Oromiyaa Plight and Way Out

The Oromo understand Ethiopia as a neighbor. They have lived side by side from time immemorial. When both had only traditional arms, they used to have hit and run clashes, but no one was able to occupy another’s territory. However, imbalance of power occurred after Ethiopia was coopted as a partner in the Scramble for Africa by major European imperialist forces. The then Ethiopia was the highland kingdom which includes part of present Amaaraa Region and Tigray and part of Eritrea. That was the only part of empire Ethiopia that is mentioned as never colonized. Ethiopia colonized all nations, nationalities and peoples to her south as partner to European Imperialism. Oromiyaa had never willingly submitted to Habashaa colonialism so also others. It took more than a hundred years of scattered resistance for Oromiyaa to form pan-Oromo liberation movement, the OLF to put up united resistance. Since inception of OLF much was achieved. At least many have come out of the trauma of colonialism. The torn apart Oromiyaa has been put together under one name. We have now people struggling, willing to pay anything to be free again. However, there are still Oromoo elites claiming to be in Oromo camp, but fail seeing Oromo issue a little away from Ethiopia. Oromo question is a national liberation question, a demand for decolonization nothing to do with ethnicity. Any effort to resolve conflict in the region should start from that premise. Unless Oromo question is clearly defined, mixing up with problems of Ethiopia proper will only confuse objectives of the two which are diametrically opposed and extend the conflict unnecessarily. Lack of organizational unity, consistency, determination and consensus on part of Oromo liberation activist has been sending mixed messaged to the world despite concerted propaganda of their enemy to invalidate their cause for struggle.

Peoples of both countries, Oromiyaa and Ethiopia have similarities and differences. Both are black; they belong to the Afroasiatic language family; they occupy same region in Africa. On the difference side they have separate history, economic life, culture, tradition, mother tongue, territory and different political systems. Ethiopia is autocratic and knew no other system other than monarchy. Oromo are democratic based on Gadaa system with parties changing hands every eight years. Misunderstanding about Ethiopia emanates from not knowing these facts or overlooking them. Foreign Ethiopianists paying no attention to these differences, when they talk of Ethiopia as a country never colonized. They avoid telling that she is as colonizer as was Britain, France and Italy. Underlying colonial question in Ethiopian conflict is misconceived by many because the colonizer is black. Many issues are distorted because of that. For instance, the battle of Adwa has never been presented as a confrontation between two colonizers but their colors were magnified. Countries colonized not long ago, supplied with wealth and slave labor to carry war needs to Tigray. Both contestants have employed natives from their colonies to fight their wars. It was after cutting arms and breasts of Oromo at Annolee that Minilik applied his habitual practice to cutting arms and legs from hundreds of black Eritrean captives after victory. That racist did not do same to white captives.

There seems no much difference of opinion among Oromo elites on the above said differences. Difference comes with options of being decolonized or integrated to the occupier, Ethiopia. More than a hundred years of brainwashing to dehumanize and assimilate was not easy to evaporate fast. Some have no self-confidence to challenge those that were dominating them for years. And some are interested in immediate personal return rather than national freedom and dignity that would come long after. An Oromo child be it at home or school grew seeing intimidating Amharic speakers with armed bodyguards, and them also armed and all people including their fathers and chiefs kowtowing for them. That is the psychological setup children on both sides grew up experiencing. As an excuse to avoid challenging the nafxanyaa, some Oromo youth joined socialist oriented nafxanyaa organizations to advance class struggle and remain Ethiopians. They joined the nafxanyaa in the name of the revolution and participated in persecuting their compatriot nationalists.

Such individuals have not regained Oromo personality lost to colonialism which made them spineless. They considered it seems, the deplorable situation in which they find their people, as preordained at creation. The practice still prevails as an obstacle to Oromo struggle setting one Oromo against the other. Countering that, nationalists with liberated minds then called those nafxanyaa lovers as “Red Goobana”. Goobana Daaccee was Oromo quisling, who played major role in colonization of Oromiyaa. But what those “Oromo socialists” did not realize then is that so called Habashaa progressives had reservation about their comradeship and “proletarian Internationalism”, the excuse for joining them. The declaration on Bakkalcha Oromo No. I, Organ of OLF that all political organization were nafxanyaa organizations was to be proved sooner than said. Those Oromo socialists were butchered by Nafxanyaa organization, Darg and its running dogs. Many Oromo intellectuals among them were invited from abroad to join the revolution. Many survivors have regretted to some extent and joined the national struggle.

