Trying to reimpose their rule on peoples to their south by Amharic speaking group is unacceptable in this century. Taking advantage of their calm temperament they are pushing them to limits of their patience and tolerance. Now that is cracking, it will be difficult to stitch together unless stopped immediately. Unless they pull back army, police, veterans, “faith fathers” and media they are deploying they are going to endanger the region. Most of these elements are similar to Nafxanyaa marchers of the first colonial war. It is to be remembered that Oromo and their neighbors put the toughest resistance with spears and bows against modern European weapon and military advisers when invaded by the only black partner of the Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia. They have to live under devastating dehumanizing genocidal colonial rule for more than a hundred years under what was called Nafxanyaa system. Nafxanyaa refers to the gun wielding horde led mostly by Amaaraa generals and emperors their mission, sanctified by their “faith fathers”.

According to recorded history population of the colonies was reduced to half, killed and sold to slavery. That being the reality nowadays many narratives are given about Oromo’s role in Ethiopia by descendants of the same colonizers. Oromo’s role in Ethiopia is not different if not worse from what other African colonies were for their European colonizers except the difference in geographical proximity and color. For the first time in 1991 some Oromo and others’ leaders sat with their Ethiopian counterpart to negotiate on what to do with the empire. Then they agreed on the Transitional Charter. Had that been handled wisely the present surge of chauvinist Nafxanyaa system hopefuls should not have occurred.

Unfortunately, tradition weighed heavily on Ethiopians and they took partners for change as nuisance rather than healing past wounds and paving the way for democratic change. Therefore, coalition then formed between pseudo Ethiopians and Ethiopia proper fall apart. To this end that there was international community collaboration in aborting the promising transitional arrangement was clear. After genuine nationalist were dismissed hoax gatherings of nations and nationalities were made and a federal constitution was drafted. Though not represented in the making, because principles of the Charter were reflected in it, Oromo nationalist accepted and joined the new transitional government of EPRDF lead by OPDO in 2018 to turn what they made to deceive into reality. But worst problem surged fast. OPDO in cahoots with Nafxanyaa started to hit Oromo. After all, OPDO was formed to counter Oromo liberation movement led by OLF.

Anyone that ascends to power before dismantling the old feudal empire system cannot be different from its predecessors. This one had also no intention to dismantle it. Let alone true Oromo nationalists, alien created OPDO was not tolerated with its Oromo name OPDO, and was dissolved in favor of Ethiopian PP. Those maneater that found and led the Nafxanyaa system Oromo fought with and those they helped overthrow were resurrected and honored. What a contempt for such great nation? This is a big insult not only for the Oromo but also for all those they used to enslave and the

revolutionary generation that helped removing them. Taking those as models indicates that they have the intention of controlling all peoples they colonized and monopolize the land of their ancestors and subject them to servitude just like before. They will not be successful. What is wanted from the rulers was not being Oromoo by blood but the concern they show to alleviate their humiliation and suffering. Therefore, the “ijoollee Abbaa Gadaa” rhetoric is only a wasted phrase.

The Oromo, being limited by safuu, it seems they have difficulty in handling when they encountered those that do not know “safuu”. Leave alone other things, even knowing that the Oromo as branch of Kushitic people had been in this part of Africa before everybody else, they lie to their children telling the opposite without shame. If asked what does it benefit them, instead of developing their own they were accustomed to transgress the neighborhood and comfortably live on free Oromoo and others labor and resources. They are disturbing peace of the region with intention of getting that back. The empire is created with lies, grew up with lies, and is harrying to her death telling lies about own history. The fool rushes into fire believing that Oromo country used to belong to one’s ancestor. As the saying goes, “You can refuse advise but not death”; what can Oromo do hence under the circumstance except letting them burn.

