Truth about Amaaraaness and Itophiyaa

The Ethiopian empire is founded by Amaaraa led gun wielder (nafxanyaa). Ethiopia is a name, a kingdom in Habashaa highland gave to itself, making it official only in 1931discarding the name “Abyssinia”. Imperialist had also participated in promoting this. Abyssinia might be part of land the Greeks named Ethiopia for being black. In Greek “Aethiopia” is like saying “Nigro” or “Shaanqillaa”. Taking this name meant claiming all records about those, in particular that of Nubia for oneself. That the name is alien can be seen from the fact that only the learned pronounce it properly, not Amaarinyaa speaking peasant farmers. These days, saying that Ethiopia is never colonized, is a stereotype based on biased information. This time, there may not be a mountain kingdom that they protected and used to call “Christian island” in heathen and Muslim sea standing alone. It has become a participant in the “Scramble for Africa” with help of European imperialists and is a colonizer itself. Therefore, saying the present Ethiopian empire is never colonized is adding to the already existing lies. Time has changed, let us see truth about the region.

This era is one that everyone can have access to information. Pushing majority to a corner and abusing it is becoming thing of the past. No one can stop the coming storm of change. No human and natural environment can be spared from it. For example, before 50 years we taught that Goree in western Oromiyaa gets rain throughout the year; today weather report indicates different. Let alone decadent Ethiopian empire those called modern democracy are shaking unable to adjust to the tide of change. There is no solution except swallowing the truth and going forward by filling the shortfalls. Today trying to lie is exposed before it comes out of the mouth. It is said, “Trying to fool the wise is looking for hatred”. What will be better is to go over whatever lied when most were ignorant and correct and adjust it to existing reality. We have seen the outcome when peoples are enraged. Those that did harm to human beings King, Darg and TPLF could not stand peoples’ tide. Now also the wheel of history cannot be stopped before reaching its true destination because of riffraff cacophony.

Now the empire is under authoritarian regime. As if own was not enough it has solicited help from the neighborhood and is destroying legally formed government of Tigray, its people and its resources. Arson and rape are said to be common place. That means Tigray is added to the diminishing Oromo. What happened revealed that members were being deceiving about federalism. Not only federalism, it brought Ethiopia under question. To raise this issue TPLF’s evil past is brought forward making it a taboo to mention. But one evil cannot be corrected by another. It rather becomes travesty of justice to hear this from those that were partners with TPLF in all its past misdeeds. For it the evil deeds are of the past; it would have been justified had those partners not continued with the evil deeds with more vigor. There is no statute of limitation for capital crime and collective punishment is no less a crime. Individuals that committed crimes will be tried when the time comes to give fair judgement. Now all that stand for justice must stand with Tigaaruu against indiscriminate slaughter. To support PP is one thing but to pass with silence or support in its genocidal campaign is a crime without mitigation.

Nafxanyaa movement has nothing it does not lie about. Its lies include about faith, flag, King. Nothing in its speech and activities can be taken as true. Unless limit is put on such inherited lie this African region cannot get peace. The solution is to struggle until superiority of law is assured. Isaayyaas has planned to destabilize neighbors because he is not getting attention for being a leader of small country compared to the surrounding. His first move was obstructed with punishment by Tigraaway he despised. Now he got the opportunity to cross border and retaliate. PP is denying that shamelessly. Amaaraa’s crossing border to solicit a person their blood is on his had simply for grievance with Tigaaruu is what boggles the mind. A system based on lies cannot have life without lying. There cannot be peace and stability unless this system is destroyed. In particular concept about Ethiopia and Amaaraa need to be investigated in depth. It is understanding that wrongly that is disturbing the region.

Amaaraa and Ethiopia are not nations but parasite of nations because they have no own territory except imaginary one. Therefore, there is no way they can be members of a multinational federation. That is what is prompting them to dismantle the federation though it has adopted the Ethiopian adjective. After 1991 a region of other nations and nationalities was named after Amaaraa. But because that cannot solve the fundamental lack of nationhood the group is not satisfied with it. It is trying to displace others and replace them by own group. The present Amaaraa region belongs to Agawu and its branches; Beeggaa; Oromo; Wayixoo; Argobba etc. The choice the group have is going back individually to where it originated or fight to maintain its control over the empire it formed. Understanding this, the others have to facilitate rehabilitation or get ready to combat the war being prepared for them and be determined to bring about complete decolonization.