Nafxanyaa system was a colonial system imposed by gun wielding invaders that denied the conquered their freedom, their property, their land, resources and suppressed their identity. Their history, culture, language and tradition were barred from public scene. It turned natives of the colonized land into slaves and serfs overnight. Nafxanyaa system was created by Shawaa Amaaraa ruling class and was led by Abyssinian warlords. Many rank and files were recruited from Abyssinian peasants and fallen nations and nationalities. Those were baptized to consider themselves Amaaraa and later got opportunity to rise in ranks. Thus, nafxanyaa is a militarized political, economic and social formation for advancement of superiority of Amaaraa nation with its capital at recently incorporated Oromo cultural center, Finfinnee of Tuulamaa land.

Goobana comes from Abbichuu, a Tuulama clan. Oromo reactionaries influenced by nafxanyaa propagandists want to take blaming Goobana, as if it was blaming the brave Tuulamaa clan. It was Tuulamaa clan that shielded Oromo tribes to its south from Abyssinian marauders for centuries until European gun arrived and recruiting Oromo braves like Goobana became possible to make the difference and led to Tuulamaa’s down fall. That opened the flood gate that submerged the Oromo nation. Those reactionaries have taken a mission from the enemy knowingly or unknowingly to create misunderstanding between Oromo tribes. There were many traitors from all Oromo clans but no one of them has touched life of all Oromo and were as military genius and influential as Goobana. He first betrayed the Tuulama. Any Oromo that emulates him will go down in Oromo files as quislings or as goobana. Goobana was mysteriously seen off and so were all goobana that came after him.

After saying so much about Nafxanyaa and Goobana let us go back to the present situation. OLF in exile was full of schisms and betrayals which are not necessary to narrate here. Those who have conscience may one day make things clear with self-criticism. The best thing that happened was the rise of Oromo youth, Qeerroo and Qeerrantii of the Qubee Generation to play their traditional role at home. With unarmed protest from 2014-2018 they were able to force change with in EPRDF. They were deceived by some members of OPDO known as Team-Lammaa and ceased their protest untimely leaving enemy camp intact. That there was leadership vacuum in Oromo movement was obvious. That was filled by these old deviants that swore to have absolved themselves, and ready to serve the Oromo people loyally. They were fast forgiven and accepted because there were no other Oromo organizations to take the lead and route out the EPRDF. But they only did some tricks and democratically took over EPRDF chairmanship. At that moment no force could have stopped TPLF from creating more destruction had it not retreated preserving its force for later days.

Lammaa Magarsaa whom people trusted passed OPDO leadership to a team member Abiy Ahmad. The question is whether Lammaa knowingly chose a person who is prouder of colonizer’s history than that of a nation every one believed he belonged to, the Oromo. He only used Oromo for the opportunity to grab EPRDF leadership, conspiring with Amaaraa ANDM. His coming to power lacks sincerity to his EPRDF comrades with whom they have

bled Oromiyaa and the whole empire for three decades. He even seems to marginalize his buddy, Lammaa a person that won admiration of Oromo people. Abiy came to power by great sacrifices of Oromo youths and destruction of Oromo resources. But what was not known then was that OPDO was only an instrument for age old traditional power struggle between Amharic speaking nafxanyaa and Tigaaruu. This was later realized in the alliance formation against federal constitution. Helped by slave mentality Oromo persons, the discarded nafxanyaa system is getting the opportunity to get recycled.

