Alliance for survival

Any fighting becomes effective and efficient if it has allies with similar objectives. Oromo nationalist political struggle which is anti-Ethiopian nafxanyaa colonialism was born thanks to members of the youth/Qeerroo who were able to free their minds from thinking as Ethiopians despite a century of colonial brainwashing. They enter into alliance with only those that accept this identity they claim. Even after losing most controls on their system, nafxanyaa system hopefuls are refusing to accept what they are seeing, feeling and hearing about birth of Oromiyaa’s resistance. The vanguard organization Oromiyaa then created, OLF had two wings, political and military. The military wing was to be led by the political wing. It was the military wing that became WBO (OLA). OLF has passed through many difficult times since its formation. It was divided into many splinter groups carrying different or the same name. Probably, there is no Oromo organization except Tokkichummaa of Waaqoo Guutuu that did not split from OLF. This does not include organizations like OFC that say are engaged in peaceful struggle. Under a situation where colonial administration was the only employer for over a hundred years and the only licensed to kill at will, it was not easy to mobilize anti colonial resistance and keep it in tact. At the end three of OLF splinter groups, one at Asmaraa led by Daawud Ibsaa, others QC, and; Jijjiirama in different places were left. As to what pushes those apart other than ego, let us leave to future study. There was no reasonable visible cause for a normal mind.

New young actors like Jawar Mohamad joining Oromo political scene, change was forced on EPRDF ruling party of Ethiopia. New EPRDF leaders released all political prisoners and invited exiled parties to join the change. OLF in Asmara alone maintained a military wing. All factions went home. Oromo came out in millions to show their love and longing to their exiled vanguard organization and to show the world that they are a force not to be neglected. Many Oromo groups tried to bring splinter OLF groups together but in vain. A Jijjirama faction and some members of QC merged falling into PP trap and melted into it. Individual member that did not take part in the merge are still searching for their own way to continue the struggle. The enemy is now left only with one organization carrying the name OLF. That OLF is now being bombarded and almost paralyzed by schisms and imprisonment.

But the spirit of OLF is continuing to flourish through OLA. In general, OLF have got derailed from the original Kaayyoo. All, except taking position behind their bunkers and challenging each other for excellence never gave themselves time to assess and correct their shortcomings. They are unable to disentangle themselves from force of habit. Alien conspiracy had erased OLF factions and many Oromo organizations. Only one remains with OLF name. What is boggling the mind is, when those who had been in it from the time of its founding are seen collaborating with Oromo enemies, PP and Amaaraa elites to destroy even that instead of seeking for ways of at least saving the name. They are seen erasing their own history. OLF should have been greater than individual relations. The new generation let us hope, will save, renew and arm it with the initial (morning) Kaayyoo.

The OLF led by Daawud Ibsaa was betrayed by OPDO again and could not stand the pressure and had to abandon the military wing officially. Even those who were in exile in Eritrea were left to Abiy’s government to do whatever he wanted to do with them. Thus, for the last three years WBO is without formal political leadership. But it has reached level of organization it had never been. Its leaders are able to give it both political and military leadership. Some leaders that took Abiy’s word for genuine or to advance their own partisan interests tried to mediate Maroo and his comrades to return to peaceful life. Foreseeing Abiy’s intentions or by intuition Maroo and many refused to return responding to the call. That decision gave an edge for Oromo struggle in the present crisis. There were few that were fooled by the call and returned only to be poisoned and killed. This is the time of national

emergency. It is only WBO that can freely and independently move and put-up resistance in the name of the nation. Now, some could have their own doubts about WBO. But since Oromo have no alternative force, they have to encourage and strengthen what they have. It is being proactive that Oromo can get their interest, human rights and honor respected.