Henceforth no one will accept any one’s superiority. Issue of Ethiopian colonies is a dead case; they will never again be under Amaraa rule. Agawu and its branches and Tigree, among whom the two sprouted are moving for their right of self-determination to be realized. Hence, reassessment of past history is required, to understand the mess the region is in and search for panacea. Now, Amharic has no nearest kin than Agawu and its branches. It is said that Zaaguwee ruling class-maintained soldiers dominantly Gi’iiz speakers. Those with Agawu speakers created a new language for their own confidential communication, in the palace in the same way Oromo create what they call “Afaan Simbira”. Later, these soldiers overthrew the legitimate king of Zaaguwee and suppressed everything Agawu and languages and cultures that does not confirm to the new group. Despite that most identities and languages of the Zaaguwee kingdom survived.

The force that came out of the palace went on spreading and strengthening tying string on necks of those it recruited as sign of baptism. That was done by carrot or stick and were told they have become Amaaraa. Though it has no specific territory, those became assurance for Amaaraa to hold on others’ territory. Still there are ingredients with propensity to follow their enslavers. It is fully understanding its nature, when the Amaaraa say there are no oppressor and oppressed nation, for truly there is no oppressor nation but oppressor group called Amaara and oppressed nations. Only Gi’iiz speaking Tigree was left as rival to Amaaraa. Amharic and Tigraaway language are now classified as sematic indicating their Arab origin. Asaffaa Habtuu of “Tigray Tigriny” used to say except for the language they are Kushitic, let his soul rest in peace. Both were partners in forming the Ethiopian empire with Tigaaruu as underdogs most of the time. However, Tigaaruu were and are solid national entities. That is why they

are targets for Amaaraa destruction. Their identity must be suppressed like Agawu and others and replaced by new one they call Amaaraa. Their problem emanates mostly in sharing others’ land and resources. Tigaaruu also supported multinational federation, nemesis of Amaaraa nafxanyaa system.

This Palace group evolved into the nafxanyaa system spreading its lies led by persons like Yakuno Amlaak, Amda Tsiyoon, Zarayaqob, Minilik and Haayila Sillaasee. It was given ideological guidance by Orthodox Church used to be led by Egypt. By its nature this group cannot survive without monopolizing political power. Their saying, we shall get Ethiopia to her early height meant restoring her to the position of the time they started taking their lies out of the palace. They are still trying to lie to us if Ethiopia has ever had era of greatness than what she is now in. They are calling height (Kaffitaa) to era of ignorance, outlawry, raids, looting and lying. We could go nowhere unless we separate myth from reality. Unless it includes all, it tied string on the neck this group is landless minority. That is why it stands against population census. This Amaarinyaa speaking group started life by brutally suppressing people it came out of. It pushed their history, culture and language to the back and replaced them with new one. Now members who are hovering in the air have to get down and march with relevant nations, nationalities and peoples. For Ethiopia its country is “Crown”. That does not exist now. Amaaraa means one that speaks Amaarinyaa, who is Orthodox Christian and who leads nafxanyaa system. If one element is missing it amounts to nonexistent. The nafxanyaa colonial system is unthinkable anymore. If that was their height it was a shame for majority. The time belongs to the oppressed. It is time that Amaaraa and Ethiopia go down to peoples that begot them and consult. It would be better if quislings and minions do not bother the others with it.

The nafxanyaa system seemed as solid as metal to the oppressed as well as for those that used it to oppress; but when one examines it is as hollow as you saw. With the liberation struggle they waged; Oromo are able to expose all that. Though the system had rallied the politically unconscious and weakling to follow it with carrot and stick, today its abusive background has come to light. The struggle of the oppressed of taking their destiny into their hands, has gained more political consciousness and is advancing with more determination and commitment without wavering. Still there are parotic followers of the oppressor that have minimum IQ who shout “Shanee” and “Junta” after PP cadres two meaningless words, distortions of patriotic organization.

The conspiracy to suppress non Amaarinyaa speaking groups is formidable. Matakkal is country of Gumuz, Shinaashaa, and Agawu. Gumuz are black. It provokes quarrel based on color and make “red” and black clash. Next it raised campaign to eradicate Gumuz and settle its own group, alleging that Gumuz is wiping out Amaaraa settlers by slaying and eating. Big lie that Gumuz are Caliban. It is doing that making contact with remnants of nafxanyaa system. That made all “red” enemy of the Gumuz. That it is its plan to pass to others after finishing the Gumuz is obvious. What is amazing is that PP and Isaayyaas are party to this conspiracy. Amaaraa action is greed blinded for power and resources, otherwise that Gumuz kan appeal for help from outside is obvious making their effort unproductive. The bird Cuckoo have no nest of her own but lays eggs in others and give trouble to their offspring.