Abiy had never shown concern for Oromo interest since he came to power. Any political party is expected to reflect interest and outlook of its group. That was why people say OPDO is Oromo only in name even before deserting its creator to join the nafxanyaa party EPP. When TPLF came to power the first thing it assured was rehabilitation of its war-torn country with especial budget by which Oromo resources were geared to Tigray despite the loses they suffered in fighting wars of their colonizers. With that TPLF developed Tigray in folds in what seems miraculous. Abiy did nothing for Oromo loses, instead he continued adding to killings of Oromo and destruction of Oromiyaa. He is even threatening to revers gains of half a century struggle. His view on Oromo nationalism is the same as those preceding him who had been persecuting Oromo youth for narrow nationalism. He has sanctioned “Natsa irmijaa” (summary killings) similar to sponsors of “Red Terror”. As a result, the army, police and cadres are extrajudicially killing unarmed people as they liked, dragging from home and prisons.

Nafxanyaa system hopefuls after fifty years got a leader in Abiy that could help them realize their dreams. The only obstacles were Oromo and other colonies freedom fighters and Wayyaanee of Tigray. They were working hard to weaken the colonies until they are ready enough for the well organized and well-armed Tigray. War with Tigray is going to be continuation of those between Tedros and Tigrean chiefs and Minilik II and Yohannes IV. Tigray mostly was the underdog in olden times. Modern Tigray seems determined to bring that position to an end once and for all. That was why thirty years ago it conceded on changing structures under the empire bringing Amaaraa supremacy to an end. On part of nafxanyaa system hopefuls and EPP, it is going to be war of revenge for they both have grudges of being despised by TPLF for three decades and introduction of the federal system replacing imperial bureaucracy founded by Minilik. For Isaayyaas it was retaliating for his last defeat in the hands of Tigray leaders and their earlier denial of access to Oromiyaa wealth. So far, little Tigray full of “habboo” (stamina) have stood gallantly against allied giant forces of EPP, Amaaraa militia and Isaayyaas of Eritrea. They are fighting people’s war against invaders. Towns may fall but the people will continue to fight until the enemy is defeated or they perish; that is what is meant by people’s war. Abiy and Isaayyaas may win battles but the war did not begin yet.

Whoever wins the present battle has to collect the booty. In the past when TPLF and Shaabiyaa won and captured Finfinnee, Oromiyaa was the major booty source. No moveable and raw materials were spared, logs and soil including were loaded on hundreds of trucks and taken North. Sending booty collectors behind combatants is known Isaayyaas formula. If not prepared enough to defend themselves Oromo still are the targets at least for Isaayyaas and nafxanyaa forces. One of Amaaraa elites who was once member of Parliament posted in social media referring to the Oromo with contemptible inuendo as “settlers from Madagascar” which he can handle alone after Tigray is defeated. This Madagascar thing is a repetition of a reference once made by a woman member of Abiy’s Peace commission. Such statement of the ignoramus turns their inside out for the world to see how they view this most ancient people, members of the glorious Kushitic civilization with no tangible history of originating from outside Africa. I wish to be in the shoes of goobanaas to witness how they absorbed this demeaning insult from those with shallow roots in the area. When they are observing injustice being committed against their own people how did their conscience accept standing with the culprit? If EPP survives the war in Tigray Oromiyaa has to get ready to be what is called “From frying pan to the fire” for EPP. Even if it wins, Tigray cannot be as harmful as it was in the 1990s. Still it has war captives to create robots like past PDOs but antidote for that formula has already been found.

Abiy established Command Post on Oromiyaa and nations and nationalities in the south without open declarations of Marshal Law. He cut internet and communication lines and kept their ordeal hidden from the world. Like Darg’s “Red Terror” he allowed summery killings by which people are murdered daily to this day in addition to other shocking criminal acts. The nafxanyaa led by Abiy want to dominate the old colonies again and grab their land and resources. Even the war with Tigray for which they joined Abiy’s army is for land grab by force, next to killing “Ethnic Federalism”. Amaaraa claim Walqaayit and Raayyaa, which are now under Tigray. Presently taking cover under EPP war, they are paying sacrifices to regain them. If question of identity arises, Raayyaa and Walloo have identity separate from both and Walqaayit may be contested, all deserve going for referendum. The question should be that of law not force. Determining to live by themselves or to choose with whom to live is the right of the inhabitants. No need to spill blood for them.