The different factions of OLF used to accuse each other of betraying the genuine roadmap drawn by pioneers of the liberation movement. In it is the magic spell of the national Kaayyoo of freedom and independence. OLF as the first pan Oromo political organization had the chance to lay down in its program aspirations of the people or its Kaayyoo. The questions it raised get answer only with independence of Oromiyaa or when it is on the right track that takes there. These questions are as fresh now as they were when they were raised for major part is not yet answered. That is what Kolonel Abiy tried to ridicule as short sighted using own nafxanyaa myopic attitude. That Oromiyaa is not Ethiopia and that Oromo are indigenous to this part of Africa is a historic fact that reactionary lovers of the nafxanyaa system cannot accept peacefully. There is no reason on earth that Ethiopia or any alien force to dominate Oromiyaa. It has been to stop that, that the Oromo had been struggling since they were colonized by Amaaraa nafxanyaa invaders.

At present the Ethiopian empire is in crisis because PP and Amharic speaking elites failed to make the transition smooth. And its sudden fall could bring havoc to the region. It is not in the interest of Oromo and other down trodden oppressed peoples for any change to be sudden and chaotic. It is preferred to be to be as smooth and peaceful as possible. This does not mean they would allow the corrupt oppressive chauvinistic system to continue. That is why alliance of the oppressed with similar vision is wanted. Now, OLA has reached understanding with Tigray Defense Force (TDF). This happened soon because both are engaged in all-out war with Ethiopian government and Amaaraa regional administration. Otherwise Oromiyaa’s natural allies are people of the South with whom they share independence and colonial history. They have fallen together for the same force and they have to rise together defeating the same force. Oromo people have doubts about trusting TPLF from past experience. On present situation there is no cause for doubts. They have common enemy and similar cause. They need each other for survival of their nation. As for relations after victory, they have to be ready for any eventuality and prepare for it, rather than start shunning living in own country and lose possible present benefit.

Those that are making too much cacophony about agreement of WBO and TDF are those that earlier declared these organizations as terrorist accusing them for treason. It was long ago that they became traitors for them, what is new that caused the present cacophony? Peoples of Oromiyaa and Tigray have embraced them despite their designating them as terrorists because they know who is dying for them. They understand that from Minilik to PP whatever comes out of their mouth is all lies. Lies are for them spice of life. Now, how did these liars think they will believe them and wanted lying to them? From its birth WBO has never been loyal to them. Its raison d’être is to dismantle their empire and pull out Oromiyaa from underneath. Before assuming it is their person that betrayed them, they should have known the difference in history and objectives it has with them. The era when one can divide Oromo in region, “gosaa” and faith is past gone. Gadaa system was strong because it was based on those differences, they are trying to provoke to create conflict among the people. They might have results when political consciousness was low, not now when these differences are recognized as source of strength. It was rather relation Oromo had with Ethiopians that brought havoc on them causing to lose all they had. As long as the Oromo people is under alien oppression WBO will be their nemesis and keep on being their nightmare making them cry ad nauseum.

Let it be known to Oromo, Ethiopians and third parties that problem of the region can be solved if only historic relations of peoples concerned are put in proper perspective. Ethiopian empire is like all empires formed to satisfy

arrays of interests; by its formation many cultures and languages are condemned for extinction and many more are struggle for survival. The present struggle is to save whatever remains from colonial destruction and revive as nations they used to be. Marching in alliance with those that have similar cause will save time and life. Big powers of that time had played big roles in formation of Ethiopian empire. As long as there are national interests, it cannot be said that the present big powers are not interested in shaping our region to fit their desire. Would they stick to the old agent or allow new ones to surge, that is to be seen with time? But like them we have also interest of our own. As long as we participate in international relations only the naive expects free lunch. Greedy power mongers have given them legitimate ground to interfere in affairs of the region. For now, whatever their motives survival of victims of Ethiopian atrocities is hinged on them.

We as African siblings have failed to respect each other’s minor interest and freedom that we have gone to extent of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against each other. That makes us unable to defend our global interest in solidarity. UN Charter and other documents reflect some standard of civilized people. Members are supposed to beave accordingly. But some African leaders are guided by instinct rather than reason and covenant they endorsed. Like all empires this one also has started to wither away despite prop ups by interests. PP is only time sent catalyst. Originally wronged people, are rising to claim all they lost. Therefore, to avoid further crises their lost rights, dignity and sovereignty need to be restored. That could be realized by recognizing their right of nations to national self-determination enshrined in the violated federal constitution. Let them have their own unity not imposed one. Unless moral values come into play special interest and chauvinism are going to destroy Africa. Let us seal all cracks and deny all means by which dictatorship sprouts and foreign interference in our internal affairs is enabled. Unless Africans strengthen their siblinghood and respect each other’s interest those become impossible.