Arming oneself, forbidden for the Oromo, Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are piling up arms for it is permitted for them. They never understand that the time of hiding truth under faranjii arms is gone. Because the era and the condition were conducive for them a century ago, they were able to control life and resources of the Oromo. At this time with advanced technology human beings have equal opportunity and information to defend themselves. Their rights are also recognized internationally. It is no more to get especial favor as “Christian Island” for the world has become one island. If they forget this truth and transgress Oromiyaa they will be swallowed with people’s swamp. They may irritate the people hiding under government army. Except being vigilantly on guard it is difficult to know which way thieves come. War is going on in Oromo country; Amaaraa brags, “No one’s house will remain when the other’s is burning”. Remind them that, it cannot go on being limited to Oromiyaa.

To get their rights respected Oromo have valor, ability, determination and enough education. They do not transgress others rights. They have creative minds open to entertain or create new ideas without inhibition from belief, culture or ethos. It is envy that make enemies hate and want to use their muscles or tongues against them to win, for they are unable to employ their brain. Instead it would have been better if they stop deceiving their children and the world and sit down and make peace with their neighbors. To live together or alone depends on the will of each of people. Oromo as industrious, honest, peace loving people; rather than unionizing with greedy, envious hatemongering untrustworthy people that are happy for mishaps of their neighbors and are pathological liars should go for independence. That is justifiable by human and natural laws. Oromo have come out from darkness imposed on them and attained high level of political consciousness. They have realized that they have proud history and wealth that will be enough even for others. No one will again suppress and impoverish them using their own resources. For this reason, there are no individuals like a

century ago that could be attracted for belly matter. Even if there are, they will only be the social scums.

After Tigrigna speaking were seen off, Amharic speaking Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are declaring war on Oromiyaa with PP as their mask. They are out to erase article 39 which was realized with blood and bones of freedom fighters. Article 39 was a compromise to halt the push for independence but could be reignited anytime. Conflict between Amaaraa and Tigray has come down for centuries. According to history books taught in schools up to the last emperor Tigray had never willingly accepted superiority of the Amaaraa and Amaaraa likewise. Whoever wielded more power imposed its will on the other. It was with Emperor Yohaannis’s green light that Minilik colonized countries south of the Shawan kingdom. TPLF arrived before Oromiyaa was decolonized. It betrayed the vow and agreement it made to establish democratic federation. Before changing the structure of the colonial empire except the employees, it mounted and started galloping. Without dismantling the oppressive and enslaving structure TPLF could not have done different from what it did. This is not hidden from freedom fighters of Tigray, but greed and family tradition overwhelmed them to graft themselves on the colonial empire and imposed indirect rule forgetting their promise for democratic federal system based on freedom and equality.

After Yohaannis, Minilik did not go to avenge him but marched north and subdued Tigray, and suppressed their leaders. Thus, Tigray lost not only its emperor, army and tributes from its vassals but its unity and autonomy was jeopardized. It was denied traditional power sharing right. But new opportunities opened by colonial conquest eclipsed the usual skirmish for power. Minilik was helped in his conquest of Oromiyaa by Oromo collaborators the greatest of whom was Gobana Daaccee. Getting worst of oppression after 102 years of Amaaraa rule, it was even felt by Ethiopia proper and led to rebellion. With that TPLF came to power defeating them in battle fields. Oromo captives had been key for rise of rulers from Minilik to TPLF in 2018. Ideological descendants of Goobana helped Tigraaway as their ancestor helped Amaaraa invasion of independent republics, kingdoms and communities to their south. All those have different cultures, history and language, so they have no common frames of reference. That is why words like extremists, “zaranyaa”, narrow nationalist attributes they use for Oromo and others is contextually irrelevant. If they have to form a union all have to accept those differences and negotiate for it.