The destabilizing of Benishangul to regain ownership of Matakkal is a good example of neonafxanyaa greed for land of others. Like everywhere they are provoking ethnic tension and putting natives on edges. If EPP wins the war with Tigray, beware there may not be Benishangul Gumus on the map any more. No peoples of Ethiopian past colonies have shown so far retaliation for injustice done to them previously. But the nafxanyaa wants them to do that and gain justification for interference and world sympathy. They were almost successful in Adaamaa, Shashamannee, Dodolaa and Gedi’o. These are the people who openly express for people of Tigray to be wiped out as long as it erases Wayyaanee whom they wrongly take as architect of, in their words “Ethnic Federalism”. They have no human feelings. If they are not good for long standing compatriots and fellow Tawaahido Christians they will be no good for aliens like Oromo. There are descendants of colonizer nafxanyaa in Oromiyaa. Independent Oromiyaa will grant them to live like Oromiyaans abiding by Oromo law with their human rights respected. If they don’t want that they are free to go anywhere they like; but hey will not allow the Amaaraa coming back to disturb them with them as excuse. Settlers alone have the right to live in Oromiyaa not the Amaaraa government. Just like all residents they will be asked to pledge allegiance to Oromiyaa.

No problem is springing from settlers in Oromiyaa, Benishangul Gumus or other colonies but from descendants of past absentee land lords who with remote control want to catch fire with others hands. If interference in other states affairs from outside is not stopped soon, civil war could be inevitable. The loss could be greater for agent provocateurs than for the peoples they intend to destroy. Oromummaa is not counting DNA but thinking, outlook. It is love for peace equality and justice. Therefore, there is no reason why all Oromiyaans irrespective of race, ethnic origin, creed and color cannot stand together in defending Oromiyaa. Oromo means people’s children or humans. Be Oromo!

As inhabitants of this part of Africa what should worry us is not the sporadic massacres in Oromiyaa, Benishangul and other areas. It should be echoing “foul!” based on crocodile tears of Ethiopians. So far there is no killings where only one ethnic group is the victim. If it is rumored that Amaaraa are among the victims all the dead will be claimed, with out of proportion noises by nafxanyaa system hopefuls all over the world and local institutions. When the massacre is sure to be only non Amaaraa all are silent. In such acts, it was observed when all, the Federal President, the Patriarch of Orthodox Church and MPs made noises. The “Red Line” trespassed, call to arms, condemnation of “OLF Shanee” and TPLF shading tears without needing proof. That is weightless nafxanyaa conspiracy. Why doesn’t death of non Amaara equally sadden these Amaaraa dignitaries? Why are they not shouting with high pitch when Mosques are burned and imams are killed like they do for Orthodox Churches and priests? Had they ever consciously thought Oromiyaa as part of Ethiopia that was what they automatically do. Where are those pro- EPP Oromo when Oromo are terrorized and Oromiyaa destabilized by it? That is what is worrisome.

The burning issue Oromo has is not what happened yesterday but the ordeal they are subjected to today by EPP in collaboration with reactionary forces from the past. How can any sane person side a terrible dictator at the head of fascistic nafxanyaa system hopefuls against own people? Oromo did not go to others domicile but are being killed in their own home. Why are the Oromo subjected to terror? Is it not for oppressors to get what is not theirs from Oromiyaa? All colonized during the Scramble for Africa have gained their freedom except Ethiopian colonies. That can no more continue. They well know that Oromo will never again kneel down for aggressors. So how many of them can they kill before they are stopped? During Minilik they killed half of them to control. Is that what they are thinking now? Can they live together after that or they don’t care? The right of national self-determination is a universally recognized right. That is even recognized by Ethiopian federal constitution. Why violet it? Why don’t conduct a referendum? There is no sense in what is being committed against Oromo nation. Abiy or any human being has no right to infringe on Oromo human and people’s right. From what we observe no Oromo will submit to alien rule any more. Therefore, there is going to be an all-out war for freedom and independence. Lies spined to justify own wrong doings, unless stopped peace can never reign. One You call “Shanee”, if that means OLF is more legitimate than EPP or OPDO. All standing with aliens on this issue are going to account for all the destructions. When the time comes there will not be escaping accountability even after death.