Federation, confederation, independence, equality, justice are all democratic terms. To believe pretentions of autocratic thinking persons, will implement such lofty ideas is naiveite. That is the confusion observable today. The Oromo question cannot get answer unless the Oromo present themselves as non-Ethiopians and the Ethiopians also accept Oromo rights in the same manner not as -second class Ethiopians or as foreigners. Then only can we talk of relations as nations of equals.

There is a push by the enemy to continue taking Oromiyaa as subservient to Ethiopia. All the furies, insults and condemnation of Amharic speaking elites against the Oromo emanate from taking them as invaders and themselves the indigenous. It is result of ignorance, inability to separate real history from daftaraa clerics propaganda material their ancestors developed hundreds of years ago. Even their hero, Minilik recognizes Oromo Country as separate from his motherland. It was OLF that exposed this ignorance and declared Oromiyaa as a country destined to be free. That is why they hate it. When we talk of Amaaraa region we are not talking about the inhabitants of the region but about Amharic speaking descendants of old nafxanyaa system. Those know that if they lose their old colonies, in particular Oromiyaa they cannot control the region designated as Amaaraa. It is the human and natural resources from there that give them the upper hand everywhere. Amaaraa is only Amharic language which is being used by few elites as source of power over all others. If denied wealth and manpower of Oromiyaa they will have no means to continue suppressing Agawu, Qimaant and Northern Oromo and threaten Tigray. This shows, that they have irreconcilable contradiction with former colonies specially Oromiyaans. Therefore, the empire system has to end for freedom and peace of the majority. They have also the opportunity to go back to corners they originated from and be part of the free majority.

As long as OLF exists free Oromiyaa will remain haunting the colonizers and Oromoo with enslaved minds. Even if it is not there the prophesy will remain in each Oromo heart. Unless the Oromo and all nations, nationalities and

people are taken for what they are, not as appendages of anyone there cannot be peace and stability in the region. If not, let alone in a sort of union, it will be impossible to live in harmony as neighbors. Approaching the problems with Ethiopian mentality will only keep them further apart. Ethiopianism is no more a solution even for those who once upon a time have adopted the name in common. That of non-Ethiopians taken for granted, how many crimes like ethnic cleansing, genocide, rape, environmental destruction etc. were committed against those that shared common history, culture and religion in its name? Tigree and Amaaraa warlords used to fight each other for the crown; but mass mobilization was reserved for external enemy. What is important is peoples’ willingness to live together from their free will. Making the name an issue is to distort the main question for benefit of a group that wants to establish its superiority over others. Otherwise, a name is only a tool for identifying one entity from another not a commodity or consumable.

The Ethiopian empire is in the verge of violently disintegrating. To prevent the consequence from being the most devastating to life, property and the environment ones that have brain left in their skull have to pause and consider to save whatever may be possible rather than scattering insults and hate around. It is now for nafxanyaa system hopefuls like PP and Amharic speaking elites to beg for peaceful settlement of conflicts they initiated. The so-called glorious days “Kaffitaa” they want to restore are only suffering days for the majority around them. Now these majority are capable of not only defending themselves but also to counter attack with crushing below and end their hegemony once for all. Their fathers have committed genocide, plunder, enslavement, rape and all unimaginable crimes against Oromo. Instead of acknowledging all those continuing to deny and giving contemptible justifications will only keep on opening old wounds. It is only accepting reality not continuing with inherited lies and denials that could be a panacea. There are no individuals that do not have a birth place or ethnic origin. It is their birth right to claim space there. Ethiopia can no longer serve as scarecrow. It has to be understood that all births have pain, let us cooperate and bring peace and calmness to ameliorate pain from change to come.