TPLF left leadership to its coalition partners but stayed on as member of the ruling party. However, it has drawn back essential personnel and equipment to its Rear Administration before things were going to fall apart. TPLF is still a legal Ethiopian party; why communicating with it is considered as a taboo by PP and supporters is not understandable. That be as it may, what was observed from TPLF behavior about invasion by Tigray is that they did not show intention of staying and taking the colonies as their private plot like Amaaraa invaders before them, who still believe that way, but recognized them as independent equal peoples. It seems having recognized sovereign rights of natives, it could be possible only to engage in a loot and retreat project. The thirty years of exploiting Oromiyaa and the south has helped it develop Tigray to unimaginable level especially in infrastructure, education and afforestation. To think Tigraaway will not be grateful to TPLF for that is

wishful thinking of TPLF enemies. Oromo was hurt under its watch, physically, materially and psychologically; their natural resources were diminished and so TPLF owes them apology, “gumaa” and compensation for all their loses. Dismissing or keeping TPLF is up to people of Tigray. Oromo relation with Tigraaway as African siblings is eternal as is with all other neighboring peoples.

Now TPLF is not in a position to harm them as much as the coalition of Amharic speaking Nafxanyaa system hopefuls and PP in power. Members of PP are equally responsible for Oromoo sufferings of the last thirty years as much as TPLF and other members of the EPRDF. Who were chasing Oromo freedom fighters as scouts and radio operators in the jungles of Qellem? No colonial group has ever become successful against Oromiyaa but for Oromo quislings. At present it is OPDO guided PP that is waging genocidal war against the Oromo and others paving a way for comeback of Nafxanyaa system. Therefore, to consider making peace with TPLF postponing issues Oromo have with them may be in order. Both are being demonized by the same group. No one has a high moral ground except non-PP members and supporters Oromo nationalists to criticize if that happens. It is saddening to hear some retired military leaders’ loss of memory of their recent defeat by people’s war and try to echo PP’s propaganda against present people’s struggle. If retirement is not helping them to think objectively it shows them being in the pay of whoever offers them the highest.

Hacaaluu was killed, for getting excuse to kill, imprison and scare to exile more Oromo leaders and nationalists. Such a measure is not surprising but how and when in what manner it comes. All Ethiopian rulers have never showed kindness to Oromo leaders for that had been their colonial policy from the very beginning. Impoverishing, killing and imprisoning is their habit. The present governing group is a self-declared Oromo though on Nafxanyaa mission. It’s being Oromo has divided and confused the nation at first until majority realized its true nature. Since its inception it had been committing genocide against the Oromo, which became glaring in its most cruel actions in Western and Southern Oromiyaa. Oromummaa is not only blood but includes standing for justice, respecting “safuu” and be proud of own identity and giving priority to Oromo national interest. identity of the nation. Despite divided opinion of Oromo leaders about it, the enemy did not trust them for it is only leaderless Oromiyaa that gives it assurance for the remaking of the Nafxanyaa empire. Controlling Oromo means controlling all nations and nationalities which once were Ethiopian colonies and some other contestants for power. Among that he focused on to destroy the biggest is Oromo. If Oromo fall, as usual it will turn captives and resources it got from them against the others. Therefore, it is now that all have to hold hands and stand against it.

Nations and nationalities packed together in the so-called Southern Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Region are demanding recognition of their separate identities and the right to self-determination. The Nafxanyaa wants to keep them together so that they give up their language to use its own for SNNPR has no common language. Those were independent republics, kingdom and communities before the were colonized. Recolonization is the sinister motive of PP. Mental, political, economic and social decolonization has to be done fast if the region should have peace, stability and freedom. That is also what is troubling descendants of old colonizers/Nafxanyaa. Nafxanyaa system could come back only over the dead bodies of patriots of the oppressed.

Oromo youth have vowed never to rest until its leaders and Oromo nationalists are freed and Oromiyaa is ruled by Oromo people’s representatives. PP is an Ethiopian party and cannot represent Oromiyaa. It is hoped democratic youths of other nations and nationalities will stand in solidarity until all of them are freed to form a union with will of the peoples based on principles of equality, justice and mutual respect for each other’s interest. This government has lost all the chances and have no reason to stay. Nafxanyaa empire has to be dismantled and replaced by free nations and nationalities and peoples’ democratic union or independent republics. Nothing has priority over each people’s freedom. Protecting and respecting human rights is their culture. No one can hinder the

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama

August 2020

Freedom March. A Luta Continua! Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

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