It may not deserve Ethiopian’s sympathy, but doesn’t killing of human being at least worth being news item? Where are the media that were jarring to our ears on Buraayyuu, Gedi’o, Shashamannee, Gullisoo, Dibaaxee etc. cases when Oromo youth are daily summarily killed? Oromiyaa is not their traditional domain but a colony forcefully subdued. Therefore, Oromo do not expect to be treated with compassion in the same way with genuine Ethiopians. But it is the colonizer’s obligation to UN Charter to which it is a signatory, to observe universal human rights declaration unless it denies Oromo being human beings. As of getting relief form oppression it is up to the Oromo to assert their country’s independence. Nafxanyaa elites understand that; that is what they want to sabotage.

We remember the Jaawwii genocide committed under Amaaraa region watch. What measures did the federal government take? What do they expect from the Gumuse in Matakkal, to cross their hands and wait until they come for all of them? For the common Nilotic Gumus those that killed them are “Red People” (light skinned). They are those Red People that grabbed their land without own will supported by the government. Oromo and Agawu lived with this people sharing Matakkal for hundreds of years but they are red and new generation looks at them with suspicion unable to distinguish them from Amaaraa invaders. The problem for them is being red verses black. Even now the Amaaraa are declaring their intention to get back Matakkal. That escalates the fury of the indigenous Gumus. That seems how massacre of Oromo passengers happened. Oromo are furious at death of their kin but anger should not overtake them from examining the root cause and solve it ones and for all for the sake of coming generations. These lowland people need the protection of the world to live with dignity and freedom without trouble from highland “red and brown”. Oromo Gadaa culture respects all human beings irrespective of race or color. After 1991 Benishangul and Gumus were put together as federal state. That is what their northern colonizer neighbors are against. They want to continue enslaving they practiced during colonial period.

After Benishangul incident the same criminal act was repeated on 11/15/20 it was said, in Shebel on another group of Oromo youth. Shebel was founded by the renown Anfilloo warrior Karkarsaa Guutee. Is there any cool minded group that ever pondered where this could lead? What if law breaks down more and an eye for an eye begins? Who is going to hurt more? Oromo are truthful Waaq fearing, law respecting, peace loving, cool headed people. But with contempt and heat up insults and killings, they can become a never dying umber. Let all be careful for the sake of peace of the region.

Despite Abiy and his neonafxanyaa running dogs’ clear intention of harming their nation, there are those that continue to give him benefit of the doubt. Some of them are deceived by neonafxanyaa distraction method like the government being Oromo and partial to them. In reality they don’t want to antagonize him for he has promised them to bring back their imperial system. They don’t want to abandon kin under attack, without realizing he was attacking them. Others are payed to attract or neutralize Oromo hatred against him. Except for the killings of Oromo youth and plundering Oromo resources there is no single material or political benefit he gave the Oromo since he came to power. Because of that none of the agents could convince the Oromo that Abiy stands for them. They know he has rather tried hard to hurt their feelings. He showed that with his inaugural speech in which he did not mention his father that brought him to this earth let alone Oromo that raised him to power. He openly demonstrated his love for Nafxanyaa system founders and successors that massacred half Oromo population to get control of Oromiyaa. This is adding hot pepper to an open wound. He joined the Orthodox church based in Finfinnee and leading neonafxanyaa opinion makers in condemning the Oromo for crimes they themselves are causes for. Oromo standing with those that are harming them are not only reactionaries but also suffer from mental disorder.

No Abyssinian group will willingly give up what it got by force without being forced. The mental picture they have of Oromiyaa is only the possibility of taking all they want by controlling it, not earning their living by investing their labor. When for the first time an Abyssinian force, TPLF/EPRDF accepted to sit with the Oromo to negotiate a transitional program, which could lead to national self-determination it infuriated many. Those in the colonies, saw a new era ushering, ending over hundred years of servitude. Agreement on federalism by a partner to old colonizer and the colonized ending inevitable blood shade was unthinkable. But unfortunately, TPLF leaders changed course from what Tigaaruu POW told the world before they were killed by Darg. They were tempted to monopolize the empire like their predecessors. Ignoring terms of constitution, they promulgated. However, they knew that there cannot be peace and stability in the region by continuing colonial unitary system. Though implementation of the federal constitution was left on the paper for nations and nationalities it remained active partially to serve TPLF/EPRDF purpose. Tigray was a junior partner to Amaaraa in the Ethiopian monarchic system. Transfer of power was always violent and one stronger snatch the common crown. The crown was the only link between them. After its fall the political field was confused. New actors with new ideas and demands joined the field. To save old Ethiopia each went apart to empower own people with no common link between them. What they are doing now is the modified modern version of what they had been doing for centuries. But the outcome could be different and devastating to Abyssinian political tradition.