Amharic speaking nafxanyaa system hopefuls have denied peoples under the empire smooth transition from colonialism to freedom. The colonies have accepted to live with them in a federal union but they insisted on maintaining old imperial Ethiopia. They still want to use out of date lies their fathers molded to help them then. Unless they erase their lies retaining only useful legacies if any, and try to live with others in harmony, they are going to lose all together. Taking war by PP as a pretext Amaaraa region joined it allegedly to get back land they say were taken away from them by Tigaaruu. When victory they registered was reversed, they started hue and cry using the same formula of Ethiopianism, denying Tigray’s being Ethiopian. They have denied the region common cause monopolizing all for them even being Ethiopian. Unless they get rid of the lies surrounding formation of Ethiopia and Amaaraa it will put their credibility in doubt, in their future dealings. Let alone children of other nations, nationalities and peoples dying for Walqaayit, there would be no cause for children of poor Amaaraa dying for Walqaayit to keep Abiy Ahmad and his Amaaraa cohorts in power.

. Every nation, nationality and people are proud of its identity. The Tigaaruu recognized this at least in principle and accepted the universal right of national self-determination for all. The Amharic speaking elite refused to recognize that right and wanted to reverse gains of the last fifty years. This is outright declaration of war on majority peoples’ rights. Despite unsettled grudges they have with a Tigaruu group the common cause they share with now outweighs reasons for going into conflict with them being on the side of the real enemy. It does not mean OLA is forgetting the plunders, disappearances, exiles, tortures and maiming’s of their compatriots. One makes that to rest not by going to war but by peaceful means when this testing time passes. In past history there is no Ethiopian force that has been lenient for the Oromo. But it was the Amaaraa that tried more burying their

identity and subjected them to untold sufferings. Therefore, it will be just in the present struggle to stand with anyone but PP and Amharic speaking elites that want to restore the old colonial order. PP’s buddies cannot tell Oromo nationalists they disserted, with whom to ally or not. Losers make the loudest sound in their way out.

Though harm inflicted on colonies was greater, national oppression between Amaraa and Tigraaway nations and between ruling class in both against farmers were not simple. For this reason, rebellion that started in colonies, Amharic speakers and Tigray developed into armed struggle. Demands of Oromo and Tigaruu were recognition of the right of nations to national self-determination. Objective of Amharic speaking elites was to restore imaginary “ancient glory” with them at the top. When the others successfully overthrew the government, most were hit with it except those like the present Vice PM that took refuge with TPLF and became hope for survival of the Nafxanyaa system. The Tigaaruu under stood that unless questions like those of the Oromo are not answered Ethiopia may not survive to continue. They also wanted that Amaaraa superiority will not come back again for them too. As a remedy constitution of the federation was created. Still today the Amharic speakers cannot swallow the fact that others have equal status and have their own territories and identity separate from theirs. They have started war against Tigaaruu to destroy them for spoiling their serfs but dugout knife to be slayed with.

TPLF was superior to those they cooperated with to bring down the Darg, in armaments and diplomatic support. This superiority derailed them from objectives they struggled for and made them fall under selfishness and chauvinism. Federal constitution was forgotten and abuse of human rights, like imprisonment, killing, kidnapping and banishment became the main work. But peoples’ rebellion forced them to retreat to own country. Tigray fighters with the opportunity they got built their country and did not forget their people, (to borrow Prof. Asrat’s term) as did “Hodaam Amaaraa” (Avaricious Amaaraa) that lived filling own bellies. It is not realizing this that Amaaraa elites are trying to make Tigaaruu hate TPLF. Those that get the opportunity have never been lenient for the weak to satisfy their interest. They are only matching rivals that negotiate to protect their interests. Propaganda coined based on hate covers up the truth and one start believing in own lies.

The enemy that marched to destroy Tigaaruu was different from them in country, culture and language. That is why unity and resolve of the people is strengthened and sympathy of the world is high. The enemy destroying Oromoo is led by afaan Oromo speaking quislings brainwashed by alien detergent. This simulating Oromo government has deceived many own people and gave excuse for third parties, not to see Oromiyaa as different from Ethiopia. The fact is Oromo do not share with Ethiopia the false 3000 years it assumes and the never colonized African Country tale. They have their own separate unblemished history to tell as independent nation and as Ethiopian colony. It would be beneficial for regional and world peace to recognize this fact and suggest how to keep the region together. So far not recognizing the elephant in the room is leaving the situation to below up out of control anytime putting the neighborhood at risk.