The problem now is Amaaraa group directly or clandestinely using members of the oppressed group against each other for own purpose. Today Oromo are extrajudicially being killed, imprisoned and

kidnaped. Extensive genocide is being carried out using Oromo against Oromo. Oromo militia, Oromo police and special force are being used by PP and its running dogs to massacre Oromo unarmed peasants accusing them of helping Oromo liberation movement. Their objective is to diminish as many Oromo as possible without hurting oneself. OLA does not go out to kill Oromo or any one unless they come to kill it. On the other hand, one sent by the enemy kills any Oromo it finds in front of it. It is told that Amaaraa clandestine forces are participating taking Oromiyaa colonial institutions as a cover. As member of the UN Ethiopia ought to respect rule of engagement in a conflict.

It is not Abiy and others being Oromo, what matters is to whom they are giving service, the old Ethiopian empire which should have been long dismantled. This has to stop before it develops into all out civil war. Talking about general election under the present system is allowing nafxanyaa colonial lie to continue. Those that stand for freedom justice and respect for human and nations’ rights, should not participate until peoples are free to determine their destiny. This regime is alien regime enemy of the Oromo. Their marching officers with Oromo name in the front should not deceive us. That is being done to tarnish Oromo name among nations, nationalities and peoples. Officers like them we saw in past regimes were discarded as garbage after making use of them. That will not be far off for these ones as well. It is very difficult for a non-Amaaraa to fulfill criteria for being Ethiopian whose nature does not allow it to be democratic and federal. For those infatuated with name Ethiopia, why sweat to be judged by others when you can fight for own freedom and decide after victory. Any way you try requires sacrifice so why not directly die for own national cause?

Oromo have only one force that belong to them, OLA, a part of the OLF. It is expected to have a central command and a unified political leadership. Helping it with this understanding will be assurance for survival as a nation. Without belittling what we have, we will augment the shortfalls and march forward. OLF is in a mess falling in enemy hands. It is nauseating to her veteran OLF fighters contradicting the original Kaayyoo on alien forum. Therefore, it is up to nationalist Oromo youth to reclaim their genuine organization. For nafxanyaa descendants let alone where they are born, they can choose any part of the world for their residence. They should not put their life in jeopardy with provocation of past system hopefuls. As long as they abide by rule of law, it is responsibility of people they live with to protect and for their rights to be respected. The solution is not one’s yesterday built on lies, but the real peace and happiness of today and hope it gives for tomorrow.

Oromiyaa is settlers as well, so no reason for them not to join the struggle to liberate her for Oromiyaan which includes them. OLA is supposed to protects all from danger; that it is dangerous is false alarm by the enemy. The Amaaraa group has nowhere to land unless it recognizes its origin. That is why it is instigating peacefully living settlers to rise against their hosts. Therefore, until all realize own identity it will be a must for struggle of independence to continue. Nations, nationalities and people today crying for freedom fell under the enslaver from accidental slip; no one is slave by birth.

Problem in this region of the Horn of Africa originates from Amaaraa and Itophiyaa names that have no proper roots. There is no body to talk to and solve the problem. Amaaraa has only destination not where to return to. It was with those names that they colonized independent nations and nationalities and spread nafxanyaa system over them. When all colonized in Africa were freed only those of empire

Ethiopia formed by Amaaraa remained. For this reason, many waged independence struggles and uprooted its government. After peoples’ victory in 1991 it was suggested to try multinational federation before going apart. Instead of recognizing its original component parts like Agawu and Qimaant naming a region after it was a big mistake.

Because federal structure does not go with nature of Amaaraa and Itophiyaa they are trying to sabotage it from becoming successful. Actually, it was wrong to build a new one over the old empire structure before dismantling the old. Since dismantling empire built by nafxanyaa system means demise of Amaaraa and Itophiyaa they will pay whatever it may cost to save it. The peoples have to recognize this and find a solution for it. It is a must for Oromo to strengthen their armed and political struggle. Armed struggle becomes necessary only because Oromo enemies do not have the culture of resolving conflicts peacefully through dialogue; otherwise, Oromo love peace. It is only if they are free that they can negotiate relation they might have with other nations. Before that, cooperating with names Ethiopia and Amaaraa amounts selling oneself back to slavery. Relations formed could be successful only if it is with people that have own territory. In the north Qimaant, Awwii, Agawu, Tigree, Argobba and Wayixoo etc. but Amaaraa will be relevant partners. Nafxanyaa system had so far been standing with those that made us not to raise our heads because of blackness; that can be there no more. We shall hold hands with those that are proud of being African and liberate our continent. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

January 2021

Dhugaa Amaarum

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