There are some that say war between Tigray and EPP allies does not concern the Oromo. This is not understanding the main cause of the war, which is to clear the way for recolonization of Oromiyaa. It is known from the past that horse of a group that got victory in the North lands on the South for fodder. Oromo have even to side one against the other to influence the outcome to their advantage. For the time being let us leave the grudges we have against both and think only in terms of the war for it can generated unproductive arguments. Oromo liberation is not to the advantage of any of them, more so not for EPP alliance. At least Oromo have some common grounds with Tigraaway; they both are in war with the same group and they both are against reestablishment of unitary political system. The Oromo are determined to be free and sovereign over their territory and so also declares Tigray. Can there be any future relation for all? Yes, but on voluntary basis. But one thing is certain there cannot be compromise on the right of Oromo to independence and sovereignty over their territory; no wavering what soever. There, Oromo and federalist go part with Abiy and EPP who want to impose on them policies of old empire Ethiopia.

Cutting umbilical cord with the colonial empire and total decolonization has to be priority for all freedom lovers. There cannot be socio-political change or siblinghood unless the old structure is demolished. The determining factor in measures one takes is not what neighbors assume but the situation one is in. The way some Oromo think

reminds one the story of Malcolm X about home Niger and field Niger. It is not obligation of the Oromo to prop up the falling empire. If it implodes and fall on the Oromo, they have to shake off the debris and walk with their heads up. It is only to those that fall with them that Oromo have obligation to stretch their hands to rise together. Other questions will be considered against benefits Oromo get out of them.

Now we have to go back to items that concern the Oromo nation most. It is high time that they start consolidating Oromummaa the basis of their unity. Then they have to strengthen existing relevant institutions if any, and build new ones for resistance and beyond. This is the time that they go back to their Gadaa background for the democratic principles embedded there. Probably, except the rituals all political principles are relevant for present day. It is more inclusive and flexible than Greek democracy on which western democracy is founded. Theoretical understanding of issues is necessary but they are not enough in themselves. They have to be put into practice. For that they need tight organization. Traditionally Oromo society was built from family or “Warraa” upwards. It followed the clan, tribe, moiety and nation line. Because they used their differences wisely no force was able to stand before them. Today these divisions may not be relevant for some areas.

Therefore, Oromo need to review their traditional structure and its function. They may take only geographical divisions from Ganda upwards. There is no reason, even if we consider the federal system, for non-Oromiyaan administration to be in any of the echelons. It will be Shanee (council) of the people that have to take power at all levels until elections are conducted. Existing Oromiyaa parties may cooperate with each other in helping Organizing people’s administration but will not compete for power until the General Election. The major players in this are the Qeerroo Qeerrantii movement in coordination with Oromo liberation army (WBO) and Oromo Diaspora. Uncontaminated traditional leadership may be given advisory role with veto powers in third party relations.

Oromo living outside Oromiyaa (diaspora) had significant role to play In Oromo affairs. If need be, they can form Caffee Oromiyaa in exile. Therefore, the way they are organized and connected with native land and their transparency is of great interest for the nation. In particular during resistance struggle they are the major resources for material and supportive actions and ideas. For this they could encourage the formation of new relief and rehabilitation organizations or help those existing to be credible. Application of science and technology to struggle and development is very needed in Africa. They are more exposed to give that service. Oromo global unity to help each other in sustaining Oromummaa for generations to come has to be encouraged. That could be assurance for survival of Oromoo heritage. They will be useful for their nation, Africa and for themselves only if they are united and organized.