No Oromo person except as an agent ever ruled over Oromo country genuinely representing the nation since a century and half ago. Just like Indians and Africans were members of British army and administration does not mean Indians and Africans have ruled Britain, so also Oromiyaans cannot be said to have ruled Ethiopian empire. Adopted and mercenaries of Oromo origin might have risen to positions. Those are not Oromo heroes but killers of their resistance heroes. That is what affected speed of Oromo struggle. Now, nafxanyaa system that they discarded in the past is reviving to put survival of Oromo and Tigray nation at risk. Rather than lamenting for what happened yesterday saving oneself from immediate danger has priority. That is why agreement between OLA and TDF becomes demand of the time. Standing with one that has similar cause however unkind it might have been, is better than hiding under armpits of old enemy’s decadent system. This is alliance of the willing, no forced collection can stand against. What is expected from their agreements is building trust that past mistakes are never

repeated. They can solve problem facing the region if only they are based on principle of justice, equality, freedom and respect for each other’s interest. They have to vow that havoc and destruction that befall humanity and resources this time should never happen again.

Abiy’s government and its fans have chosen to go down by power of the gun. Unless the guns are placed under the people the soonest possible after that, the change could have no difference from those in the past. To give lasting decision for future of the region conducive situation must be created for Oromiyaa to run fair and free election like Tigray. All their relations have to be transparent for all nations, nationalities and peoples. In Amaaraa region there are people denied their country and identity. For democrats to review that is the demand of human rights. For that purpose, population census is indispensable. All should be counted with true identity. Peoples of the south should not be lumped together but identity of each, small or big ought to be recognized. Creating unions is their right and should not be imposition of alien leaders at the center. To use the rights of self-determination they have to be helped not ordered. Human relations in the region have to be constructed anew as not having any trace of colonialism and hegemony of one nation.

Any fighting becomes more effective and efficient if it has allies with similar objectives. Oromo struggle is for national self-determination, to restore independence and democratic culture they lost to nafxanyaa colonialism. For this reason, relations they form in the future could include only those that accepted democracy as a way of life and the right of nations for national self-determination. Otherwise, shading of blood so far to bring the present situation becomes purposeless. It should usher to all peoples a future full of hope, peace, justice and happiness. Now the Ethiopian empire way of governance has to end the way of independent or unionized democratic African states has to begin. Now all the oppressed peoples are at war with Bilxiginnaa and Amaaraa elites’ hegemony. OLA and TDF alliance will complete its mission after assuring Bilxiginnaa and Amaaraa elites’ hegemony are out of way and nations, nationalities and peoples are assured of their full right. To settle all past accounts is necessary for a clean beginning. Therefore, South Africa’s style commission for the purpose may be required. Cleansing Oromiyaa State bureaucracy polluted by Bilxiginnaa will be another task. Professionals in there as long as they can be loyal to Oromiyaa continuing their service could be advantageous. Internally safuu has to be maintained. For this reason, adopted characters and practices from aliens has to be dusted outside before embrace each other. Traditionally Oromo give decision by consensus so that no one is left out. That is one element of Oromummaa in addition to rule of law and safuu. Gadaa principles of turning Oromo differences to strength needs to be restored. Members of organization have vowed to take Kaayyoo to the finish. They have own individual emotions because they are human. They can quarrel, blame and get mad at each other. But that requires at most care, maturity and exalting Kaayyoo more than relations between individuals as not to overflow and affect their organization. Oromo as a nation may also require to restore safuu and closing past accounts so that mistrust and treacherous practices will never again threaten national unity. All Oromiyaans in the “Ilaa fi Ilaamee” deliberation for clearing all past mistrusts have to stand for one Oromiyaa. Those that helped this change to come, are expected to facilitate for nations nationalities and peoples to deliberate on their future as African siblings in good faith. It is out of such a meeting of minds that peoples’ power that guaranty for viable peace, stability and human development can be born. Long live solidarity of free nations, nationalities and peoples! Let equality and rule of law flourish! Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

September 2021