. Oromo elites opposing OLA without presenting any honorable alternative have either mental problem or guilty conscience from their past that is disturbing them. For some, thousands made the ultimate sacrifice under their watch to uproot the colonial nafxanyaa system established by Minilik. How did their conscience accept lauding “Minilik Zamachaa” undertaken by their “Son of Abba Gadaa”. What about the vows they took with the martyred comrades? Abiy Ahmad is an expert in lies and casting daftaraa spells. He is confusing and turning gibberish many learned and leading Oromo personalities to the abyss he is heading to. Will they have the guts to look backwards to the way they came?

Be that as it may, Oromo should be addressed as one among African people for any business. On this earth it should be accepted that there is Africa above Oromiyaa and above Africa the world. If it enters into union with others, it will put them on equal level not above it. There cannot be peace and stability in the Horn of Africa, as well as in Africa with Oromo question unaddressed. The way Oromo and Ethiopian activists and media address issues raised by Ethiopian government and its organs should conceptually be different. They do not have common premise to start from. They are the colonized and the colonizers. This the world knows, but longing for Old Ethiopia some are trying to twist Oromo history. The Oromo have put up an organized struggle for the last fifty years to change this attitude.

Much had changed but there are still those that want the nafxanyaa system to revive. Internationally only some isolated voices have started to be heard about the genocide in Oromiyaa though overshadowed by one taking place in Tigray. Since the crime is from the same source it is an unexpected blessing for the solution suggested for Tigray could serve Oromiyaa though they have their own peculiarities. UN has ordered for impartial investigation which is hoped to include all operations of PP government. As long as objective of oppressed in the North is not to replace the oppressor but for freedom for all, there is nothing that inhibits them marching together against tyranny.

All past governments had been avoiding mentioning and suppressing it whenever possible. Successful Oromo rebellion could mean destruction of false image, they came building for themselves. For this reason, suppressing Oromo voice against tyranny had been going on since occupation. The recent letter from a government office to ESAT explains everything. Now, it is too late, the genie is out of the bottle. They answer Oromo demands peacefully or face destruction. Quislings cannot save them. Abiy’s bragging that he will get victory by information and propaganda alone does not work in this case. Pain from wounds of the Oromo will not give ears for that. They will have no choice than recognizing Oromiyaa as separate entity equal to them. No more slavish loyal servants under their spell with suppressed identity. The so-called bill of “national reconciliation” going around in their illegitimate parliament these days is only for PP’s Ethiopia not for colonies or federalists. What should have been considered was “Nations’ Reconciliation” for there is no condition to be called national for Empire Ethiopia. Because they are not Ethiopians as defined by them but entities appendages to Ethiopia taken for granted to accept whatever PP and co decide. Oromo have nothing to discuss with the colonizer about repartition of Oromiyaa and system of Ethiopian government to be formed.

Oromo have already laid down basic Oromiyaa state with great sacrifice and for the sake of regional peace accepted the federal system until a referendum is conducted for Oromo to use their right of nations to national self-determination. However, that was sabotaged. Reversing what are achieved so far and any less than that are unacceptable to Oromo. Therefore, before everything falls apart it remains for nations, nationalities and peoples in the region to get together and decide on future relations based on their free will. No reconciliation agenda sponsored and presented by PP government or Parliament is acceptable.

The present Ethiopian government had fallen under control of Nafxanyaa Amaaraa elites. And that being guided by Eritrean intelligence, has turned more brutal and genocidal than known. Over and above this it has gained technical alliance of Turkey, UEA, China etc. To uproot it requires alliance of all affected. Had it been not for chauvinistic way nafxanyaa elites were created, rights of each people should have been inviolable and indisputable. Government of nafxanyaa system hopefuls using power that has for the moment fallen on Abiy Ahmad’s hands is driving children of the yet politically unconscious poor to war of no return. Because of that, children of the poor who are majority Oromo, underaged, and without enough training are being forced to the battle field from which probably the few lucky may survive. They also are using this opportunity to kill as many Oromo as possible. As sibling Africans, the pain should have been felt by all. But for PP and allies’ greed and hate overrode all human feelings. At the end leaders may get reconciled but Africa can never recover all those lost minds and energy. Mothers of the dead will remain shading tears forever though those whose children died defending their

freedom from abuses may have pride in their hearts however aggrieved they may be. Wounds of those whose children were massacred to keep an illegitimate groupin power, will never heal.