Qeerroo call for ending slavery is timely to implement the above suggestions. The body that is at present in power seems determined to fully control the empire like its predecessors or perish. The understanding of a transitional period in which all need to cooperate is no more there. It is no more transitional government but has made itself everlasting, sent from heavens. Therefore, let alone the idea of independence, it doesn’t seem it will negotiate even for rights known by present constitution. Not at least as long as Isaayyaas’s PFDJ is in the saddle with Abiy’s EPP. For this reason, Oromo are justified to get ready for multifaceted struggle. Tigray is a member of the federation. They are legally sovereign in their country. Therefore, in all things concerning the state, decisions to which they are not a party to, does not oblige them. Even withdrawing from the federation is their infringeable right. Animosity most of one has with TPLF should not make one ignore democratic principles all have sacrificed so much for. This Ethiopian government is not what Oromo struggled for; it is even worst of the worst they struggled against. It has to be stopped before it exterminates the best of Oromo youth by culling. Therefore, let us rally for call of Oromo youth to end servitude.

Those that are running the empire from Minilik’s Palace and the rest of nations nationalities and peoples that assumedly founded the federal system are so far living in different worlds. The Palace people live in old unitary imperial Ethiopia. The rest believed they have changed that and got rid of the archaic imperial system long ago. The two positions are irreconcilable. One cannot see except one nation one language dominated Ethiopia and others believe in the right of national self-determination up to and including independence. Those that lived suppressing other’s freedom are blind to see that no one was able to stop freedom fighters from reaching their goal. Therefore, war mongering nafxanyaa colonial system hopefuls must be stopped before they hurt themselves. Oromo have a lot to learn from Tigray war. Those that invaded Tigray want only land not the inhabitants. If such group had bomb that spares resources and wipes out human beings, they would not refrain from exploding it. It is essential to take this into consideration when dealing with them.

Oromo’s Qeerroo and Qeerrantii have to continue the struggle they started without stop to make an end to oppression, changing tactics as need be. Under EPP there is no rule of law. That is why Oromo are summarily killed every day. Because nothing comes out of EPP’s mouth except lies, this character has to be exposed to the world with evidences. For dictators lying are not something new, despite the whole world knowing it Mangistuu Hailemariam used to deny if he had ever killed even a fly. Oromo struggle is for rule of law, independence and sovereignty. They cannot be defeated if their nationals stand together rain or shine and shun enemy camp. Now Oromiyaa regions and tribes are united and in harmony more than ever. Oromo problems are individuals with sick mind and suspicious backgrounds in all regions and among all tribes. They are harming the nation using its name and pretending to represent its interest. Only strong principled national organization can stop them.

Some individuals know no shame or honor when they deviate from national ethical norm and break Safuu. When that reaches intolerable level, Oromo have traditional solutions; advising, marginalizing, if not corrected by those putting them out of way. If this could serve at present it needs to be reviewed. OLF and OLA derogatively called ONAG and Shanee are independent Oromo organizations produced by sweat and blood of Oromo patriots. We might have different questions on them. That is Oromo’s internal affairs and does not justify attacking them with enemy, that becomes criminal act. They are hated by aliens because they are Oromo and their priority is defending Oromo interest. All have to know that hating and campaigning against them is hating oneself or blatant opportunism. One in power at present is from Oromiyaa, the government not Oromiyaan or at least one they agreed to, it is Ethiopian with determination to continue subduing and plundering Oromiyaa.

Let no, non-Abyssinian think the Amaaraa will love them more than compatriots of the “Christian Island” after seeing EPP war of extermination on Tigray. The drive to free Oromiyaa from alien rule may escalate the killings unleashed in Oromiyaa, but it is better to rise together confront and stop it ones and for all whatever it may cost rather than remain sobbing for ever. The enemy is weak, if only Oromo could deny it mobilizing Oromo resources and galtuu against Oromiyaa. Let us appeal to all Oromo, if they do not want to support national liberation movement let them refrain from barraging and contributing to the killings of any Oromo national. For an Oromo person intentionally going and killing Oromo is a crime without absolution. Be them individuals or organizations killing Oromo for political competition is against principles of Oromummaa; for this reason, associating with them for any reason have to be considered crime against Oromummaa. Oromiyaan haa jiraattu.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama/December 2020

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