But who are these that are scattering pain in society? For what purpose? What is the justification for all the havoc created? Would the gains balance the destruction for surviving society? Had members of UN Security Council were not blinded by “national interest” such chaos should have been nipped in the bud. It did not happen. It is said, “Chasing butterflies is a game for children but matter of life for the butterfly”. The way they tread towards their national interest is a skill not understandable to us while it is a political game for them but a question of life and death for us. So, those affected should bring an end to it, cost what it may. Oromo must demonstrate that they are able to deny protection to the national interest of any nation that does not take Oromiyaa’s interest into consideration.

The Oromo will never again tolerate being looked down by any individual or group, being insulted and humiliated. Only few with commitment for national Kaayyoo determination to pay any cost are enough to drive away the enemy. If those having similar problems could form alliance the conclusion could be fast. OLA, TDF, and freedom fighters from other nationalities have reached understanding to cooperate in removing PP and its nafxanyaa elites from power and empower nations, nationalities and peoples to decide on their destiny. If the agreement stands the end will be soon. If not, it may take longer but will never stop. There would be no negotiation with criminals in Minilik’s palace before their forces are withdrawn from Oromiyaa. But all requires understanding the nature of the group one is dealing with. The revolution they are conducting for national liberation is bothering the peoples they have been together under Amaaraa nafxanyaa oppression for more than a century is well understood. Oromo and allies have a responsibility to stabilize the situation. All have to get opportunity to stabilize and go wherever they want. Siblings fallen together shall rise in unison. All have identity, let us all be proud with our identity.

Modern Ethiopia is an empire formed with help of imperialists by suppressing and putting under it many independent sovereign countries and registered as sovereign with international associations by force. Now she started complaining when the so far suppressed sovereign countries start to move that my sovereignty is violated by foreign powers. There was no imperialist agent in Africa more than her. Being supported by new imperialists complaining against old friend who still favor her will not protect her to diminish to her true size. Oppressed nations shall win. There are those failing to consider this reality, knowingly or from ignorance are laboring to save an empire that is on its way to break up into its component parts; it is all in vain. It is an overused rag with nowhere to hold to mend. Decolonization is the only solution. Ethiopians have tried all they can for over a hundred years to create out of their colonies one country, one culture, one language, one religion, and one flag. But they could not create unity even among themselves. The main problem is the not admitted eclectic nature of Amaaraa group. The empire whose multi-national nature is forcefully revealing does not accommodate them. And every nation is demanding decolonization and their right of national self -determination to be realized. Amaaraa region created by Wayyaanee can no more hold together. No turncoat can reverse that. It is a problem that requires cool headed solution.

Everything that came being transmitted from generation to generation about Ethiopia are all lies; three thousand years history of present Ethiopian state, son of Mokonin Guddisaa being Solomonic, Amaaraa being more Ethiopian than Tigaaruu, etc. All concerned have to revise their history and stop lying if they are to fit into future formations. Amaaraa as a people was never homogenous and have no specific territory but territories of others it called Ethiopia, with stolen history from ancient Greco-Roman books and Holy Scriptures. The present problem in the Horn of Africa is Amaaraa as a group lacking territory to claim under federal setting. Every nation, nationality, and peoples under the empire led by it are demanding self-determination. Amaaraa have to accept when broken down they are Tigaaruu, Agawu, Qimaant, Argobba, and Oromo. There is nothing scarier and more detrimental for them than liberation of Oromiyaa and other colonies. Despite Oromo struggle that toppled three governments before this one, they are refusing to learn from past experience and are continuing in a way that takes them to their total destruction.

The map, partitioning Oromiyaa into several parts decadent minds are circulating these days on social media could be more sever for their survival than consequences of Master Plan of Finfinnee that whirled OPDO to power. Any interference in Oromiyaa structure and function before the Oromo realized their right of national self-determination through referendum held in presence of UN and AU observers is an acceptable. If Ethiopia does not take off her hands from Oromiyaa it amounts to continuation of colonial war of more than a century. Life of lies about their relations with Oromiyaa has to stop somewhere. Lies and fictitious genesis started by Yekunomlak has no place in modern Africa. The Oromo nation is from ancient Kushitic African civilization, Oromo have separate history, culture, tradition, language and psychological make up separate from the Habashaa. They are appendage to no one but self-sustaining entity. Know thy self as such and be yourself and you will have a successful victorious bright future. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

December 2021